The Vengeful Sacrificial Mate

The Vengeful Sacrificial Mate

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Andrea Garcia is the daughter of the late Alpha of the North pack. The current Alpha of North pack adopts her not to take her as their own child but to make her slave. Andrea was called a curse child by the werewolves of her pack. On her birthday, her adopted father sold her to her mate, the Alpha of the South pack, Alpha Bryan Williams. She doesn't know that her mate has an evil plan for her, to make her a sacrificial living. The moon goddess came down and revived her because of her good deed. She only did not receive revival, she also received a strong body and charisma. The Great Spirit wolf was disappointed by what Alpha Bryan Williams offered. That is not what the Great Spirit wolf meant by living sacrificial. Because of what Bryan Williams did to his mate, the Great Spirit wolf talked to Andrea Garcia who was now crying in pain and hatred because her own mate and husband killed her. Not only that, he cheated on her and killed their unborn child that was inside her womb. The Great Spirit wolf allowed Andrea to take her revenge to punish Alpha B, and to those who conspired on killing her, but in one condition. She must not kill anyone. She was also blessed by the Great Spirit wolf that wherever she goes, the pack will become on top of the top blessed pack. The Great Spirit wolf told her to go with her only childhood friend, Franklin Ashford, that will help her to take her revenge plan. This is where it start that the three hearts of the werewolf pulled by the whirlpool of revenge, betrayal, hatred, power and love.

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70 Chapters
Chapter one
Third-Person POV   "She is really pathetic," a young woman muttered to her friends, and they laughed as they looked at the young woman wearing dirty clothes.   "You say so," said the young woman who mucked the young woman who wore dirty clothes.   "Hey Andrea! Come with us tonight," a group of young men called the young woman who wore dirty clothes as they approached her. The young woman named Andrea starts to walk faster, and it turns into running.   "Hey bitch! Come back here!" A group of young men called her, but she never dared to look back at them. Andrea was nervous as she ran towards the lake where she used to kill time, and her hideout. She sat under the big tree as her tears started to fall again. Andrea thought that she was used to her pack's cold and bad treatment of her but she is wrong. I am such a coward. She thought to herself. She wiped her tears and stood up.  <
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Chapter two
The sunlight hit Andrea's face causing her to wake up. A new beginning day greeted her again, so she smiled from the bottom of her heart. She cheers herself, smiles and forgets the bad thing that happened to her yesterday. Andrea hoped that someone would please her nicely today.   "Good morning," Andrea greeted herself. She immediately got up and stretched her body. I will take a shower before my day starts today. She thought as she smiled to herself.   Andrea brought a change of clothes before going to the bathroom for the omegas. Andrea misses taking a bath in the bathroom of her room. The mansion where Alpha Homer now lives was owned once by Andrea. But when Alpha Homer became Alpha, she was suddenly kicked out of the mansion and put to sleep in the abandoned warehouse until the cramped warehouse room served as her room next to the paddock.   Andrea is really glad because she is the first woman in the bathroo
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Chapter three
All the guests were stunned by Andrea's beauty. She has a sophisticated beauty, and almost like a goddess. Andrea's eyes were glued to the hazel pair of eyes as she descended the long stairs. Everyone was amazed at her grace as if the Alpha of Nort Pack, her foster father, really took care of her. The man who owned the pair of hazel eyes went to the front of the stairs to greet her. Smiling, the man paid tribute in front of her. He bowed as he placed his left hand on his back.   "You look like a goddess who came down from heaven. It is my first time seeing a beautiful woman like you. I'm Alpha Bryan Williams. I dream of being your mate, Miss Andrea Garcia," Alpha Bryan Williams said as if in a noble Man's words. He took Andrea's hand and kissed the back of Andrea's hand. Andrea felt electricity so she immediately withdrew her hand. She felt strange to Alpha Bryan. In Alpha Bryan's style of speech he seems to be an expert in praising women and how to capture a wo
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Chapter four
After Alpha Bryan catched Andrea he shifted in his human form. He covered Andrea’s body in a blanket that he found in Andrea’s bag. Mine. He thought. He glanced one more time before he went back to the mansion.   "She’s beautiful." Gil said.   "Her wolf too." Alpha Bryan said too. He was wearing a smile as he entered the mansion. Every guest was staring at him as if he was like a celebrity. Everyone was talking about who might be the mate of the birthday celebrant. Mason Reyes, Alpha Bryan's right hand, his best friend, approached him immediately when he saw Alpha coming in his way.   “Where have you been?” he asked in an informal tone. Alpha Bryan looked at him and he had a feeling that he wanted to proudly inform everyone what they were looking for.   “Tell everyone I am Andrea’s mate,” said Bryan. Mason was shocked and he couldn't believe that he finally met his Alpha’s
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Chapter five
Mason smiled at Andrea. Alpha Homer is not happy seeing Andrea smiling freely. Because of his fury, Alpha Homer slapped the table and his eyes were like a dagger glaring at Andrea. Mason immediately places himself in front of Andrea to protect her.   “We will now leave Alpha Homer,” Mason’s voice was firm and strong. They didn’t wait for Alpha Homer’s reply, and they left the North pack immediately. They were riding in a royal gold carriage. Andrea was amazed because it was her first time seeing and riding a gold carriage. When she was young, she remembered riding a bronze carriage with her father when her father was still alive. There is still part of her she doesn't want to leave in the North pack, but she needs to face the reality. As the gold carriage was going to pass the border of the North pack, Andrea saw a man figure wearing a robe near the gate border. As she stares at the human fig
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Chapter six
“Andrea, I’m excited to see our mate again,” said Diane with excitement.“I’m excited to see how he leads his pack,” Andrea said.The carriage was moving, and its roof opened automatically. Andrea was amazed. The sunlight from the outside enveloped the inside of the carriage. Andrea stood up in the carriage, raising her both arms and felt the cold wind breeze.“Good morning new day,” she said out loud. Mason and the two guards were smiling because of the positive energy around Andrea.The tall and wide wall of the border of the South pack is already in sight of them. Andrea dropped her jaw as she saw the incredible fortress of the South pack."Mason, tell me, is that the South pack?" Andrea asked incredulously while pointing in the direction in front of her."Yeah," Mason replied. When they arrived in front of the big tall golden gate, Andre
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Chapter seven
Alpha Bryan's father was happy to hear that. They gave Andrea a warm smile. Andrea smiled. She was a little shy.   "Nice to meet you. I'm Andrea Garcia in the North Pack," Andrea introduced herself in front of Alpha Bryan's family as she bowed her head.   "We're also glad to meet you Andrea. I'm Kyle Williams, Bryan's father," Kyle Williams introduced himself. He is Bryan's father and former Alpha to the South pack. He is known for his kindhearted heart. Andrea smiled.   "I'm Andrew Williams, Brother Bryan's younger brother. This is my wife, Rebecca. This is my twin children, Venice and Vince," Andrew introduced himself and his family to her. Andrea was so happy to see how Andrew was proud to introduce his family to her. She saw in Andrew's eyes how he is happy with his family. Then, she learned that it is possible to have a family for the young member of the family if they found their mate. That explains that Andrew had
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Chapter eight
"We will sleep in separate beds inside this rooms before our wedding. Is that alright with you?" Alpha Bryan asked her. Andrea is still unsatisfied with his offer or consider it as an agreement. Without a doubt and fear showing in her eyes, she looked directly at Alpha Bryan's eyes. "No, I want a separate room. I don't care if you will put me in a dirty or in a paddock. As long as my room is separate from yours," Andrea said. She is serious about what she said. Alpha Bryan's sharp gaze made her tremble in fear. She felt a perilous aura coming from her mate. Alpha Bryan stood up and walked towards her. He was thrilled because of the stubbornness of his mate. He wanted to see how long Andrea's stubbornness would last. Andrea was determined to hold on her words and she is keen to get it for the honor of her father's teaching to her. Her deceased father taught her not to sleep with a guy who is not married with her. "Then, I permitted you," Alph
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Chapter nine
Andrea blushed of what Alpha Bryan said. She felt that all the blood was all over her face. She didn't realize that she was looking at Alpha Bryan's face all the time. Andrea turned away and looked at the sunset.   "You're so cute when you get shy," Alpha Bryan said as he placed his right elbow on the table and placed his face on his right hand.   "Stop making fun of me, Alpha Bryan," Andrea said. She tried not to show him her red face. Thanks to the sunset, it was not obvious. Alpha Bryan chuckled.   "Okay, but I told you to drop the formality. I want you to treat me as your mate, Andrea," he said as he held Andrea's hand. Andrea flinched in her chair and she met Alpha Bryan's eyes. She tried to avoid his eyes, but she couldn't because of the unknown energy pulling her to him.   "Anyway, I would like to know more about you Andrea, so let's start sharing our stories with each other," Alpha Bryan said
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Chapter ten
Andrea's Point of View   The sun rays hit my face and woke me up in my bed. I'm still sleepy because I haven't slept enough. I still remember my moment in his secret garden. Likewise, I can't believe that he is so sweet and caring.   "I told you, Andrea. He is a gentleman, sweet and caring," Diane said, and her voice was almost like someone who is so in love.   "Yeah, you are right. So what should we do now?" I asked as I folded my blanket. I went to the bathroom and took a bath.   "Let's tour the castle. It is still our second day here, and I want to familiarize every corner of this huge castle. Are you in?" Diane asked me with excitement. I smiled.   "Hmm. If we tour the whole castle, then we will not get lost in the castle in case of emergency. Okay, I'm in, Diane," I said. Diane was happy, and I can imagine that she is rolling in excitement. I wanted to let her out, but I mig
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