The Fallen Angel : Cold hearted Alpha

The Fallen Angel : Cold hearted Alpha

By:  Lee_SHH   Ongoing
Language: English
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Andrea was your average girl who was very sweet and hardworking. Only things took a turn when she witnessed her father being killed by an unknown creature. Only it didn't end there she was introduced to a world one would think only existed in the story books and movies. When it seemed like her life couldn't get any worse, she found herself at the wrong place at the wrong time. She was taken and locked up. One look at at Andrea and Alpha Logan knew. 'Mate' Alpha Logan was not one to be messed with, he was the Alpha of the most dangerous pack in the country,he was ruthless, arrogant and heartless. He would stop at nothing to have what is his, Andrea even if it means keeping her locked up. Not because he wanted her but because his pack needed a Luna. Only one little problem Andrea had no intentions of being his Luna and it looked like this fallen angel was fallen for a reason he was anything but sweet or loving. He also was harboring one secret that could ruin Andrea.

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9 chapters
Chapter 1: TRADEGY
'Princess are you ready yet?' my father yells from downstairs. 'I'm coming dad!' I then grab my phone from my bed and look at myself one more time at the mirror before heading downstairs. When I get there I see my father wearing a suit. I just stood there frozen never in my life would I have thought I would ever see my father in a suit not in this lifetime anyway. 'Dad... I thought you said and I quote I will never wear a suit in my life.' I say while smiling at him. 'Today is your special day princess, you only graduate once from college and for you I will make an exception.' I felt my heart flatter and smiled at him. It was just my dad and I. My mother didn't want me after giving birth to me apparently she wanted a boy instead she got well me, so she gave me to my father not once have a ever heard anything from her,no birthday card or anything but at the same time never once did I lack anything he loved me as both my mother and father and I
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Chapter 2: GONE
It felt as though time had stopped for a second all I could hear was my heartbeat, and my ears ringing.  I then tried to focus my eyes after a few attempts I could see and started looking around. I tried to get up but failed I couldn't breathe, every attempt I made to breathe only resulted in me feeling pain.  I then heard a growl. I then laid my elbow down and lifted myelf just enough to look around completely.  "m... Da-" I try but I fail. I then cleared my throat and tried again.  "Dad!" I yell but I knew it was barely audible.  I then managed to get myself up. When I looked at my right arm I saw that it was broken so I held on to it and started limping.  "Dad!"  I yell again no reply, please let him be okay.  I then went into the bushes and next thing I saw was a huge black... dog? Growling at my father.  When I looked over my father I felt my jaw drop he had wings. He li
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Chapter 3: NIGHTMARE
Beep beep, Beep beep God what is that sound. Beep beep beep beep Make it stop please. I try to open my eyes but I couldn't bring myself to open them. Moving was not an option either, I couldn't move it was as though my body was paralyzed I couldn't feel anything. "Yes...suggest... Critical." I heard voices, but I only heard bits and pieces of the conversation. Everything was dark everywhere, I did not know where I was, God what is happening, where am I? I try looking around but it was just darkness, I started panicking suddenly that beeping started becoming worse. It got louder and louder and each second I felt myself becoming weaker, that's when the voices I was hearing started becoming faint then finally I felt myself slipping off. *************   Beep beep beep be
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Chapter 4: ALIVE
"Well everything looks fine, your vitals look normal so there's no reason why we should keep you here."   the doctor says while checking me, it's been roughly a week since I've been in here and still no sign of father.    "Just don't stress your arm and leg too much remember you are still recovering."  she gives me a smile.   "I will."   "So is anyone coming to pick you up?"  I just give her a sad smile.   "No, I don't want to stress anyone."  I was lying through my teeth I had no one left.   "Okay let me bring your discharge paperwork so you can sign and you will be on your way."  I just nod.   "In the meantime why don't you go get changed I asked the nurse to bring a set of clean clothes for you."    "Thank you."    I then went to the bathroom and removed the hospital gow
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Chapter 5: KIDNAPPED
"Moon goddess?"  "What is-"    "Soon you will understand what I am, right now unfortunately is not the time for that."    "I don't have time to explain everything , all I can give you is a warning, there is a storm brewing ahead and if you are anything like your father I know the world is in good hands but bare in mind that in the end a sacrifice must be made to save the world."    "What do you mean?"  I didn't understand anything she was saying what storm? What sacrifice?    "How do you know my father?"    "Listen to me, you are very special you might not realize it yet but soon everything shall be revealed to you."    "But... But."    "Goodbye for now Andrea, we shall meet again soon." then she was gone just like that.         <
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Chapter 6: MATE
Mate? What the heck is that.  "Who the fuck sent you here?" he asks with his eyes narrowed. I just look at him confused.  " look I don't know you people, I just happened to stumble upon those dogs." that's when I heard a growl and it came from my new friend.  "We are not dogs don't fucking compare us to those-those things." he says with a look of disgust on his face.  "Well then mind telling me what you are so I can properly address you your highness?"  "We are werewolves." the moment he said that I just burst out laughing.  "Yeah and I'm Bigfoot." they just give me weird looks and when I saw that they weren't joking my laugh died.  "You're joking right?" but who was I kidding at this point I might as well believe that unicorns are real, I'm starting to believe anything is possible.  "Do I look like I'm joking kitten." that earned him a growl from Mr Alpha.  "
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Chapter 7: NOWHERE TO GO
"Jack?" he just hums. I've been pestering him for the last two days that I have been in here. "Are you one of them?" "You mean a wolf?" he looks at me smiling. "Yes." I finally got him to look at me I don't know why he didn't and every time I ask him he just changes the subject. "No." I just look at him confused. "If you aren't then what are you doing here?" "I'm paying off a debt." I wait for him to continue but he doesn't. "Of?" he just sighs.  "Well my father betrayed Alpha Logan he is a wolf and no just because he is a wolf doesn't mean I'm also a wolf I don't know why." I then shut my mouth.  "As I was saying my father and I never really saw eye to eye I think it's the fact that I can't shift." he paused and when I looked at him I saw a look of longing in his eyes.  " So he used to be one of Alpha Logan's warriors but it turned out he was double crossing the Alpha, he was also one of
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After he left, I just stood there I didn't know what to do. The thought of escaping has crossed my mind as I was walking towards the door, I came to a halt when it was opened and a woman who looked around my age came in.She then froze when she saw me and she looked at me up and down. She then gave me a smile but it didn't reach her eyes she looked as though she didn't even want to be here."Let's go." was all she said then she started walking away. I debated as to whether I should follow her or not.When she looked back at me I decided to follow her. I was walking behind her, we then exited the room and started going upstairs. The moment we reached the top there were men. Some of them were playing video games, others were drinking, others talking. Only when we got there they stopped what they were doing and looked at us. The girl who was walking with me went over to one of the man he was a few inches shorter than Alpha Log
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Chapter 9: NO SENSES
"Jack?" I ask but he just ignores me and he has been ignoring me since I returned down here. "Jack please I need water." I say in a low voice they really haven't been feeding me anything and it's been two days now. But he just continues ignoring my existence. I then found myself sinking to the cold cement ground. I was thirsty and hungry but I don't think anyone cared. " I -" I wanted to say something to Jack but then I decided to just keep quiet if he has been ignoring me and my begging for the past two days he surely won't just stop because I asked him to. I heard my stomach grumbling and God it hurt so bad, my throat was yearning for water but there really was not anything I could do about it I was locked up.  "Is this what my life has become?" I find myself muttering that question to myself, I had everything my life was perfect but in one twist of an event everything changed.  I felt tears rolling down my eyes I really wa
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