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A writer who knows every popular trope of werewolf stories. After her relationship with her boyfriend and parents fell apart, she planned to create her own stories and wished for her story to become a hit. She fell unconscious in front of her laptop in the middle of reading the novel and transmigrated into the novel's world. She becomes Aesthelia Rasc, a warrior who has an obsession with the alpha's heir, Gior Frauzon. Aesthelia refused to accept the fact that there was a relationship blooming between Gior and Merideth Reiss, the female lead. Aesthelia fought Merideth to win over Gior, until she died. Now, the writer who became Aesthelia wants to survive as much as she can until she figures out how to come back to her own world. She will do everything to avoid her fated death, for her own survival. It is hard to turn the 'PAGES' when you know what will happen next.

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59 Chapters
Chapter 1
Sniffling resounds around the room's corner. The air turned colder leaving Aesthelia to mourn for something that only happened in book pages.  "What a lonely soul." Aesthelia commented as she let the grief climb its way to her heart. Gior Frauzon, a morally upright fictitious character that stirred Aesthelia's emotions, lost his father.Gior's father was murdered in a battle against the cursed bloodsuckers creatures in the novel, pushing the protagonist's character development to lead a pack at such a young age.Gior's father was the Alpha of the Western Wolf Pack, who died in the most unthinkable and unbearable way. Aesthelia felt the sorrow of the character as she continued to read line after line. She is related to the emotion of loneliness."It's painful to know that someone has left.It's not because they abandoned you. He sacrificed until the last breath. " Aesthelia read it out loud. The paragraph alone made her eyes
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Chapter 2
Heavy breathing and resounding footsteps overwhelmed the room where Aesthelia was. It's been an hour or so but she is still not waking up-she isn't back in her original world. "Aesthelia! Sit down for a second. My eyes are hurting because of you, "Antoinette exclaimed as she had been eyeing Aesthelia's movement for hours. "You've been going back and forth. What are you thinking right now? I swear if it's about your obsession again, I would literally slap you back to your senses. " Antoneitte asked. She stood up from the infirmary soft bed where she sat just to question Aesthelia."No, it is something more important than that. I need time to think. Can you please remain quiet? " Aesthelia whispered, her thumping heart becoming louder the longer she stayed in this unfamiliar place."Okay, but make it quick. There will be an assembly in an hour, "Antoneitte said, reminding Aesthelia of the scheduled event.Antoneitte continued to voice her
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Chapter 3
In the aegis of the tree, a duel began between Aesthelia and Gior. That event stirred every wolf's attention. Gior launched at Aesthelias' way, not minding everyone who gasped in shock, and some cheered in excitement. Alpha Rou, who was shouting in disapproval, was ignored by his son. His heir is fighting with the pack's strongest warrior, and he knows that someone would have to end up in a bad state. None of them, Alpha Rou, wishes to die or get injured.Everything happened in a flash, in the blink of an eye. Gior, who was almost two meters away from Aesthelia, managed to close the distance between them in a matter of seconds. Gior raised his sword and swung."Woah chill," Aesthelia said, surprised and in a calm way. Aesthelia, who managed to grasp the situation at the last second, defended herself with her still seathed sword from the attack. She planned to withdraw from the duel, but she could not even have time to speak up without Gior att
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Chapter 4
Aesthelia's eyes flutter open. Her eyes roam around the place to examine the surroundings. Once again, she woke up and was greeted by another unfamiliar place. This time, it was not the infirmary or her room.  She noticed that the room she was currently in was rather simple and wooden. She wondered if she had transmigrated into another story she had read before. She just wishes that's not the case. Good thing there was a small mirror at the side table wherein she checked her reflection. She breathed heavily. "What time is it?" Aesthelia wonders aloud. She immediately sat up straight when she remembered she had been knocked unconscious the last time on the training ground. Aesthelia flinched as the pain struck her shoulder, as if the wounds were reopening because of that sudden movement. "Ouch."  Aesthelia touches her shoulder and notices that someone has put a bandage on it. A red liquid began soaking the bandage. "I should'v
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Chapter 5
  Aesthelia blinks a couple of times before she gets used to the light that comes from the torch. It had been an hour after she was dragged by the sentinels to be locked up. Aesthelia sat quietly in the corner of the cellar all alone. The underground dungeon she was locked in stank with the scent of blood and dirt. Aesthelia hums to distract herself from thinking of something that she fears will scare her in the dark. She has not been fond of darkness ever since she was a child. She tried closing her eyes, but whenever she did, images flashed through her mind. It looks vivid and terrible. Aesthelia wonders if it's the old Aesthelia's memories, but it looks like nothing of today's reality but a nightmare. The images show wolves bathing in their own blood and many more scenarios. They flash through her mind fast.  The images caused her discomfort and fear for an unknown reason. They are currently the most powerful compared to any other superna
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Chapter 6
  Aesthelia was struggling in her sleep when two hands grabbed her cheeks. Trying to soothe her out of her nightmare.  "It's alright. It was just a dream, a nightmare. " A comforting voice said. "I'm here," Flo assured her. His soft voice woke Aesthelia up. He quickly helped her sit, and patted her back.  Aesthelia panted heavily as her eyes fluttered open. She's sweating real bad.   Aesthelia looked around her surroundings. Her eyes landed on the cellar in front of her. The cellar where the old man was locked in, ever since that night when the old man was dragged out by the guards. He never came back. Aesthelia choked in her sobs as she imagined what might possibly have happened to that tortured man. "Are you alright?" "I shouldn't have let that bastard do this to you," Flo said in a shaky voice, seeing Aesthelia in this state. He couldn't maintain a steady posture. Whether he shakes in worry o
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Chapter 7
Aesthelia looked stunned at the sight before her. The worried voices of servants echoed through the air. Mr. Rasc's eyes kept on changing since the wolf spirit was fighting for control. "Get Aesthelia out of my sight, right now," Mr. Rasc's voice changed as he commanded the servants who were idle, watching from the back. He was trying to fight his wolf until Aesthelia was out and safe.  "Bring the lady inside now!" Someone from the crowd shouted. Everyone seems to be panicking at this time.  "What's going on?" Aesthelia asked desperately.  She moves around trying to be released from being tied up until a servant comes to her rescue and quickly unties her wrists.  "Let's go. "The servant said in a calm voice. The servant eyes were staring directly at Aesthelia's eyes, and they were filled with concern. "Why?" Aesthelia asked, but the growl became louder this time, which made the servant drag Aesthelia by herself without bein
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Chapter 8
Aesthelia yawned as she started stretching her arms up. She continuously hears Marie's voice coming outside of her door. Marie has been calling Aesthelia's name multiple times to wake her up without going in.  Just hearing the servant's voice, it appears that must be something urgent. Aesthelia blinked a couple of times, adjusting to the sunlight that came from the open window. She remembered she left that window opened to stargaze. When Aesthelia finally felt alright. She quickly walked and opened the door for Marie, who looked annoyed at the time. The hands on her hips and that kind of stare indicate she's about to nag Aesthelia about her tardiness.  "I think I woke up pretty earlier than yesterday, right?" Aesthelia smiled before Marie could start scolding her. She tried to convince Marie. Aesthelia has been staying in the R
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Chapter 9
They were surrounded in a deafening silence. Without being told by someone, some of the werewolves opted to provide some space and change their stance, going to wait in the distance. It appears that everyone is frantically searching Merideth's whereabout. That's why they look anxious, though they didn't care earlier. If it wasn't for Aesthelia, Merideth could be in real danger.  Aesthelia relaxed after some time.  She was so tensed and nervous when she heard the grasses rustled earlier. She thought that it was the two guy who were in here, the two prisoners who escaped. "You guys came just in time," Aesthelia uttered. She can't carry Merideth all alone, and she doesn't know the path way back to the training ground or so. Aesthelia flinched when she found Gior's wolf form glaring down at her. An aura surrounds the place; it seems that the alpha is releasing it.  'What was that?' Aesthelia mentally asked as she was trying not to f
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Chapter 10
The footsteps and sound of crickets are the only thing that can be heard in the area. Flo led both of them to a secluded spot to have a talk. Flo can easily pick up something, and his intuition says something is up. He's an intelligent wolf, after all.Aesthelia quietly followed after Flo. She felt like a child who was about to be scolded. They stopped when Flo couldn't detect any presence, since the sentinels usually patrol the territory. "What happened? Why did you get demoted as an omega? " Flo didn't waste any seconds and asked straight forward. His eyes show how much he worries about it. It's worst than being locked up for three days. Everyone knows how bad it is to be demoted to the lower tier. That's why every trainee takes their training seriously; they can't perform poorly on their ranking score. "Well, haven't you heard that it's about Merideth?" Aesthelia question. Aesthelia wonders how they would portray her in t
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