Mating The EMT

Mating The EMT

By:  Ari Gunther Hawthorn  Ongoing
Language: English
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Valerian Talon Montgomery is a rare Arctic Fox shifter. He lost his parents at the tender age of 5 years old. His first unexpected shift happens on his 10th birthday. The shift happened when he thought he was protecting his adopted older brother Tommy from wolves. The wolves they met that day were Beta Cornelius and his eldest son Brayden. As the years continue on Valerian finds that his fox half has made his scent seem as just a normal human to others. He becomes and EMT when is he around 18 after he watches them save Tommy's life after he almost dies during a bad fire. He meets his soulmate the following year at the age of 19 when he unknowingly saves the life of their future Luna, Artemis. Jax had a wonderful life up until the day they lost his father and eldest brother. Beta Cornelius and Brayden sacrificed their lives for the pack. The Alpha had compassion on his family and Jax became the next Beta that day. Years later at the age of 17 He became Beta when his best friend and future Alpha, Armand stepped up to take to the role. They both searched for their mates for 2 years before that fateful day when they came strolling into their lives. At the age of 19 Jax meets Valerian and is thrilled to find out this is his mate. A tale of twists and turns. Will Valerian reveal to Jax that he is not actually just a human or will he take his secret to the grave? ~ Side story to Broken Artemis, but they don't have to be read together ~

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30 Chapters
Valerian Talon Montgomery was only five years old when he lost his mother and father to a house fire. He watched from outside in his tree house as tears flowed down his little face. The two men that lit the house ablaze left without noticing him out there. A neighbor had called 911, but they arrived too late to save Marta and Thomas Montgomery.   “Has anyone seen their little boy?”   He heard the neighbor ask. Everyone began searching for him while he stared blankly at the burnt rubble that was once his home. He didn’t register he was crying as he held his little blue stuffed rabbit close to his chest. He wore his Batman pajama top and Spider Man bottoms along with his Hulk slippers. His dark brown hair was sticking up all over the place and his piercing emerald eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight from his tears. One of the firemen spotted him in the treehouse and climbed the ladder. He knocked on the trap door on the floor before
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First Shift
 I stepped into the garden surrounded by the sunlight overhead. Today was my tenth birthday and I was excited. I walked towards the large oak tree in front of the house and climbed into the tire swing. I pushed my feet against the grass to start swinging. I smiled and closed my eyes as the wind rushed past me while I swung.   “Valley?”   I heard Tommy calling for me.   “I’m on the swing!”   I called out to him. He came running over and put his hands out to stop the swing. I opened my eyes and smiled at him.   “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BROTHER!!”   He shouted happily as my eyes met his. I climbed off the swing and gave him a hug.   “Thanks Tom-Tom”   I said using his nickname. He smiled and grabbed my hand.  Read more
Future Mates
Two years had passed since my tenth birthday. I hadn’t shifted since then and most days we all forgot about it. I decided to sit by the stream behind the house. I walked into the tree line and to the stream. I smiled as I took a seat near the edge of the water. Tommy, Mom, and Dad had all gone to town to get something. I didn’t mind being alone since there was never any danger. I kicked my sneakers off then took my socks off and dipped my toes into the water. I let out a content sigh as the sun shone down on me. I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of nature that surrounded me. A snap of a twig had me snapping my eyes open. I stared at the tree line on the other side of the stream. I arched an eyebrow and sat in silence waiting to see if anything came out. After moments passed with no sound I shrugged and closed my eyes again. I heard laughter coming from somewhere in the trees on the other side. I was curious, but didn’t want to get in trouble for wandering
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A Birthday To Forget
  “So you knew Cornelius?”   Alpha Tiberius asked me after a few moments of silence. I focused my emerald eyes on him and nodded. A shooting pain in my left wrist caused me to look at it. There was a heavy white cast around it. Doc watched as I stared at it. I looked up at Doc to ask him my question.   “Is it broken?”   I asked him.   “Yes, it is. Your wrist was snapped in two places, but you should heal just fine. I would say a few weeks or months since you are a shifter.”   He said with a frown. I nodded as he spoke, but remained quiet. Brayden spoke up next causing me to look at him.   “Little One, Why did you not go home?”   He asked me.    “I just had a bad feeling and then I smelt blood.”  
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Brayden Died
 *Jax P.O.V* “Jax, I don’t think he has the strength to stand.” Alpha said just before Valerian’s head fell back. I put my hand out and caught it before it hit the wall. I didn’t care who saw or how funny it would look as I bent down to pick him up. I locked my right arm under his knees and my left just behind his neck. He had dark bruises on his neck in the shape of a hand. I was angry that someone had hurt him. He was covered in blood, but I didn’t think it was his own. I knew some of it was Brayden’s. My heart clenched in sorrow at the thought of my brother. I shook just a little as I stood up and pulled him close to my chest. I turned towards where Doc and Armand stood watching me. “Let me carry him Jax.” Alpha Tiberius said. I shook my head no and took a step forward being careful to not step in
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First Kiss
*Valerian’s P.O.V.*   I woke up the next morning feeling something heavy laying around my stomach. I opened my eyes and they landed on the arm that was strewn across me. I went to lift my head, but knocked it into something sharp. I winced hoping I didn’t hurt the person. I felt the person stir and tilted my head upwards to see who it was. My eyes felt like they would shoot out of my head when I saw Jax laying there. I knew he kept calling me future mate, but I was still startled to see him. The golden rays of the sun shone through the window and onto his sleeping face. I could see the dried tear streaks on his cheeks and frowned. It took me a moment before my sleep hazed brain remembered that Brayden died yesterday. My heart let out a beat filled with a pang of sorrow. I silently slipped out from under Jax’s arm and rolled so I could get off the bed. I quietly slipped into the attached bathroom an
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Happy Birthday
***Time Skip to 1 year later*** *Valerian’s P.O.V.* It was my thirteenth birthday now. Dad, Mom, Tommy and I were currently watching Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs in the movie theater. I let my mind wander when the cheeseburgers fell from the sky and thought how that would be cool to have food actually do that. I barely registered the movie ending as Tommy stood up. I followed after them all as we walked the city strip to go to the restaurant down the street. I really missed the town I had grown up in, but after everything that happened last year we had moved. I thought back to my last day in our old town. I had been sitting on the roof of the hospital the night before and gotten my first kiss. Jax’s face flashed across my mental images and I blushed as I remembered that kiss. I shook my head as we entered the restaurant. We got a booth seating and I chose to slid in so I could lean against t
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Choir Audition
I woke up the next morning and got ready for school I slipped into a white button down shirt with black dress pants. Over the shirt I put on a black vest and then grabbed my brown and white polka dot tie to put on. I left the top buttons of my shirt undone and pushed the tie I under it. I smiled as I looked into the mirror before styling my hair. I picked up my new phone and looked up Kurt Hummel from Glee to make sure my outfit matched his to the best I could. I smiled at my reflection and put my shoes on that matched it. I know most boys my age were into sports and checking out girls, but I found that I was more like Kurt. I liked fashion and making sure my clothes were stylish and matching. I also planned to join our school choir when the auditions came up next month. I could never be Kurt Hummel or the actor that played him, but I could at least look similar. I took one last glance in the mirror before picking up my book bag and heading downstairs. When I got downstairs Mom was
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Fang, The Bully
*Jax P.O.V.*   I had the best night last night when I got to eat dinner with Valerian. My heart felt happy and I couldn’t imagine a better dinner. I kissed him before we left and smiled all the way back to the guest house. I wasn’t looking forward to spending the day with Alpha Smith. His youngest son, Fang, was a known bully. I did not like him even before I liked Valerian. I saw the looks him and his friends were giving Valerian while we ate dinner. I knew that I would cause some trouble while I was here. This pack was terribly homophobic. If anyone here were mated to someone of the same gender they would be instantly rejected and the one rejected would be kicked out from the pack. I felt angry and sad for those poor wolves or humans that got rejected, but we weren’t here to change it. I got up early so I could perfect my outfit and my hair. I knew there was a chance to see Valerian today so I wanted to look extra nice. I already knew I didn’t
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**1 year time skip** *Valerian’s P.O.V.* My fourteenth birthday was only a few days away. I was excited for tomorrow because my choir class had traveled to nationals for the competition. It was being held in a town that I knew very well. I had a lot of the solos since I was the only male and since I could hold a range of notes. My choir class loved me, but I was still bullied. The choir kids were only nice to me when we weren’t around Fang. Ever since the day they beat me up the bullying has gotten worse. I managed to keep it from my family so they wouldn’t worry, but I hated it. I didn’t want to move because Dad had a really great job there and Mom had friends as well as Tommy. I figured I could suffer alone and be just fine. I went and practiced in the ballroom of the hotel we were staying at until it was dinner time. I ate dinner then went to my room. The girls were sharing rooms w
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