Starkville:- Book Three of The Wolf Without a Name

Starkville:- Book Three of The Wolf Without a Name

By:  A.K.Knight  Completed
Language: English
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CAN BE READ ALONE!! Growing up, at a younger age my mom would tell me her romantic story of how she and dad met. I fell in love with their love story and would beg her to tell me every night before going to bed. I love her story so much that I could not wait to one day be old enough to find my one true mate; that every full moon, I would stare through my bedroom window and watch excitedly wolves being wandered off into the dark, having only the full moon to guide them. Seeing them, I was even more anxious to turn eighteen and to too meet my mate. The wolf, the moon goddess has blessed me with to spend my entire life with. Before my mom was taken from me, she used to tell me, a one true mate is like an alpha, and that the only difference is that he may not have a pack he's destined to rule and protect, but a single wolf he's destined to love forever. I kept that quote with me and impatiently waited until I was of the rightful age, searching under the beautiful moonlight for my one true mate. It was the most beautiful night and even more beautiful when I lay eyes on a dark hair and blue eyes handsome wolf. I could hear my wolf crying inside telling me that he was mine; that night I thought I found everything that I was looking for and ever wanted, but the next day after my one true mate mark me as his own and took my innocent. Everything wasn't going the way I thought it would be. My mate mostly. His sweet behavior towards me suddenly changes into something terrifying; something I'd never wish upon anyone.

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55 Chapters
Chapter One: How I became an orphan
At the age of nine, my dad was brutally murdered by alpha Lance. An evil beast, who once used to rule over our land, Lancaster, before it was named Starkville. He treated us like nothing but slaves and puppets because we all feared him so much. We were so horrified by him that our bodies could not stand still whenever he was near us. Our entire body trembles worrying about what he plans to do to us next. Thankfully to the moon goddess we were all luckily saved by Ares. The new Alpha of our land. The brave reddish-brown wolf who had taken down our wicked alpha. He came from another land rule over by his dad, another great alpha, alpha Logan. The day our new alpha, alpha Ares had taken over our pack, previously known as Lance pack. Everything started to go well for us.Our pack name was changed. I was so happy that it was now called, The Dark Forest Pack. Our former terrible evil alpha was so cocky that the land and the pack were derived from his first name. Thankfully everythi
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Chapter Two: The scary, disgusting creep
"Get up and get to work!" I heard my terrible aunt's loud voice bringing me back into the world and away from the remembrance of my terrible past.Immediately, I got up from the rock behind the house and run inside to finish wash the dirty plates, without dear stopping to even glance at her.Losing both parents. My mom's only sibling, her sister, decided to take me into her home. Where I dwell along with her creepy mate, Fred. I loathe Fred with every inch of my body. I cannot stand him. Looking at him and even being next to him made me feel sick to my stomach.Fred is within his late 50's. I detest the day he moves into my aunt's house. I find him very creepy and disturbing at the way he stares at me as if he was lost, whenever we were ever alone. Sometimes while staring at me, he would quickly hold onto the waist of his pant or belt as if he wanted to touch somewhere else of his body, to quickly prevent himself from doing so. I'm so terrified by him I'd ensure
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Chapter Three: The creep, relatives.
"You know what I'm sick and tired of this fucking child stubbornness, Aunt Christine quarrels. It's like I have to wait on you to do whatever I tell you to, and I'm not going to allow this to keep on happening.""Honestly, I don't deserve it at all. I wish I'd allow you to be taken away for adoption the day your mom passed away, but no... I had no choice but to. Not to allow others to think of me as a worthless aunt," Aunt Christine continues to curse me from behind."But you know what, fuck everyone. I'm so tired of your stubbornness.""I'm sorry Fred," I hastily apologize to her mate. Hating how she was behaving. As much as I didn't want to apologize to her sorry excuse of a mate. I had no choice but to do so in making her stop, cursing."Apology accepted," the bitch had the nerve to respond, while he stares into my eyes with a smile.Immediately, I turn around, hating to look at his disgusting face."Ha!" I screamed out while both hands c
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Chapter Four: Who is he?
"Why are you getting involve in this fight?" Reese questions, the handsome dark hair stranger before me. Whose hair was as darker than the night itself.The strange male did not answer him, instead, he continues to stare at me as if he was lost."Grrr," I quickly move my eyes away from his, hearing Reese growls while he tries to push his hands away from the strange male wolf. Still, wanting to hit me.I quickly move back my eyes to the strange male wolf. His handsome face still showed no emotion. His angelic face was so beautiful that it would allow any she-wolf to bow onto their knees begging him to take them as his. Did not show any struggles at all, blocking away Reese's fist from my face. To him, it was as if Reese wasn't trying at all when he was. I could see veins emerging from Reese's face, using every strength he had within him to take revenge for hurting his bitchy, cock sucking cousin. I could not stand one bit."Why are you choosing to help her
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Chapter Five: Enough about the new guy
"Wait!" I heard the strange male, shouting. As Chloe and I continue to run."He wants to talk to you," Chloe said to me, tired and out of breath. At the speed, we were going."Thank you!" I shouted the loudest I could; hoping that he had heard me.I didn't want to be around him anymore. I was very thankful that he helps me out, because if he didn't. I'd probably end up with a broken nose, badly beaten by Reese, and later receive more when I get home because Fred will think I'm the one who started the fight with his innocent niece and nephew. To him, they would never hurt anyone, and my foolish aunt would have always taken her beloved mate's side.I glance behind me to see if the strange wolf was somehow trying to catch up on me. Quickly, I turn back around not seeing him. I had seemed to outrun him. I slow down, being very tired. Chloe was happy I did. The moment I slow down she stops and lowers herself, stooping onto the grassy field, breathing like
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Chapter Six: It's a lie
I couldn't believe what I had just heard and how low they would steep just to get back at me.I stop instantly before I could get close to them and squeezed both of my hands into a fist, in great anger at the lie. I just heard.Amber's head turns towards me seeing that I was home."There the thief is," she describes me; allowing Fred and Reese to turn their attention towards me as well."The thief has finally returned after allowing his boyfriend to rob us of our pennies," Reese said scornfully as he stares at me angrily.Hating the lie those scumbags were talking about me. I shouted angrily."It's a lie!" I yelled infuriated. Disgusted by the lies that came from their filthy mouths.I've never thought they would go so low to get revenge, but today I was allowed to see that they both would do anything to get out of their ways in seeking revenge, and too those sickening bitches were capable of doing anything."Shut up!" Fred yel
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Chapter Seven: Please don't, I beg you
Fred stood still as if he was frozen, frightened by what his mate wanted him to do to me, and that was to mark the palms of my hand with the knife within his right hand, so I will no longer have the thought of stealing again. Which was a lie made by his two relatives and now I must pay for their lies."Are you ignoring me for her!" his mate questions him loudly and angrily. "Are you refusing to listen to me, for that?" his mate again questions him, while she gazes at him. Dying to know if that was what he truly chooses to do.I stare at Fred, pleading to the moon goddess that he will disobey his mate and save me from the terrible and heartless punishment.Fred remains to stare at his mate while his right hand with the knife trembles, by his mate's orders.I jump up instantly from the ground and begin to run away.I must get away from this house.I have nowhere I'd go after running away from home, but I must.I had wanted to run away a
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Chapter Eight: Give me your hand!
"Remember that I'm waiting downstairs for you, fast wolf," I heard my aunt shout and describe me harshly.A fast wolf is a wolf that would perfectly describe Fred's niece, Amber. A wolf that involves in sexual acts before meeting their one true mate or before they've reached the rightful age. Age eighteen to start having sexual contact with another wolf. I was not a fast wolf. I am still a virgin and that strange wolf, Fred, and Amber lied about being my boyfriend. I didn't know.I started to wish angrily the strange wolf didn't involve his nosy self within my business and just let Reese beat me up. For look what he had made happen to me, now. He had made everything worse.I slowly got up from the bathroom floor. I grimace my face in pain; walking over to the countertop to wash my hand, getting rid of all the blood."Ha!...." I growl in pain. As I reach out to turn on the pipe."I'm counting to ten and I expect you to be down here!" I heard my aunt
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Chapter Nine: To the supermarket (Part One)
Heading towards the supermarket, I made sure I wipe away my tears. I didn't want anyone to see that I was crying. I didn't want any more trouble. My aunt hated wolves fasting within her business and if I allow anyone to know what she and her mate had been doing to me all these years dwelling at her home. Before anyone could dear save me, my aunt would surely kill me. So, they would be coming for a dead body instead of a live one when they all come to the tormented house for me.I am only seventeen and turning eighteen two weeks from now was the only thing I believe that will allow me to have freedom. Turning eighteen was also the day of the full moon. The wonderful day I will find my mate and too the day I'm dying to come."Arissa!" I heard someone yells.Immediately I stop and turn around. I was surprised to see that it was my best friend, Chloe.She runs to hug me."I'm happy to see you here," she told me as she slowly moves her hands from around
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Chapter Ten: To the supermarket (Part Two)
Chloe lowers her head right away with tears within her eyes, by what I had said."Your life is no better than mine Chloe," I told her sadly as I wipe away my tears and turn around running away.Chloe didn't try to stop me this time. I glance behind me as I hurriedly went off to the supermarket and there, I saw her slowly turning around. She wipes away her tears and made a right turn, heading towards the alpha house.I walked even faster, not wanting to be on the road too long, soon I have reached the supermarket. I enter it, take up a small red basket to carry my goods in, and walk towards the bread shelf. I stand still, while I place the broad bag under my arm and begin to unwrap the money from the piece of paper.On the list, it states, a pack of rice, butter, flour, a pack of sugar, and 3lb of beef.I begin to search for items on the list that were easy to find. I move away from the shelf that was not only perfectly pack with bread, but also bun
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