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"INTO YOUR WORLD 1," tells a story about a young girl who mysteriously entered into the world of a comic book which her younger sister loves to read. Yassi is always annoyed every time she saw her younger sister giggling while reading out loud her favorite comic title, " Love Fantasy" She can't understand why her sister loves that book, especially the main character of the story which is a prince but turns into a scary beast once he couldn't control his emotion when he is angry. Yassi tries to burn the comic book but for some unknown reason, the book didn't burn. It opens by itself, and then dazzling lights suddenly comes out from the book and cover her surrounding. When the dazzling light disappears, she realized that she's not in her world but instead, she's now inside the book that she hated the most. What will be the role she will play inside the comic world? Will she be the antagonist who hates the prince that turns into a beast or will she be the female protagonist who fell in love with the prince? If she's the female protagonist, then what will be the role of the real female protagonist in the story?

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88 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Get away from me! I don't want to hurt you," Prince Reikel tries to push the girl who hugs her tightly. "In a moment, I will turn into a beast. And once I turn into a beast, I can't be able to recognize you anymore. I might hurt you.""I don't care, Reikel. I will stay beside you. I don't care whether you're a prince or a beast. And I'd rather be hurt by you than to leave you," said Denria while crying."Please let me go, Denria. I can't control myself anymore."Prince Reikel's eyes suddenly turn red, his black hair turns into white, his red lips turn into black and his nails grow longer just like a witch. From a handsome prince, he transforms into a scary beast who doesn't recognize anyone including her beloved woman. He becomes stronger that no one could defeat him."Please, fight yourself, Reikel! You are not a beast! You are my beloved man," cried Denria..
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Chapter 2
Yassi looks at the sky and saw the moon cover the sun. A solar eclipse? Did she come here because of the solar eclipse? Impossible! Many solar eclipses had passed but she didn't travel to somewhere else. That comic book really has the power of the devil. And because she wants to burn it that's why it brought her to this weird place. But where exactly I am? And how am I suppose to go back to the present?"Look, Mother! The horse where Prince Reikel riding together with his troops is coming!""Prince Reikel is not only handsome but also a brave person. With his small troops, they defeated the barbarians who want to invade our country!"Prince Reikel? The name that the mother and daughter were talking about seems familiar to her. Prince Reikel? The male protagonist of my sister's comic book? The prince who turns into a scary beast once he couldn't control his emotion when he's angry? Da
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Chapter 3
Yassi can't help but be amaze while entering the house where her character Assi lived. The house was not like what she saw in the real world that is made of cement, bricks, and others. The house is made from fine trees. And she thinks that if she sells that kind of wood in the real world she might get rich because of it.But what she likes the most in the house was the huge lawn. It has plenty of beautiful flowers and trees. And it also has a man-made pond where many water lilies grow and some fish were swimming freely."Are you sure that I lived in this?" she asks Flera, unwilling to believe that she lives in this beautiful house.Not bad.  She has a place to stay while she's thinking about how she can go back to the real world. "Assi!" An angry glamorous older woman together with a beautiful lady beside her and with their maids she guesses suddenly approaches her." Who are&md
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Chapter 4
Until now, Yassi still couldn't believe what she heard from Assi's father. She and Prince Reikel will be getting married soon? It's a big change in the story. Prince Reikel was supposed to get married to Denria and not her. And, she can't get married to him because she will go back to the real world.Although Prince Reikel is a good catch because he is handsome and also a prince, she is still unwilling to get married to him. He is just a character inside a comic book. He is not real. Everything about him was fake. He is just a fruit of the wide imaginations of the author in the real world. While she is human from the real world. How can she be together with a character inside a story? And did Prince Reikel agreed to marry her?"Lady Yassi, what are you thinking about? I notice that you're being silent since we entered here in your room."Flera disrupts her thoughts. And speaking of her room, she looks around and notices th
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Chapter 5
"What are you doing, Assi? Why are you lying in the ground?" Assi's father ask her when he enter the gate and saw her lying on the ground. He then angrily turns the maids that following her. "What are you waiting for? Help your lady to stand up and bring her to her room so she can change her dirty clothes." "Y-yes, Lord Satua," said the two maids in chorus. They quickly help Yassi to stand up. "Father, I have something to tell you. It's very important," Yassi said. She has to tell him the truth or else she will end up marrying the prince. It's now or never. "I am not Assi, my name is Yassi and I came from the real world." Not only Assi's father frowned at what she said but also Prince Reikel whose staring at her. "What are you talking about?"  he angrily asks her.  And then he looked at Prince Reikel with concern.  "I beg your pardon, my prince. I think my daughter still felt unwell that
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Chapter 6
Yassi was staring blankly when Flera entered her room holding a tray of foods in her hands. She had been confined in her room for several days and could not get out because she tried to escape many times but always failed. So her father decided to lock her inside her room. Maids were guarding outside of her room so that she could not escape again. Her father strictly instructed the maids to never let her out of her room."Lady Yassi, you haven't eaten well for these past days. You might get sick because of it, Here, I cooked my lady's favorite food for you," Frela said worriedly.  She puts down the tray of unfamiliar foods on top of her bed and in front of her."I have no appetite. How can I eat in this kind of situation? I'm locked up like a prisoner," she said angrily. "Help me get out of here, Frela. Promise, I won't run away again. I just want to get out of this room. I feel like I'm going insane if I just stay inside this room."<
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Chapter 7
Yassi is pouting her lips while lying in her bed. After what happened when she escaped, Prince Reikel send her back to the minister's mansion. Her father grounded her for a week and punished Flera with twenty whips because she let her escape again. She begged her father and promised that she will never escape again and agreed to marry the prince just don't hit her personally mad. It's her fault so she should be the one to be punished and not Flera. Her father agreed to let Flera be free from punishment when he heard of what she said. And in addition, she is grounded for the whole week and is not allowed to go out of her room."Lady Yassi, what are you thinking about?" Flera asks. She gets a comb and gently combs her hair."I'm bored to death, Flera. I want to go out again but I'm worried that I might put you in a bad situation. I don't father to punish you again," she took a deep sigh. Living inside the comic world is not that
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Chapter 8
Prince Reikel is drinking wine alone at one of the famous restaurants in the city. He's not drinking to enjoy the great wine but he was there only to wait for his right hand, Morry. He gave a mission today. And that is to follow Assi wherever she goes.After she saves her from the assassin who attacked her he knows that Assi's father locked her inside her room and forbids her to come out. He's the one who asked Prime Minister Satua to let her daughter comes out of her room. He did that because he wants to know where she will go once she will out of their house. His guess was she will meet with his older brother. Of course, that's the first thing she will do after she came back to her right mind.His father orders him to marry Assi and he knows that the queen was behind these. The queen is his older brother's mother so she wants to put Assi by her side so she has a spy on him. She knows that Assi an
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Chapter 9
"You can only send me up to here, Prince Karim," Yassi said to the prince as they were only a few meters away from the gate of their mansion. She knew that Assi's father would be angry when he saw or found out that she is now together with Prince Karim. Because the two were banned from the meeting which was the reason why Assi tried to commit suicide in this world.She could not react when he suddenly grabbed her two hands and brought them to his chest.  "Don't worry because we'll be together someday, Assi. As long as you just follow what I say we will surely succeed."She simply withdrew her hands from his grip. "I'm going inside now. Thanks for sending me home. You can go now. Father will be angry once he saw us together," she changed the topic and ignored the last thing he said. She has no plans to follow what he will ask him to do in the future. She also has no intention of being a tool for Prince Karim to harm his younger brother.Even though she hates
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Chapter 10
Yassi was restless while inside her room. Today is the day of the moon festival where people fly moon-shaped lanterns. People write their wishes and prayers on their lanterns before flying them in the sky, especially their wishes and prayers about love. And today is also the day when Prince Karim will carry out his dark plans against his younger brother.Why do I think of that man?  Why am I worried for him?  I don't care about him and I should be happy because when he dies, our marriage will be stopped."You're restless, Miss Yassi. Is something bothering you?"  Flera's unbearable question to her.She approached Flera and held her both hands. "Now Prince Karim will carry out his evil plan on his brother, Flera. I don't know what to do? Should I intervene in their sibling's fight?""Follow what your heart tells you, Miss Assi," Flera suggested her.Sh
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