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Meeting Mr. Right is every girl's dream, but how do you really know that he is the one?What happens when a girl get married to Mr. Wrong?Joanna Williams is your typical girl. She wants to be loved right and she literally can't wait to say her vows to her fiancé Matthew Bryant and live happily ever after.But what happens when she finds out that Matthew is her Mr. Wrong????

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Very intense storyline. Plot twist after plot twist. Well thought out and entertaining.
2023-04-22 02:38:47
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good story! we don't know why Enzo was born to do what he does though.
2023-04-11 13:36:37
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Monique Yule Mkul
Amazing book
2023-04-05 22:08:22
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Rhonda James
Would love to read more
2023-02-14 06:59:43
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Elena Marjildo Damz
how I can earn coins here?
2021-07-09 19:09:52
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good story so far
2020-12-16 11:24:50
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I love it! Every chapter is worth it❤❤
2020-12-06 15:22:33
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Renee Shobe
Keeps you guessing, no dull moments. The ending could have been better but overall a good read.
2021-03-08 18:48:33
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Michelle Lunsford-Hall
Crazy busy story plot but interesting. Hated the ending. It was like falling off a cliff, rushed and unexpected.
2021-01-01 14:35:45
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I cannot give this book a five star because the ending is too open. There needs to be at least five or ten more chapters to tie up the loose ends because the story was too fast paced for it to end so flat. What happened after Sky's paternity is revealed? Who is Enzo and what drives him?
2024-01-27 21:40:27
49 Chapters
A mega smile pulls on my lips when I picture dad and mom walking me down the aisle in my splashy gown, Matt impatiently waiting for me at the altar and the guests whipping their heads towards me, wowed by the bride's beauty and the classic expensive gown.A grand entrance.It's what I have always wanted on my wedding day and I always wanted a super grand wedding.I am not from a very well off family, but I am marrying a Bryant.The oldest son to be specific, Matthew Bryant, one of the youngest and hottest C.E.Os in the country, and marrying him comes with extra perks.Don't get me wrong, I am not in this for the money and definitely not for fame. I love Matt with everything in me.He is my better half.He is my soul ma
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"What?" Some people ask in utter shock while others just gasp in disbelief.But I just stand there...numb.This is a fucking joke!Wendy is his brother's girlfriend and there's no way Matt had sex with her, she can't be pregnant with his child. No fucking way.  I mean, Matt is the most faithful guy I know and this can't be true. He couldn't have slept with his brother's girlfriend. He is decent than that. Plus Wendy is a bitch, not his type. I know Matt's type. The collected, responsible, sensible type and Wendy is the complete opposite of that. She is your typical impulsive bitch. So this is nothing but a very ugly prank and she sucks at it. I look at her and I almost gag. I knew there was a reason I didn't like her from the very first time I set my eyes on
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I tense when Matt stops right in front of the car. He's always been impulsive, so I'm sure he'd rather die than have some strange guy drive off with me. I turn to look at the stranger, noting that his hands are so tight on the steering wheel that his knuckles are turning white. His jaw is set, and his eyes are half narrowed at hubby dearest. He seems to be thoroughly pissed, and I have no idea why. I mean, he doesn't even know who I am. "He's not going to move." I  manage to mumble despite the guttural ache in my throat. He cocks an eyebrow. "Wanna bet?" "Um-"He cuts me off."Don't. You'll lose."Then he opens the door and steps out. Matt squares his shoulders as he looks at the new guy up and down. He seems to be set to attack him, and I hold my
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I grudgingly open my eyes when Enzo stops the car thirty minutes later and I glance outside. We are in the parking lots, outside a very grand and posh hotel. I can't read the name from here but I can tell it is a five-star hotel.I glance at the rearview mirror and for the second time, I catch him staring at me but I am the one who looks away this time. "How are you feeling?" I can still feel his eyes on me and he sounds so very concerned about me. I guess pity is the word. He pities me? I pity myself too. "Like a pile of trash." I give him an honest answer. "Ooh. And very furious." Matt cheated on me but he still went ahead and propos
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"I should go take a shower," I say, a nervous smile forming on my lips, and Enzo steps back without saying a single word. I hold my loosely strapped gown up, lest it falls as I walk to the bedroom and I swear I can feel Enzo's eyes drilling small holes on my back. I release a breath that I wasn't aware I was holding when I step in the room, closing the door behind me and I let my gown fall carelessly around my feet. I am in a white backless corset and a pink lacey garter belt lingerie that I had worn under my wedding dress. Ooh, and I am still in my six inches pair of heels. I did put on so much effort to look sexy for Matt but it was all for naughts. I just wasted my precious time to please an asshole that doesn't ev
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It is not yet 8:00 pm but the place is almost packed. A few people are on the dance floor dancing to Camp Mulla's 'Party Don't Stop' but the majority are on the tables busy enjoying their drinks. There are a few empty tables but Enzo takes me straight to the bar and he pulls a barstool for me like the gentleman that he is. He proceeds to sit next to me and I roam my eyes around as he summons the barmaid. "What is your favorite drink?" He asks, placing his car key and his phone on the counter. I don't even waste a beat. "Henny." I fucking love Hennessey! Matt introduced me to Henny on our very first date and I swear it was love at first shot. 
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CHAPTER 7My left arm goes automatically around Enzo the minute he lies on the bed next to me and he sucks in a deep breath. My hand moves on its own accord, fingertips brushing along the contours and the ridges of his well-sculpted chest, and I can feel the vibrant power emanating from the muscles beneath it. I pause my movement for a second to feel the throb of his heart and its beating furiously, at an insane speed. I slowly run my fingers down to his abbs and when I try to get into his pants he quickly holds my hand captive with a single hand and he brings it to rest on his chest. I try to pry from his tight grip but I end up wincing in pain.Dude is strong as fuck.I give up and I decide to use my tongue instead, he wi
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He doesn't have the decency to ask if he can come inside. He just walks past me like he owns the entire place, leaving me at the doorstep. I feel the adrenaline surging through me and I am literally shaking with rage. My fists clenching and unclenching, so ready to punch something. My nostrils are flaring, my breaths rapid and my jaw is so set.I am trying really hard to bridle my temper right now and believe me, it is taking every ounce of myself control. I just want to pounce on his neck and choke the life out of him. I am so fucking tempted and I am afraid if I turn to look at him I won't have it in me to stop.Where in hell did he get the audacity to show up in my hotel room even after the pain that he has caused me?Not that it would have changed anything, but he should have at least given me time to heal. The wound is still fresh and so
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"You will fucking pay for this, mother fucker!" Matt shouts, bumping the locked door from the outside. The sound of his voice makes me so sick and so disgusted. "You should leave, sir." A guy I assume to be the bodyguard tells Matt politely. "I will make you pay for humiliating me." Poor guy. He is such a wuss. I would never have the guts to face my wife if anyone humiliated me that way in her presence."I am so scared," Enzo says, not too loud and I chuckle. "You should come with me!" The guy orders Matt. "Don't you fucking touch me, I can find my way out." He shouts at him. "I am Matthew fucking Bryant and no one messes with a Bryant....." His voice drifts away and I heave a sigh of relief. "So a Bryant is allowed to mess with anyone but not the other way round?" 
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I open my eyes and stare at the ceiling for a transient minute, then I train my eyes to my raised legs. I am lying on the cold marble floor half-naked, my legs are elevated above the heart's level using a few throw pillows and nanny is kneeling beside me.What the hell happened?"Thank God you are awake. I was going to dial 911." She tells me, placing her right hand on my forehead to feel my body temperature like I am suddenly two. "You gave me quite a scare." And she looks every bit of it. Scared, appalled, and shell-shocked. I shut my eyes tight to try and remember anything, something... Enzo dropped me a few minutes ago, I walked in the house and nanny helped me with the shopping bag and then everything else blurs. "What happened?" My voice is a hoarse weak whisper. I feel so confused and
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