Bound Essence series

Bound Essence series

By:  Margaret Malory  Ongoing
Language: English
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Some stories are meant to be told and some people are meant to find each other across lifetimes. Kerrienne is blessed by the Gods. Her powers rival to none. A war is brewing and in this fight against a powerful enemy, an alliance with the laird of the MacCleods, rumored to be demon touched, is her only chance. Emrick hasn't felt human since his transformation into whatever the hell he was. yet Kerrienne can soothe the wild beast inside him with just a touch. This isn't just a love story. This story transcends time. And when they find each other again, the survival of their world will depend on their love. Little do they know, they're not just soulmates. Their souls have been branded by the essence of their past lives. Destined to find each other in every single one of their reincarnations. As Kerrienne and Emrick fight for the survival of their people, will they survive to find their happily ever after? or will they need more than one lifetime?

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24 Chapters
1. The Vow
SITARA  P​acing back and forth in the tent, all she could feel were the souls of the recently dead leaving this plane of existence and the weight of it all brought her to her knees.  Her father had insisted that she stay in the tent no matter what, but she couldn’t let this go on any longer.  Could she? As she knelt on the tent floor trying to breathe through the agony, she became aware that she was no longer alone.  She looked up to find herself surrounded by the recently dead.  Some faces she’d known since childhood and others she realized were from the tribe her father and his men were fighting.  She’s always had the ability to see and feel spirits but she’d never seen or felt so many at once.  She crawled backward
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2. Alliance
  A few days later... SITARAThe moon shone bright through a circle of trees.  Within that circle, stood a crescent-shaped altar.  Upon which, a goblet of mead, incense, sea salt, a bowl of water, an athame and a binding cord were all lovingly laid out.  In front of the altar, stood a high priestess.  To her right and left, two lines gathered.  A young man walked down the middle, wearing a sword that looked as long as he was tall but he walked straight and proud, looking every inch a laird’s son as he took his place to the right of the altar.  His father has made a treaty with the neighboring tribe and this marriage solidifies it.  Though he's not particularly happy about getting a wife, he's not unhappy about it either.   
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3. Duty
SITARAThe priestess untied the bindings and handed it to Johan and I.  Johan took it and put it in his pocket.  “You may now seal your vows with a kiss.”   Holding my hands in his, Johan lightly touched his lips to mine.  It was like being struck by lightning.  A trail of heat started from my lips and traveled straight to my core, leaving me to feel like I’ve just been branded.  Johan must have felt something too because he pulled me closer, wrapping me up in his arms and deepened the kiss, leaving us both breathless.  Afterwards, the wedding party moved into a clearing not too far from where the ceremony was performed.  Bonfires burned bright and tables were laden with food and drink.  My father and Johan’s had gone all out.  Johan took
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4. Mates
SITARA“There is a difference?”  “Yes…. I agreed to marry you because…”   I paused briefly.  “War is coming and only by uniting our tribes will our people survive the coming darkness.  If our people do not stand together, we will be wiped out of existence.  Besides…  I've been dreaming  about you since I was a little girl.  You and I are meant to be.”  He walked towards me.  Standing in front of me, he touched my cheek gently.  “Your eyes… Your eyes are like a shimmering silver color.  Why am I not frightened by this?  And why do I feel like I already know you when we’ve never met.  Have we known each other before?”  He asked, cocking his head to the side. &
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5. Sacrifice
SITARA“What does this mean?” He asked.  “I don’t know.”  I answered in a daze.  But before we could say anything else, I could hear a commotion coming from outside the hut.  In the next heartbeat, two hooded figures entered the hut.  Johan and I jumped out of bed and in no time at all, he’s dispatched one of them.  He was magnificent as he blocked and parried, blow after blow.  He fought with the easy grace of the warrior he was.   I held onto the blanket around me for dear life, unsure of what I should do.  He delivered a blow to his opponent’s thigh, bringing him to his knees.  He was about to deliver the killing blow when I felt the cold edge of steel against my neck
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6. Captured
EMRICK   Red is the only color I see as I cut a swatch through the enemy.  They had the audacity to sneak onto my shores, like thieves in the night.  Killing women, children, the old and the feeble alike.  Needless to say, these cowards owed me a debt.  A debt I planned on collecting in blood in the process of getting my hands on their warrior princess.  Yet somehow, deep down this battle felt wrong to me.  I had a nagging feeling that I was somehow being played. ​Out of nowhere, a shiny little ball flew at my head. I gasped and lost my balance for a bit.  Then from  the corner of my eyes I saw another one fly into an enemy warrior’s head.  He stood shorter than all the other men on the field and for some inexplicable reason, I felt
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7. Desire
KERRIENNE He leaned towards me and I hastily took a step back.  The back of my legs bumped into the bed and I fell back into an undignified heap, the shirt ended up all tangled up around my thighs.  He looked down at me with an amused expression on his face.  His gaze turned darker as it swept up my legs. A knock sounded on the door.  “Enter” he answered without taking his eyes off me.  I barely had enough time to pull something over my naked legs.  He kept looking down at me, his eyes taking on the hue of an overcast sky.  Just waiting to explode with thunder and lightning.  I felt my cheeks warm as he continued to stare down at me with his heated gaze. “It's about the prisoner laird,” the man said, looking
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8. Destined
KERRIENNEHe dropped the shirt on the floor, and took a step closer to the tub.  His chest was huge, easily twice the width of mine, if not more.  He reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, trailing a finger down my cheek.  He stepped back, and dropped his kilt on the floor, his eyes never leaving mine as he approached the tub.  My heart was beating so fast and so loud, I was sure that everyone in the entire keep could hear it.  My gaze swept his body from head to toe and back again.  Every inch of him was covered in muscles.  His chest was smooth and tanned.  I couldn’t help but look down, his stomach was hard and cut up into squares.  My gaze continued down, taking in his belly button.  It was covered with a fine dusting of hair that got thicker
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9. Alliance
KERRIENNEBefore I even had a chance to reply or ask where the hall was, he was already out the door.  A timid knock sounded a few minutes later, a muffled female voice from outside the door said something I couldn’t hear.  I cleared my throat.  “Enter.”  I said.  It was the same young girl from before.  “Your father and your men are already in the hall my lady, I've come to help you dress for the banquet.” “What banquet?”  I asked suspiciously. “There’s talk of a treaty between our clans.” “I don't see how that's possible.  Our clans seem to be at war.  Your laird kidnapped me and  is probably holdin
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10. Soothed
KERRIENNEHe reached out to touch my cheek and I could feel the whole room hold its breath.  He leaned in, sniffed my hair and rubbed his cheek against mine.  That's the second time he's done that.  Like he's scenting me or something.  We stood there, in the middle of the room, cheek to cheek bloody swords hanging from our hands.   I leaned into his touch and felt peace. From the corner of my eye, I saw Lars and several of Emrick’s clansmen slowly approach us.  They were trying to outflank him…   “Laird…?” Lars asked cautiously.Emrick made a growling sound that had no business coming from a human throat and before anyone could react, he turned on Lars and had him lifted by the throat, leaving his feet dangling inches off the floor.  I handed the sword
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