The Forbidden Apple

The Forbidden Apple

By:  Crystal L  Completed
Language: English
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There are three types of apples that fell into this world. The one that hit my head was the forbidden one. ************ In which an English country girl goes from being a waitress, to being the wife of the richest billionaire in London. “It is simple, all you have to do is get my husband into a hotel room, and you’ll get a hundred thousand pounds” she said looking the innocent girl in the eye, their eyes met and the girl cowered as she looked at the woman, processing what she was saying and how much she was offering. “You want me to seduce your husband?” The girl asked looking at the woman who stood above her head, like a predator threatening her prey. “No, all I want you to do is get him into a hotel room, leave the rest on me” she said looking at the girl who was shocked, her heart racing as she thought of what that woman was asking her to do. “Why would you want a girl to get your husband into a hotel room? And more importantly, why me?” “I need to get a divorce, and you need to stay away from my son. See, it’s a win, win, darling”

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40 Chapters
“What’s your name?” The woman asked smiling, Kiara knew the woman. Well, everyone knew the woman, Iris Brooks, the woman was married to the richest man in England, Adrian Brooks. The woman’s blue eyes met Kiara’s green ones.“Kiara, Kiara Adams” Kiara said looking down at her feet. The woman’s friends were all looking at Kiara who cowered. She feared losing her job and being called by to the table by the woman, she was frightened “Mrs. Iris, if I did anything wrong, I apologize, but please…”“Mrs. Iris is very much pleased with your work, Kiara” my manager said stopping the worried girl who frowned in confusion looking at him. The manager had hired her after she begged him to, having lost three jobs already, the girl couldn’t afford losing the forth. She had a sister to take care of, as well as rent to pay. That is at least until her sister got her first pay check.“Yes, I
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Chapter 1
Kiara:“What do you mean you quit?” Grace asked me with wide eyes. I rolled my eyes at my little sister who came to conclusions without even waiting to listen. Though I didn’t really expect her to listen. I already expected her reaction.“I did not QUIT Grace! I got a better offer, three times my salary to be the waitress of Adrian Brooke, and a concierge of his wife when she had her events, plus bonuses, plus yearly raises!” I said looking at her, she nodded not looking excited. Well, technically Mrs. Iris didn’t state the whole offer, but going through my phone, I checked the payments of the Brooke Inc. and bloody hell were they great.“And what are you going to become afterwards? Head of waitresses or head of concierges?" Grace mocked and I rolled my eyes at her “Kiara, why don’t you do something for your future? go back to college, maybe start over? You’ve stopped so many opportunities since…
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Chapter 2
Kiara:“How’d it go?” Grace asked when I entered the house. She was yet to see me since she was in the living room. I could tell by her nearing footsteps that she was walking toward me, her expression had changed from excited to worried the second she laid eyes on me. I didn’t blame her, I knew that I was nowhere near being in a good state. Hell, I was far away from that.“What happened?” Grace asked. My eyes were bloodshot red from crying, and it wasn’t out of heartbreak, I honestly couldn’t care less about Thomas, sure I liked him, but that was all that there was. I didn’t fall in love with him, I was just looking for a man who fit mother’s ‘perfect man’ criteria. His words broke me far beyond comparison and the thing is, I couldn’t say anything about them. I was there for money and he was there for pleasure.“Nothing love, don’t worry about it” I said taking off my
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Chapter 3
Thomas:“So?” Mum asked looking at me the second I entered the house. I forced myself to breathe normally and gave her a calm smile as I nodded, I had to make her believe that I didn’t care, that it didn’t make a difference to me.“It is done, you don’t need to worry about her calling anymore either” I said kissing her cheek before walking past her to my bedroom, it was a long day, then what happened this evening disrupted whatever sense of peace I believed that I wanted to have. Checking my phone for any calls, I glared at the thing for a second before throwing it on my bed, running my fingers through my hair. Who was I kidding? I was checking the phone to check if SHE called, but after what I said, how I had insulted her. Yeah, I doubt the girl would ever look at me again, let alone call me.My bedroom’s door was knocked and I glared at the door for a second before calling ‘come in’, my little brother
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Chapter 4
Thomas:“Love? Where are you going?” Mum asked smiling at me. Her eyebrow raised at me, I was leaving the house without breakfast. Mum, dad, Daniel, Jasmine, and Lilian were sitting on the dining table. However, I wasn’t going to join them. Having not processed what mum made me do last night, I was still annoyed and I worried about sitting with them as not to say something that might cause mum and issue with dad or not to hurt her feelings.“I’m going out for a bit, the lads are waiting for me. We’ve got work to do” I answered and mum raised an eyebrow but nodded.“Aren’t you going to join us to breakfast at least? You skipped dinner with us last night” dad said gently and I smiled walking toward him. I kissed the crown of his head and took a piece of toast making him chuckle and shake his head at me.Walking out of the house, I sighed taking a deep breath before walking to my car, in reality no
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Chapter 5
Kiara:“You must be Kiara” a woman wearing a black dress and apron said opening the door for me, I smiled and nodded at her as she opened the door wider for me to walk inside the Brooke’s mansion. The house was bigger than it was in the numerous magazines it was pictured on. I couldn’t imagine anyone being able to clean the place on his own. But then again, I’m guessing that they could easily hire a bunch of maids to clean the place for them.“I am Maria, I will give you the outfit you’ll be wearing and I’ll explain the details of your job here, Mrs. Iris would explain to you what she wants you to do at the company” Maria said and I nodded taking a deep breath as I looked around the house, imagining what it would be like living in a place like this was almost an impossible dream for me. The house was huge, and would fit at least fifty or sixty people easily, no wonder these people rarely rented a place to hold their
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Chapter 6
Thomas: “Why? Just why would you hire the girl here after you told me to stay away from her?” I asked mum once everyone had left. Her eyes met mine and she raised an eyebrow at me, looking me up and down before she walked back inside the living room. The woman was still angry with me, I was aware of that. But that gave her no right to do what she did right now. The fact that she brought the girl that she knew I had feelings for, the girl that I was with and SHE made me break up with. Why would she be doing so? “Mother…” “How did you even know that she’s here? Weren’t you the one who said that you would be staying at your apartment? So, what brings you here?” Mum asked angrily and I raised an eyebrow at her. “Last I checked this was MY father’s house, whether I was to stay at the apartment or here was MY choice. I don’t think I need to ask for permission on where I’ll be staying” I answered glaring at mum who raised an eyebrow at me. “This may
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Chapter 7
Kiara:I entered the house after a very long day of working at the Brooke’s mansion, Mrs. Iris was sure to instantly pay me after giving Thomas his drink, and asked me to leave a few minutes later saying that I did a good job and that she didn’t want to exhaust me anymore. Not that she did, I was happy doing what I was.“Grace! I’m home!” I called as I walked through the door, taking off my jacket, having changed back to my own clothes before leaving the Brooke’s house knowing that I couldn’t possibly get on the bus with maid’s clothes on, I would most likely be harassed and I didn’t want that. Mrs. Iris thankfully didn’t mind me leaving the house in my normal clothes. I later learned from Maria that not even she left the house with maid’s clothes on, these people really did treat their workers as humans rather than slaves.“I’m in the living room” she called and I walked to the
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Chapter 8
Thomas:“Alright, I’ll get them done. You should have them ready in your email before the day ends” I told my father who just had his secretary send me ten emails to look over, review, and check for any mistakes in the financials.“I’ll be waiting for them” dad said before he hung up. I sighed and read through the emails which would be keeping me busy for the rest of the day. I haven’t seen or spoken to anyone since I left the house this weekend. This conversation with my dad was the first in two days, Daniel has been sending me messages but I’ve been too busy with everything that I had to prepare to have time to speak to him, and I know that it was wrong. The kid was probably having it from mum who would be worried sick about me, but I needed time to get used to being alone and the new system that I would be living in.Checking the emails, I started reading through them. Though one person kept running through my m
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Chapter 9
Kiara:“Is there anything that you need, Mr. Adrian?” I asked smiling. Having brought Mr. Adrian his coffee, he smiled and shook his head, the man was a decent, well controlled human who treated his workers justly. At least that was the case with me, I have been working here for a whole month and so far everything has been going great.“Thank you, Kiara” he said softly and I smiled. Heading toward the door, I was stopped by a question that took me off guard “what is your major, Kiara?”“Sorry?” I asked frowning in confusion.“University, what did you study?”“I-“ I looked down at my feet, embarrassed of his question. Everyone here had a degree when I barely finished high school, having been forced to leave home when I was eighteen. Mum had sent Grace with me to London and the two of us were forced to struggle to stay on our feet, I have been working since to ensure that my sist
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