Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love

By:  Inioluwa  Ongoing
Language: English
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Diane will do everything it takes to secure her place in her late father's company and that includes getting married to Nicholas Langston. Nicholas Langston, however, has a girlfriend he plans to marry. He never expected to get married to Diane Matthews, neither did he expect to have feelings for her. Diane has to deal with her growing feelings for Nicholas Langston, her bad blood with her sister in-law, Jenny Langston and her arch enemy, Derek Hale, who would rather see her dead than be the C.E.O of a company. In a twists of events, Diane finds herself and her sister, Malvika making claims over the same man in the worst ways. All these caused by someone who would rather see Diane dead than watch her be the object of two men's affection.

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116 Chapters
Diane, Malvika and Natasha sat at the edge of their father’s sickbed, tears in their eyes. Their father, Mr. Matthews laid on the bed, his eyes dropping. His arms were skinny and he looked weak, fragile and frail. From time to time, he coughed and his body trembled involuntarily. The eldest of the three sisters,  Diane who was about twenty four years old, was already sobbing. Her eyes were red and her cheeks were puffy. The youngest, Natasha, began to cry at the sight of her father dying and her elder sister crying. Malvika, the middle sister, tried to put on a brave face but she sniffed intermittently and a single tear rolled down her eyes.“Dad?” Diane called out weakly, her voice croaking from tears.He turned his head slowly. Diane held his hand and he smiled weakly at her. “Di?” he croaked.“Dad,” Diane whispered again. “Please, don’t die.”He smiled at her again. “Di
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The car drove into the compound and parked properly in the garage. The driver got down from the front of the car car and hurried to open the door for Diane and her sisters, Malvika and Natasha. The three sisters got down and retrieved their luggage from the boot of the car. Diane smiled at the driver. “Thanks,” she said.  The three sisters stood and stared at the magnificent house.  “Wow,” Sixteen years old Natasha, muttered. “This house is huge.” She clutched her bag tightly as she gazed admiringly at the beautiful house.  “Huge is an understatement,” Malvika, replied, shuffling her feet. For all her twenty years, she still looked like a dwarf. Not exactly a dwarf really. But she was short; even shorter than Natasha, which she hated. “Hmm.” Diane turned to her sisters. “Well, let’s get inside now, shall we?” Following her lead, they approached the door and pressed the bell. It was opened by a middle aged woman, who was dressed in a whi
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Just as soon as she finished unpacking, there was a knock on the door. Diane stood up to open it. Rachel stood there holding a folder. “Rachel, what’s the matter?” “Mr. Nicholas asked me to give this to you.” Diane collected the file. “He said, his father said there will be a meeting in the company tomorrow morning and the shareholders want to meet you. He wants you to go through all the information in here.” “Okay. Thanks.” She closed the door and sat back on her bed, carefully opening the folder and bring out the files and papers in it. She scanned through it for a while, yawing intermittently. After some time, she returned the papers back to the file and dropped it on her bedside locker. Then, she relaxed into her bed and closed her eyes. Her eyes flew open at the knock on the door. She sat up. “Who is there?” “Malvika.”
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Diane walked into the house, tired and hungry. Rachel hurried towards her. “Welcome Mrs. Langston,” she greeted. “What will you like to eat?" “Just send me a plate of noodles or something,” Diane replied off-handedly as she moves towards the stairs.  “Sure ma’am.” She paused and turned to Rachel. “By the way, where are my sisters?” Diane asked. “Natasha is upstairs,” Rachel replied. “I think she said something about doing her assignment. Malvika is not around.” “I see. And Nicholas?”  “He’s not around, also. He is not back from work.” Diane nodded and walked upstairs. She took a turn and bumped right into Jenny. “Watch your way!” Jenny snapped. Diane rubbed her fo
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 Diane sat on the couch, her legs crossed, her hands wrapped around a glass of wine and her eyes staring into nothingness. Tired of looking at nothing in particular, she reached out and took the magazine lying on the dining. She began to skim through it.It was around eleven in the midnight. Everyone had gone to sleep. Everyone meant Malvika, Natasha, Jenny and the maids. Nicholas and Ashley were not back from their date yet. Diane had slept around eight in the night, after dinner. She woke up two hours later, around ten p.m. She had rolled around on her bed, browsed on her phone, went through her social media pages- Facebook, Instagram, twitter- every single thing and she was still bored. She had left her phone on the bed and came downstairs, dressed in only her robe, to get a glass of wine. Then, she sat on the couch, currently going through a magazine.  The door suddenly opened and Nicholas staggered in. Dian
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CHAPTER 5Diane sat on the chair in the ward, tears streaming down her eyes. Her cheeks were puffy and wet and her eyes were red. She supported her chin with her palm and sobbed silently.Malvika sat on the bed. Tears rolled down her eye but she didn’t cry our loud neither did she sob. She just stared into space. Her hands were folded on her laps. The tears flowed freely but not a sound came out from her mouth.Natasha, on the other hand, was throwing a tantrum. She screamed loudly, tears rolling down her eyes. She pulled her hair, jumped and wailed loudly. She was breathing hard, yet she didn’t stop crying. She panted as she screamed, wailed and cried. She breathed hard. Balls of sweat rolled down from her face. Snot ran down her nose but she was too busy crying to even bother to wipe it off.Jayden held Natasha who just shrugged him off, pushed him violently and continued her mourning. Unsure of what to do, he walked towards Diane and took h
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Diane raised her hand and struck him across his face. The impact of the slap made Nicholas whip his head to the other side. Ashley and Jenny jumped from their seats and hurried towards him. “Don’t you dare ask me where we are coming from?!” Diane yelled. She held his shirt and pulled him roughly. Malvika and Natasha tried to hold her and pull her back but she shoved them aside roughly. “You really want to know?! You really want to know where we are coming from?!” She yelled, tears rolling down her eyes. “Hey!” Ashley said, attempting to shove her. “Get away from him!” “Stay out of this!” Diane barked and Ashley flinched, steeping back in shock and fright. Nicholas held Diane’s wrist. “What is wrong with you?” he yelled. “Well, why you were having fun with Ashley, I was busy watching my fathe
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    Natasha hurried down the stairs, dressed in her school uniform and with her bag slanted across her shoulders. Her feet made loud noises on the floor as she practically flew down the stairs. On getting to the bottom of the stairs, she halted and stared around her curiously, her gaze landing on Ashley and Jenny who were on the couch. Natasha furrowed her eyebrows. 'Where is Jenny?’ she muttered to herself, moving towards the dining table. One of Nicholas’ maids, Mina, walked out of the kitchen holding a plate and a jug in her hand. As she headed towards Ashley, Natasha stopped her. “Hi Mina. Have you seen my sister this morning?” “Which one?” Mina asked. “Diane. I’ve checked her room and she isn’t there. I wonder where she might be.” “No, I haven’t seen her this morning.” Natasha nodded uneasily and moved to the dining table to sit. Her mind was really disturbed, making her unable to eat. She waited for a while.
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 Nicholas came out of the bathroom, a towel tied around his waist. He looked at Ashley’s sleeping figure on the bed, shook his head and smiled fondly. Careful not to make a noise or disturb her, he treaded slowly towards the dressing table and picked up his body cream. He spread out his palm and pressed out the cream.After rubbing cream all over his body, he hurriedly wore his jeans trousers and shirts. He picked up his hair cream from the table and pressed out the cream. He stared at it with a puzzled look on his face. It looked oddly strange. Then he, shrugged and rubbed it all over his hair.He pressed more into his hands and rubbed all over his hair. He was so engrossed in rubbing the cream all over his hair that he did not realize the transformation that was taking place on his head, neither did he bother to check the mirror.Once he was done, he tapped Ashley. “Hey babe.”Her eyes fluttered open. She closed them back
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 “Malvika!” Natasha yelled. “Nicholas has left the house. Now, we need to figure out what to do! Gosh!” She shouted in agitation, pacing around the room. She sat down and stood up again, unable to stay in a place.“Seriously, you guys should not have done this,” Diane said.“Just stop blaming us and help us think of a way out!” Natasha exclaimed.“You guys, calm down,” Malvika said in a calm tone, totally unbothered. “It’s not such a big deal. So, what if he finds out? Who cares? What can he do to us, anyway?”“You’ve forgotten that we are living under his roof; he can do absolutely anything to us. Besides, Mina is involved in this plan; she helped us get the spare key to Nicholas’ room and she was watching the door for us while we carried out the prank. We can’t let her lose her job.” Natasha replied, a panic-stricken look on her face.
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