Wife On Paper

Wife On Paper

By:  malulekam24  Ongoing
Language: English
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Meet myself Bree Fischer. The daughter of the president and the first lady. I made a sacrifice to get into a contractual holy union to keep my parents secret safe. I did not know making the huge sacrifice will leave out in the cold with many regrets and pain.If only I had an opportunity to take back the hands of time I'd change the my decision. I failed to think about my decision properly. Blinded by love for my family I made an impulsive decision that I am paying a dear price today. I have it all the money and luxury but I do not know the beauty of marriage. I am married on paper. I am a wife to a paper

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16 Chapters
Broken covenant
"Oh clumsy you are,"I said. I kneel down to pick up the broken picture frame. I had accidentally bumped on our wedding picture on the side table trying to turn off the 5am alarm that was waking me up to prepare for work. I drag myself out of the soft and warm sheets. Tears formed in my eyes as I look at the picture. Emotions paraded me. I looked at the fake smiles that we were both wearing.For once we seemed so happy but to the world. It wasn't like that in my heart. Brian seemed genuinely happy. He has this perfect smile that would melt a hardest heart. I pick up the broken glasses and I accidentally cut my finger. I moan  softly with pain I put my finger in my mouth to stop the bleeding. "What are you doing?" he asks. He got off the bed quickly to help me. "I am fine. I just accidentally cut myself with a broken glass," I say. The broken glasses was a true a reflection of my broken marriage and a broken heart. I failed to fix the glasse
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Sitting down on my chair to face Jenifer I already knew rubbish is going to come out of her mouth. She has her spectacles on with a red lipstick. Have you ever seen a corporate woman wearing a red lipstick like she is some piece if meat that stands by the robot waiting for men to pick her up."The House of Swank can't just pull out the contract,"she says looking at me.Can't? HOS is my baby I can do anything I want with it. She is merely a retailer that supplies fabrics to me."House Of Swank has no interest at all to renew their contract with Ferreira Fabrics,"I say."You can't just throw us out in the cold! I am paying you and making you a lot of money with my fabrics! I made you! "she shouts hitting the desk."That's your problem thinking you have some sort of intitlement over me! You made me? Are you God? This is my God given talent! I toiled and worked day and night designing until my sweat turned into blood!I made Bree Fischer! I am the House
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They say live your life in such a way you won't wake up with regrets tomorrow. Saying if only I could have done what I wanted to do that time I would not be regretful. I also forgot to day I love you to Marshall that morning. I was angry at him over a small thing that we could have easily resolved. I let my pride and anger to cloud my judgement. I thought I still had time. I thought I was still going to see him again that night. I believed he was going to come with a bunch of flowers and then kiss me on the cheek. He would then apologize to me for lashing out and making me cry. He had made a vow to me that he will never make me cry. My heart won't hurt because of him. I kneel down to remove the old flowers that I had put during my last visit. It seems like everyone has moved on with their lives and have forgotten that there was once Marshall. I was here on Easter Sunday and I still find my Easter Sunday flowers. People are too busy to b
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This trip we take each year to celebrate our friendship and to also face all our fears. I am actually excited to be leaving Pretoria and jus to be far away from work and turmoil. Most importantly to rest a bit fron my husband and the pressure he puts on me to fall pregnant with his baby. I believe we should let nature do what it does best. No woman can ever fall pregnant in an environment that it's not conducive for her to fall pregnant.What do poor Bree Fischer know about pregnancy and babies. I am not a gynaecologist by profession. I am wife to Brian Fischer. I am actually his doll that he shines with to other children on the streets.  All he sees in me it's beauty. I am so damn beautiful. I am pretty sure that God created me on a Sunday when everything and everyone was just chilled playing jazzy and classy music. I do not want to be appreciated only for my beauty. I wish people can actually appreciate me for my brains and what I am capable of doing. I am wise
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Friendship is not about who came first but about who stayed when things were going south and tough for you. Friendship is about those who endure with you the hard times not only coming to reap the good fruits of your hard labour.I guess we were all exhausted from the long drive to the game reserve.The queue also to check in to our rooms made things much harder for us. I ended up taking offmu heels ans walking barefoot.i could not keep them on any longer.I failed to even hear Rosetta wake up to make breakfast for all of us.She is usually the one one who handles the cooking every single time we are out on a trip or we are having a mini gathering in my house.I warn and stretch myself as I pick up my ringing phone."Bree Fischer hello,"I say with my eyes closed."Happy birthday Mrs Fischer! Happy birthday to you! How old are you now?"they sang.I could hear my father's baritone from the back.."Come on I am not 16 anymore. You are not
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He snuck out of the room when Rossette was still asleep. She loves sleep anyway."Liam what do you want in here?"I ask going to close the door."Bree,you know that I love you and I want to spend the night with you,"he says stepping close to hold my hand."Don't touch me! Don't!"I say.Who the hell does he think he is? He has planned to sleep with the rest of us on this vacation."Okay baby I am sorry I know you are angry and still in shock about what you saw earlier. Honestly o am not into Rossette.I only went after Rossette because I wanted to be closer to you,"he says.I can't believe this guy. He used my friend to get to me. "Baby you have to believe me. You are all I think about and care about. I'd never do anything to hurt you intentionally,"hd adds.How he has a sweet tongue and giw easily he can convince me."Look I know our situation is  bit complicated but what we both know that we love each other. Gi
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I give him a blow job while the others are watching and looking if anyone is coming. He is moaning like a goat being slaughtered. He grabs my hair because he did not know where to hold. He comes into my mouth and I spit out his sperms to the floor. He closes his eyes shaking.Lola passes me bottled water.I rinse my mouth and spits out."Hey hey dress up quickly. We are late"says Rossette hitting his shoulder.He dresses up looking at me me licking his lips.He gives me the dirty look.Saliva fall out of his mouth as he is drooling at me."I wonder how sweet you are in bed,"he says.He opens the gate for us and we drive out of the premises.I feel so sick. I could smell the smell of his balls on me."Does anyone have a cologne?"i ask."What's wrong?"ask Rosetta."He doesn't bath down there. He smells,"i i s."But my friend you seemed like you were enjoying It,"says Lola."What choice did I have after she sold
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Before we leave the lodge we made a pact to tahw the secret of throwing Liam's body into the river to the grave with is. We are going to continue with our lives as of nothing has ever happened. Really? I didn't even sleep a wink last night. I had to intoxicate myself to sleep. I could smell his blood and i could see him in the room.I bet it's all my my mind. He is dead. I felt his pulse when he was lying there.There was no pulse. The journey heading back home was cold and quiet. No one said anything to anyone about anything. The excitement we had when we were heading to the vacation was not there anymore  We were trapped in our deep thoughts. Actually I was thinking about how cold have I become. I was not the only one cold. So was Liam's body floating in that river. Deep down in my hear I have a wish someone finds hi and let's his family know. He deserves a dignified funeral not to be dumped like a dog in the middle of nowhere.<
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I was not the only one struggling to sleep at night having nightmares. We were all having nightmares. This is not life.It is prison. I woke up soaked in sweat. I had another nightmare where Liam was trying to have sex with me but his face was rotten and smelly. I don't think his body is already decomposed. I couldn't stand the smell. I tried to run away as fast as I could but he kept on appearing in front of me. I tried to scream but I failed to scream.I wake up and go to the bathroom to rinse my face on the basin with cold water.I lean back on the wall and hold my knees. I could not even understand my nightmare. I walk back into the bedroom and fill the glass with water. I sit down to take a sip.Meanwhile when Lola was standing before the mirror combing her hair after preparing her children to school. She screams almost every morning when she is preparing them. Sure her neighbors know that she is their alarm.They know all her childr
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The walls were closing in slowly on us. I couldn't keep running anymore. The running has to stop.The police are also sniffing around asking questions. Can a person go missing without a trace? Can really a person vanish on Earth?"I suggest we go to tge river to apologize to him for what we have done then maybe we can sleep better at night,"I said.We were sitting in a corner of a coffee shop having coffee."We can't go back there,"says Lola."Do you want to sleep at night?"asks Rossetta.Of course we all want to sleep at night. We want things to go back to where they used to be. Can things go back to normal?We all kept quiet. We were all deep in thoughts. Mostly I am regretting going to the vacation. If only I had went to attend my brother's ancestral ceremony. I wouldn't be in this mess.We stopped at the florist and bought a punch of flowers. It was a long and sad drive to Mpumalanga.We haven't uttered a word to each other until we
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