Fated to the Enemy

Fated to the Enemy

By:  T L Nichols  Updated just now
Language: English
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Walking through the hall, my wedding dress on when I heard them, my own mate with another. He was to mark me on our wedding night but instead I kicked the door open, my wolf pressing to the surface as she growled out in anger as he pushed the Omega to floor of the room. "I reject you Beta! I, Dahlia Selene Knight, reject you Beta Christopher Lee Parker because you are an absolute piece of shit!" I felt the tether snap, he went to reach for me but I swung my dress around, turning and running down the hall then out the doors and into the woods. Tears streaming down my face as I ran when I run smack into a wall. Wait, he isn't a wall. Before I fall back onto the ground strong hands wrap around my waist, stopping me instantly, looking up to see the most beautiful honey colored eyes I'd ever seen before. Alpha Damien Allister Diaz, the Alpha to our rival pack, known to be the most ruthless of Alphas, he lost his mate 5 years ago when she was delivering their baby. They both passed and he became a monster to all the bedtime stories told to young wolves. "What have we here? And all dressed up to get married I see. You wouldn't be Beta Parkers betrothed now would you?"

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Kristen Hordeski
I cannot wait to see how this book progresses. I am anxiously awaiting more chapters.
2024-02-19 10:35:13
default avatar
Just started reading and I’m all caught up. How often does the author update?
2024-02-01 09:26:58
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Hillary Middleton-Brown
love it so far
2024-01-30 01:47:59
user avatar
Laina Nikula
I am absolutely loving this new one
2024-01-01 06:43:43
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Neng Teteh
The story has potential to be excellent novel, I hope the chapter are longer and the update more faster than the current, as the Korean say "Fighting!" dear author
2023-12-31 15:26:32
64 Chapters
1 My Wedding Day
Dahlia's POV I was so excited, looking at myself in the floor length mirror of my dressing room. I was to be married today, to my mate. He was the Beta of my pack, the Knight Moon Pack. The pack is named after my family. My great great great grandfather was the first Alpha here, the man that put this whole pack together.He had triplet sons, all mated to one woman who gave birth to three boys, one with each triplet. Two of them left to start a pack across the country when my grandfather took over for this pack.He had a son with my grandmother, a long line of only boys in this family until my father had me. The first female to be born into the Knight family. He and my mother proceeded to have another child, my brother Levi, who is just a year younger than myself.Dad really never had much to do with me but was proud when he found out I was mated to the man stepping into the Beta position alongside my brother next year when he took the Alpha spot.We have to wait until he turns eighte
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2 Cheat
Dahlia's POV Continued Alanah would get quiet, like she was receding in my mind where I couldn't reach out to her. It made my heart rate spike as a sheen of sweat would form on me. Almost like I was having a panic attack while I'd get this odd feeling inside myself, in my stomach like a small ball of pain.It felt different today though, almost pleasurable at the same time it hurt, the pull stronger than before as I stepped down the little steps that led to the mirror. Slowly opening my door, I peered out into the hallway, looking from the left to the right as the pull got stronger than before.I stepped out of my dressing room, turned to the right and followed the hall down a bit before turning left into another hallway. I felt as if I was in a daze as I continued down. It felt as if the stretch of hallway kept getting longer, but I was just taking very slow, calculated steps as my heart rate would keep increasing.Something was wrong, then I took another step forward to see a door c
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3 Meeting Him
Dahlia's POV Continued I felt the tether snap, he fell down to his knees as he howled out in pain. His hand reached out for me but I knocked it away from me."Accept it Parker! Accept my rejection!""NO! I won't accept it.""Then you shall feel the pain every time I lay with someone, you will long for the bond you chose to hold onto as I severed mine."His hand reached back out to me, he begged me to take it back, but I knew why, without me he would become weaker instead of stronger when marking me. He didn't want me, no, he wanted the power and strength that would come to him by being with me.Now he will have to explain why I have rejected him, why I won't be here when they call for me to walk down the aisle.I turned my body, my dress swishing around before I walked out of the room, the Omega still cowering in the corner of the room as she witnessed it all.Slamming the door behind me I ran down the hall, back around the corner, passed my room to the double doors that sat closed at
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4 Not home any longer
Dahlia's POV Continued"Just realizing you are no longer home little Alpha? I can smell your fear, you know."He said as he began circling around me."You ran into me, you came running with tears streaming down your face, in a wedding dress at that. You say that 'You were' supposed to marry the boy that should become Beta to your own pack, isn't that right?Yet what I'm trying to understand is why you would run away from a mate" He sniffed the air around me, "One you have mated with, yet you bear no mark from him. Tell me Alpha Dahlia Knight, why have you run away?"He stepped back in front of me, his eyes still black as night as he stared straight into my soul."I rejected him."His eyes went wide as he stood there looking at me."When did you do this?""I rejected him, I found him balls deep inside an Omega.Then ran from that damn hall I was to marry him in."I slammed my mouth shut after I spoke, I can't believe I had said that out loud, I'm such an idiot."Did he accept this rejec
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5 Rogue
Dahlia's POV ContinuedLooking up at this man, it's almost like his expression had softened a bit as he looked at me, making my head tilt as I stared into his eyes."How did you find me so fast? Not your guards?"His eyes widened a bit before, shock flashing through his eyes before it was gone as fast as it came. A small chuckle came from him, a wicked looking smile formed on his face revealing his canines as his eyes went dark."Because I could smell you coming."Fear ran through my body when I was suddenly lifted up into the air and thrown over his shoulder as he began trucking us through the woods."Umm, you don't have to carry me. I won't run from you, I promise. I can walk."He stopped moving as I felt his hand travel up my body, rounding over my ass making my heart skip a beat as his hand landed on the small of my back before he gently moved me down his body before steadying me on my feet."If you run from me, I will find you, I will always be able to find you now. You can never
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6 Unsure
Dahlia's POV Continued"What's wrong little Alpha, don't like what you see?"I swallowed slowly before I turned my head back to him, my eyes closed as I felt him standing over me. His hand came to my chin as he tilted my head up before whispering to me to open my eyes.Taking in a deep breath, the scent of gingerbread mixed with kindling entered my nose making my eyes snap open as I looked up to this man."Am I not a desirable little Alpha female? Should my feelings be hurt by your actions?"I slowly shook my head as I couldn't seem to tear my eyes away from him before seeing him move down my body when he made a disapproving sound. "Look what I did to your dress. Blood seeping into the fabric, spreading through the lace and silk staining it. I hope you aren't too upset about it, it still looks perfect on you, maybe a bit more now actually."I looked down at my dress, the blood strewn across the front of it, missing the corset thankfully, then looked back up to him to see his eyes st
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7 Death
Alpha Damien's POVYears back"NOOOO!""You have to get to the safe room, go! Alpha Damien you must go now!"I was dropped onto the ground next to my father's now lifeless body, the death of our Alpha, of my hero, my only parent now gone from this world because of him!My father's Beta was urging me to safety as the attack continued around us. Pulling me to my feet as he forced me from the room. I stood no chance here, not without my wolf.A week later and I would have fought, I would have done everything in my power to protect my father from that Alpha, Alpha Knight, whose eyes locked onto mine as I looked back to see him standing above my father's dead body.It was the last thing I remembered before I was in a hall being rushed to my father's safe room in his office, hidden behind the bookshelf where only myself, the Beta, and my father knew about."You can't come from here, please Damien, we all are going to need you, we can't lose you both."I looked at him, still in a daze as I r
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8 My Pain
Alpha Damien's POV Continued It was the last time I'd ever see her alive. She had a rupture that killed her, along with our pup. If she would have had a wolf she would have healed, but because she didn't, it killed her. I lost the one thing I loved, the last thing I had, my own mate, gone from my life just like my parents.I let my wolf control me after that, shifting as I ran from the hospital, running into towns, killing anyone that came into the path.I killed a human village, no remorse as I did it, hating them for being so weak, then I ran through an entire wolf pack, killing everyone of them, earning my title of the monster Alpha. Showing the strength and blood lust that my wolf held.I had lost all control for months before I was found by my Uncle, he had searched for me all that time, following my trail until finally finding me held up in a small town that I had destroyed.He managed to get me to shift back, he got me back home to the pack house. It took a couple months to nu
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9 Finding my second chance
Alpha Damien's POV Continued Suddenly I felt rage course through my body as I watched her tears streaming down her face. I wanted to go to her, comfort her, then go rip the head off of the one that caused her this pain she was in. Honestly the conflicting emotions I was feeling were starting to get me riled up inside. My wolf wanted to run to her, which made me want to do the same, yet I stopped myself from being so needy towards someone I'm supposed to hate.I tried to connect to her wolf, pushing out towards her yet was unable to feel her. She was there, unlike my first mate. I could tell she has one, yet, something was pushing her deep inside, making it hard for us to reach out to her. I could, however, feel the absolute pain that her wolf was feeling, not strong like it would be if she was at the surface, but a faint feel of it showing me that her wolf was in such pain that she was taking it so her human half didn't have to feel the brunt of that pain.My mind was racing at why
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10 Observing
Alpha Damien's POV Continued 'Do you truly believe that she managed to come into my territory coincidentally?’‘Maybe.’As we came out from the clearing, I watched as she took in the sight before her. My pack wasn't exactly what the rumors spread it to be. Homes, gardens, beautifully paved streets with parks, a school, small businesses and people going around everywhere with smiles on their faces.Despite my horrible reputation I run this pack with kindness. Everyone is treated fairly and we work together as one. I may be their Alpha but I show them respect the way they do me.Her eyes lit up as she looked around at the town, watching the people as they bowed their heads while I did the same.She watched the children running around, playing, laughing. She looked over at them with a longing in her eyes that made me continue to question things about this girl.My Beta, Alexi, mindlinked me with questions about her, asking who she was and why I brought her all the way into our pack.'Yo
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