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The unexpected is bound to happen most times and this was the exact definition of Nate and Gianna's relationship. The Bythesea and Hinsen families have been at odds with each other for generations.Nate is a Hinsen and his ex-girlfriend,Gianna is the best friend of a Bythesea who hates him. After being away for six years, Nate is back with one goal in mind which is to get his ex-girlfriend back. But there is one problem or one person standing in their way. They may be able to sneak around like six years ago but what happens when Nate wants more and Gianna's best friend is determined to make sure he gets less?

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17 Chapters
Chapter 1
Gianna's pov "Can you believe it?" Maria asked. "What is it Maria? Would you tell me already?" I replied almost annoyed. She giggled. I wonder what she had to tell me, she never calls me out by this time at night except she had a fight with Alex which was a bit annoying seeing as they fought constantly but a friend has got to be a friend right?  She had told me about their fight already which was no surprise. Maria always said Alex was at fault which I was prone to believing at first but now I do wonder what if both parties were equally at fault. I mean Alex does try to keep up with someone like Maria even with all the baggage. You could see they clearly loved each other which brought a pang to my chest.I wante
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Chapter 2
Gianna's pov  PAST  5! I ran through the hallway going as fast as I can 4!   "Would you stop counting?"I said to Nate in frustration. We were talking on the phone and I couldn't wait to see him. Vacation does that to you. I'm pretty sure any student seeing me right now would think I'm crazy. I was running through the hallway holding a phone next to my ear and smiling sheepishly.  "Not until you get here"he laughed"3!"   "Ugggh"I groaned climbing the stairs, I would have been there already if not for Maria.   "2!"  How much longer before I get there? I asked myself and this shoes are so fucking uncomfortable  "1!" Bang! I opened the door "you're late" he replied "No I'm not I opened the door immediately you said 1 '' I said walking up to him not forgetting to cl
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Chapter 3
Nate's pov  I looked at the only photo I had of her. I had taken the picture while she was asleep. I still remember her reaction when she picked up my phone and saw the photo. God she's so cute sometimes. I sighed placing my phone on Airplane mode. I walked into the cockpit sitting down on the pilot chair.  "Good Morning sir!" Olen my assistant pilot saluted. He was about five years younger than me and the youngest in my team which was why he was so formal even thoogh I had told him alot of times that it was unnecessary. "No need to be so formal Olen" I said lazily. "Yes sir!" He replied. I looked at him tiredly. I think me telling him not to be formal is a waste of time because this dude clearly doesn't listen.  "Go check up on Adrianna" I said turning to do my business. "Yes sir!" He replied leaving.  After s
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Chapter 4
Nate's pov  Past  "You think she's gonna be ok?" Alec asked as Gianna left  "Probably" I replied "she always has a way of dealing with Maria"  "I didn't wanna say this when Gianna was here but I don't like Maria." Alec said. "Because she's dating your brother?" "I don't really know. I feel she has the upper hand in their relationship....." "Which she actually does." I said cutting Alex short. "Is that the only reason?" I asked him. "I don't know again. She's ju
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Chapter 5
Gianna's pov I am a shell of myself RightNow. I moved through my room getting dressed for work but I wasn't as active as I should have been. I looked at my watch checking the time as I walked into the cafe. "Afternoon boss" Charlie greeted me immediately she saw me I replied with a smile. The place was filled more than usual and this was exactly what I needed if I wanted to get Nate out of my head. I changed immediately and started working.  Hours later Tamara walked in "Annyeong '' she said in her bad Korean. I smiled "The usual?"  "Yep"she replied with a smile  "I'll bring it over in a moment" I said  "Great cause my legs are killing me" she replied, leaving to take a seat by the window. I sighed making the coffee. Tamara had now become a supermodel and barely had time for anyone.  "Here you
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Gianna's pov : past Another school day. I groaned while putting on my uniform. I was too tired to do anything but I had to move if I didn't want my parents or brothers to notice my back hurts as hell. If only my bastard of a boyfriend didn't decide to jump into my room yesterday, my back won't hurt as Much as it does.  "Gianna!" I heard my mom call "You gonna be late for school" "I'm coming" I replied. I looked at myself one last time in the mirror."ok" I said to myself. I picked my bag and ran down the stairs to eat really quickly "eomma"I called my mom in my native language "Good morning" I said, placing a kiss on her cheek.  "Hurry up before your late"she replied  "Morning eomma" My brother Leonard said, placing a kiss on my mother's cheek. He was followed by my other brother Erhardt who did exactly the same th
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Chapter 7
Nate's Pov  When I woke up later today my neck felt like it would fall off and my head ached like hell. Drinking is nice but a hangover is like a pain in the ass. I hissed sitting up with my hands holding my head which felt like they would fall anytime. I was at Alec's place on the coach or maybe he's favorite rug. Alec would kill me if he found me on he's rug "What's the time?" I groaned searching for my phone.  "12:30pm" Alec replied. I turned, how long has he been standing there?  "What? Did you tell ma I was at your house?"  "No" he shrugged "Why would I?"  I rolled my eyes standing up. I was too tired to reply to him. Geez I felt like shit. I opened he's cupboard looking for anything that could cure my hangover. After taking the mini hangover drink I found I went back to coach.  "What are you doing?" Ale
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Chapter 8
Gianna's pov "Did you cheat on me in highschool?" I asked. Nate's fork fell down immediately. "What?" He asked, staring at me with his eyes wide open. I really didn't wanna ask but since he stepped in what Maria said won't leave my head and all of a sudden I asked him. I don't think he did or rather I believe he didn't but I can't help but doubt.  "Did you?" I asked  "What do you mean did you? Why would I ?" He replied almost angry  "Answer the damn question Nate" I shouted  He paused "With who?"  "Bridget"  "Bridget? The cheerleader?" He laughed a bit "Yes" I replied annoyed "Are you fucking with me right now Gianna?" I could slowly see him get angry, guess he actually thought I was joking at first. "What
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Chapter 9
Gianna's pov  I couldn't stop thinking about what Tamara said after she left. Maybe all this was actually just in my head. Maybe he actually didn't do anything wrong and this was just a misunderstanding. I remember the rumors after he left. Some said he went missing, others said he went to live with his aunt and the last one said he ran away from home.  At first I didn't care about the rumors but slowly I started believing them. I couldn't help it. I needed something that would comfort me while he wasn't around. I thought maybe he went missing, that's why he couldn't contact me but later I figured it was impossible.  There wasn't a single poster about a missing child. I mean if he actually went missing it would have been news but it wasn't and from how much his parents didn't care it was obvious they knew where their child was.   When I heard the
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Chapter 10
Gianna's Pov  PAST It was P.E time and the boys were out playing soccer while the girls were told to do whatever they want so most of us were cheering for the boys. I was too tired to do that so I went to the classroom.  This would have been a good time to be with Nate but he decided to play soccer. Well I don't blame him, just because we had a secret relationship doesn't mean he can't have fun. I opened the classroom door thinking it was empty but it turns out someone was there.  Tamara? I asked myself. She was the transfer student who just joined our club for no reason. I have tried talking to her but she's not easy to talk to but she's not bad.  She stood by the window watching something. It's probably the soccer the boys were playing but why was she looking so serious? And she didn't even notice that someone just walked in.  I'm s
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