The Mistress Surrogate

The Mistress Surrogate

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Priscilla Castillo took up the job as a surrogate to make ends meet, this sort of job was new territory for her. She never once thought of being the one to take care of the child after the mother died in an unknown accident leaving everybody including her husband devasted. Damon Prince is a CEO of a renowned company, his marriage to Elizabeth Prince was fruitless which hurt the couple so much Elizabeth had to find a solution that didn't seat well with her husband who disliked the idea. A week after everything had been finalized, Elizabeth is met with an accident and dies immediately. Now Damon has to live with a woman he hates for carrying his child.

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67 chapters
Starting Over
I said a word of prayer as I laid a white rose on the now covered grave, I was hurt but not as the people around me who has had long time bond with the deceased unlike me who had only known her for a month.  The atmosphere was emotionally draining with all the wailing and tears and amidst all this turbulence someone important in this woman's life was missing..... Her husband. Among everybody closest to her, he was the one whom I believe didn't take the news well, the woman was young.... so young. She had the brightest smile, a smile that could light up the darkest room, I was warmly received by her in our first meeting, we talked and discussed the idea of surrogacy which I agreed upon considering my financial status. I wasn't rich like they were and I wasn't intrigued by the idea either at first but I needed the money to feed my ailing mother, the only family I had left. After a while of waiting and paying respect to her, I followed the o
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Chapter 2
The look on his face when he heard his mom had address me, there was disgust on his face one that would make someone cringe. "I don't remember sleeping with any other woman except from my wife, so it's either you pay her off like she wants....." He sized me from my feet up until my head and mumbled much to my hearing, "People like her will do anything for money" he closed his eyes and groaned like he couldn't wait to leave my presence. I was ready to defend myself because of how offended I was with his statement. Normally I won't do a thing like this or think of doing it but I was begged by a woman who was desperate for a child as I was for money, she had tears, one that couldn't be controlled which moved me to a point I felt Good had been cruel not to give a kind-hearted woman a chance to hold a child in her arm. I moved to give him a piece of my mind, one that would slap so hard it's stings on his face..... his handsome face. "Son please don't be rude" Damo
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Chapter 3
"Elizabeth" I felt like my heart stopped, the strong hands around my waist got tighter as if clinging on something and won't want to think of letting go. I was stuck in his hold and wasn't sure if I should break out and run away, but that decision was stupid cause it will make him wake. It was either that or I wait for the light to be brought back on and still get caught. My heart started beating so fast as I thought of way to squeeze out of this unwanted situation I found myself in. "Elizabeth" he snuggled in closer tightening his hold on me, it was now that I decided to make a run for it, it would be better if I wasn't caught than be found on the bed with a man his wife died a month and a week ago. I started with the fist, then slowly I freed myself. I was already close to the door when the light was brought back on, I paused, my heart thumping, I slowly push the door open. "What are you doing?" I heard a voice asked when I was just a foot o
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Chapter 4
I was so hooked on the book that I lost track, this woman must really had a gift for sexual contents, this was money in my hands. But what really prompt her to write this, was it because she was bored like I am right now...... I took the book with me to the garden area and sat under a parasol to shade me from the sun that rising quite rapidly.  The book might have been filled with a sexual content but it was funny, so funny that my laughter caught the attention of the bodyguards guarding the area. The female lead is a feisty lady which the Male lead adores so much. I really love a good book. I kept on reading until I got to a blank page, the blank page continued and I was starting to get hurt since I was at the brink of knowing what was to happen next after the male lead is caught sleeping with another woman. I turned the pages continuously hoping that the book continues before I pounced on a letter she wrote. "11/09/2020, Read more
Chapter 5
I fell asleep while devising a plan to enter into Damon's room unnoticed, it will be hard but I know with a lot of tactics and maneuver I think that I can get there, I just need to find the right time, moment and motive..... I can't go in there without having a back up plan incase if I get caught.I opened my eyes to check what the time was when I notice Xander had been watching me, I don't understand why he loves staring doesn't he know that it is so very wrong to do that.I yawned and stretched my hands trying to hear a crack from my bones to see if I am strong enough to get up."You look beautiful when you sleep" Xander commented after sitting there silently. "I guess our stroll was cut short by my Killjoy brother, it's no fun when he is around..... Do you want to do something else? Much fun this time, I promise" he sounded so confident that I would be amused this time so I decided to give it another go, there was nothing I was doing here and I really want to
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Chapter 6
There was an unavoidable awkward silence between the both of us, the only thing that lighten up the mood was the news from the radio.I put my pinky finger on my lip, I felt tempted to chew on it, what could I do? I was sitting here extremely scared of what this man had in mind to do to me, for all we know he could be plotting something evil within him just to get rid of the baby.My fear didn't stop me from throwing in a few glances at him as he was so focused on the road that I don't think he noticed me staring. We drove around for a long time without him not saying a single word to me. After sometime he stopped the car at a part of the road before he turned to me."We are going to your mom's house, but I don't think I got the directions right" he said to me, his voice was calm and soothing unlike the time he caught me in his room. I didn't leave out he surprise look I had on my face, why did he want to take me to see my mum? I know it was a good
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Chapter 7
I never got to tell him thank you since he didn't return that day, or the next, for about a week he wasn't around and I tried to use the opportunity to sneak into his room but it was impossible without the key.He locked the door of his room and nobody in the entire house including his mother don't have a spare.I decided to give up hope for the time being and focus more on the baby growing gradually in me, I was already starting to get tired and stressed, though it was still at it's early stage.I got ready for shopping, not for myself but for the baby. I know it was too early for that but Beatriz insisted that we get baby clothes regardless, her reason was because she wanted to feel like a baby was coming into the house.My choice to go with the flow of things by letting her decide was just the only way I could stay neutral with the entire situation, if this is how she wanted to go through with everything then I don't have a say rather I chose to
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Chapter 8
There was no movement, none from me or from the people around. The nerve of her to come out and put a blame on me, I was shaken, infact any one would be if put in the situation I was in right now.Damon's face was cold, his expression was the only one I cared most about right now. I was scared of what he might say next, my heart was beating.... so hard you could hear the sound from outside.I looked at the maid who had accused me for something I didn't do but only thought of."I never went to his room, where did you get such idea from?" I decided to defend myself before things get messy, it's bad enough that he dislikes me, I don't want him to hate me any further.For the first time after the long pause we all took, Damon looked at me, his gaze was of a kind that try to read a person's innocence from their behavior.Damon let out a long sigh before he said. "Someone went in my room and took something which is very precious to me." He paused before
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Chapter 9
Turns out Elizabeth mum never knew her child couldn't give birth, It was sad watching a mother cry like this after being told of something hurtful. Her husband was the only one who could console her.By the time she was done crying and had urged us to eat so as to lighten up the mood we had already lost our appetite. Xander decided to explain it more further to the couple.They had all started on how carefree Elizabeth was and how she always dreamed of going to the mansion and eventually did. Elizabeth parent was never aware of her marriage with Damon which explains he empty banquet hall she talked about in her diary. I got to understand the family better and even Elizabeth.The couple showed their hatred for Damon even at the presence of his brother and Xander sided with them. For their side of the story Damon was a coward for not fighting hard for his wife when Beatriz pressurized her, Damon was never home and not once did he visit Elizabeth family while they
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Chapter 10
I stared at the half torn picture on the floor. I picked it up and recognized Elizabeth standing next to Damon, there was a hand on her shoulder and it didn't seem like it belonged to Damon but to the person at the right side of which I couldn't recognized. What gave off the gender of the unknown person beside Elizabeth was the rugged look of his hand, the other side that held the person's face was torn out perfectly.It baffles me how every clue I get always end up being torn, who ever is doing this must have a skill for tearing up things.My mind can't be at rest with every dead end I meet each time I am one step close in fixing the puzzle.There was a knock on my door which made me hide the diary and picture under my bed and quickly threw the duvet on myself and pretended like I was asleep.The door to my room opened wide as I couldn't help looking, I closed my eyes shut when I saw Damon walk in, he locked the door behind him before
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