My Lady, My Boss

My Lady, My Boss

By:  Perly Morales  Completed
Language: English
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Stav hate Alice. He hate her from each and every fibre in his body. Alice was rude and arrogant; with ego the size of Manila and heart that was a big block of granite. But for some weird reason, he could keep his mind off her. Alice Monetelebalo was a mystery and he wanted to slowly unravel her. Too bad, unlikely any woman Stav Trajano has ever met; and one thing was certain, she was going to be the turning point of his life.

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55 Chapters
Chapter 1
Standing in front of the massive building of Montelebalo group of Industries, I took a deep breath. It was located in one of the most expensive and industrial areas of the city. With most of its exterior made of glass, this grey building was giving all the surroundings buildings a run for their money.   This was my sixth interview since my graduation a few months ago. Each of those companies wanted me to work with them, but not because I was first in my class at abroad or I had six letters of recommendation or my academic record has been excellent. They only wanted me for my last name; Trajano   Christopher Trajano, my father, owns a multinational company in Philippines and is easily one of the most successful businessmen in Asia. Each company wanted me because having Christopher Trajano's son work for them was an achievement in its own, but using my father's name to excel was not how I wanted to start my professional life.  Read more
Chapter 2
 "So what do we have here?" I asked as I picked up the first file. Coincidentally, the first person in line was the same man I met in the elevator. "Stav Trajano." I gritted under my breath. "He is the son of Christopher Trajano. Hiring him will be the best decision." Aero told me. Aero Cruz was the man who taught me everything about this business after my father died. He was the only person I listened to, but what he was saying right now was against my ethics. "I am not giving this job to anyone just because their father owns a multinational company. This will be solely on merit." I commented. "But Alice, he called us this morning to grant his son some relaxation. It will give our bad image if we don't listen to him." Aero argued. "He called?" I lifted my eyebrow. I hated people like these, who depend on their parents and other people to help them succeed, instead of making it happen on
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Chapter 3
"Shit. Shit. Shit." I chanted under my breath as I slipped into my crisp black shirt. It was my first day at work and I didn't want to be late at any cost but for some reason, my alarm didn't work."Easy up, man." My roommate and best friend Isaiah said as he noticed me frantically combing my brown hair."You don't know her, Isaiah. She will literally suck the soul out of me if I am late." I said and picked up my car key, wallet and other essentials."She couldn't be that bad." He commented and earned a scowl from me the very next minute."That bad? She is a monster. A monster." I said and looked into the mirror for one last time before leaving."Damn, you look hot." Isaiah said and then handed me a peanut butter sandwich.I chuckled at his words and gulped the sandwich down in three bites. After that, I rushed downstairs to the parking lot of the building where my car was parked. Sitting inside my car
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Chapter 4
The minute I stepped out of the elevator, the whole floor went silent, except one person. My eyes immediately went to Stav who was talking to a blonde girl. With his arm resting on her desk, he was saying something and she was laughing in return.   Rolling my eyes at his behaviour, I slowly reached them and cleared my throat. The girl noticed me and immediately went silent, unlike Stav who was still laughing with his back towards me.   I coughed again and this time, he recognised my presence, judging by the way his body stilled. Slowly, he turned around and faced me, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down.   "Are you done with your chit chat or should I wait?" I asked, assessing his appearance from head to toe. He was wearing a maroon shirt that hugged his muscular torso, and brown pants. His unruly hair was falling over his forehead, giving him boyish look.   "Sorry." He apologized under his breath an
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Chapter 5
It was about 8 in the evening. After doing some light stretches to relieve myself of the exhaustion of sitting all day long, I flopped back on the chair. My hands reached for the first drawer of my desk to pull something out, something that had been a major cause of stress these days. Opening up the red velvety box, I stared at the sparkling ring. Two days ago, Dustin gave this to me, more like left me with it, and now I had no idea what to do with it. He wasn't picking up my calls, he wasn't answering my texts, he wasn't ready to listen to me at all. Taking out the ring, I slid it on my finger. The sight of the gorgeous ring on my hand made me smile a little. I loved him, I had loved him for four years. Before all of this happened, before I was given the responsibility of this multinational company, we were so happy and nothing could bring me more joy than being his wife. But things were different now. Marriage was not on my mind right now. I had so many res
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Chapter 6
"Stav, we will be leaving in half an hour. You ready?" one of my colleagues asked as I was on my way back to the office from the storage room."Yeah, I'm almost done," I told him and walked forwards into my office.It was my fourth day at work, fourth day of working under Devil. This past week had been a living hell and I was looking forward to the weekend. Tonight, I was supposed to join all the other employees at a club so that I could introduce myself to everyone properly.Sitting back in my seat, I gave one last look to Monday's schedule so I could reach the office in time. Stretching my arms over my head, I yawned and my eyes inadvertently reached Alice sitting at her desk through the glass window.She was busy looking at the file in her hand. There was a pencil in between her plump lips stained with dark red lipstick. Her hair was gathered on top of her head in a messy bun and there was a cute frown on her forehead.Cute? This is the devil we
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Chapter 7
Parking my car in the parking lot, I looked one last time into the mirror. My hair was a mess because I had no time to style it today. My alarm didn't wake me up this morning so here I was, in front of the building just a few minutes before Alice Montelebalo usually arrived.Leaving the car, I rushed inside the building. Briefly saying good morning to the receptionist, I scurried into the elevator and closed my eyes in relief that I got here on time, if not in time."You are late." A familiar voice reached my ears and it felt like déjà vu."My alarm didn't work today," I said to Alice, and walked towards the back of the elevator."That's a shitty excuse," she said. "This is your second strike in one week.""It won't happen again," I said and she nodded.I was standing right behind her and her hair was blocking my view. Unknowingly, I checked her out. She was wearing a peach color body-con dress that hugged her curves and ended
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Chapter 8
I was giving one last look to the guest list when my eyes landed on the man putting the huge flower vase near the entrance of the penthouse. Leaving the notebook on the table, I rushed towards him and said, "Do you want to get me killed? Alice specifically wanted white orchids. These are purple.""We couldn't find the white ones in the flower shop," the man whose name I didn't know replied."Then go search every other flower shop in the city. God, do people not have common sense these days?" I said frantically."Hey, don't freak out. It will be fine." I heard Sunshine's voice as she reached my side. She volunteered to help me keep a check on the arrangements for the gala. We had been in Alice's house since 12pm and it was 5 in the evening now. The guests would start arriving in no time and there were still many things to do."How can I not freak out?" I asked, pulling out the to-do list from my pocket."Like this." Sunshine shrugged carefully and a
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Chapter 9
Dustin and I stood next to each other, observing the party around us. I had to admit, Stav went out of his way to make sure there was no mistake on his part. Not that I was going to tell him that. His big ego didn't need any more boasting."Everybody is dancing," Dustin commented, staring at the corner where some couples were gathered. "Spare me a dance?" he said and extended his arm."For old time's sake." I nodded and put my hand on top of his. We moved to the dimly lit area with our one hands linked. He placed his other arm on the small of my waist, while our eyes locked together. Dustin had a beautiful face; piercing grey eyes with skin that resembled melted caramel and sharp cheekbones. And the fact that he always smelled so good didn't help either.We moved in synchronization with the rhythm of the music. The familiarity of his hold made my stomach flutter. It felt right but it was too late now. We were broken up for reasons that were still there. He might
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Chapter 10
"And the net budget of the project was 5 million. Half the revenue produced went to-"I was standing in front of the ceiling-high glass window of my office, staring at the beautiful moon while dictating some important points to Stav. The sky was clear today, hundreds of stars filling it like white paint on black canvas."Where was I?" I asked him when I found myself distracted.When no reply came, I turned around and found his eyes closed. His hand was limply resting on the notebook and his head was bent forwards, unsupported.Walking towards his chair, I seated myself on the desk in front of him. Crossing my arms in front of my chest, I kicked his shin and he jumped up in his seat. He looked around flabbergasted and it took him a moment to realize where he was."Good morning, sweetheart, would you like some tea?" I said sarcastically."Um..." He blinked twice. "Coffee would be better."His sentence earned him another kick on the shin
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