Chasing The Fierce Heiress

Chasing The Fierce Heiress

By:  AnnaShannel_Lin  Ongoing
Language: English
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He stole her first kiss on their first encounter, and she accused him of being perverted and arrogant. Her straightforward personality hooked his interest despite the danger ahead. He announced a surrogacy competition to draw her towards him. She left no option but to join the competition only to find out he’s the same person she gave a great lesson he’d never forget. Trapped to the trick played by this ruthless billionaire, she played along with his game and became his wife. His dark secrets gradually unfold, destroying and drowning them into the deep abyss. He suddenly disappeared from her life, but another stranger came in. She could feel his warmth, and they kissed. Warm tears began to roll down from her eyes, soaking the white cloth over them. When he felt her heat tears, he panicked instantly. He did not know why, but he did not want to see her cry. “Darling, don’t cry...” He let go of her, his fingers gently touching her hair. “I won’t touch you, I won’t touch you anymore, okay?” She cried more violently, and she said in a choked voice, “Don’t talk!” “... Why?” He was a bit stunned. Gently biting her lip, she could not help saying, “When, when you talk, you sound like him very much...” He’s so gentle and dotes on her. When he spoke, she even felt that it was not another person, but her husband Joshua stood next to her. Even the way he kissed her was so similar... It was not until this moment that Hazel realized how much she missed Joshua. She was not afraid of waiting. Even if she had to wait for a long time, she would cherish it.

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590 chapters
Chapter 1: A Lesson For You
Hazel Crowe frowned because of the deafening music in the surroundings.She passed through the crowd under the dim light and glanced around at the faces of the men and women who were indulging themselves on the dance floor, and quickly looked away."Hi cutie, come to have a drink. It's on me." A drunken man said as he got in Hazel’s way."Go away!" Hazel said coldly, her voice full of impatience.The drunken man was very disgruntled. He reached out one of his arms to stop her.Seeing his arm in front of her, Hazel suddenly grabbed his wrist and strongly twisted it."Ouch!" The man yelled, but his voice quickly disappeared in the loud music.Read more
Chapter 2: Choosing A Surrogate Mother
Hazel arrogantly walked out of the men's room, but when the door shut, Hazel felt beaten. Her beautiful face was full of anger and frustration.Hazel clenched her fists as she had never come across such a big loss before!She went there to rescue her roommate, but her first kiss had been stolen. She had to play a small trick to get out of the situation and use a few threats which could prove nothing.Hazel really wanted to head back inside and beat Joshua, but...she was no match for him in terms of power!Hazel was still very aware of the situation. She had to swallow the less-than-perfect victory. All in all, Summer was fine.Hazel hurried out of the bar to see Ariel holding the drunken Summer on the nearby corner.Read more
Chapter 3: Just This Once
"Photographs?" Hazel frowned."Of course! Otherwise, how can my Prince Charming know what his candidates look like?""Can we just provide our photos?""Do you have any idea about technology these days? Photos provided by participants can be altered! Relax, my Prince Charming isn’t going to do anything with photos shot by his staff."Hazel still did not show any interest in it. She quickly shook her head and said, "I’d rather not. What if I got selected...""Hazel, you are such a bold girl. You are just one step away from my list of rivals!" Ariel stared at her with a stunned look, "Do you know how many people have signed up for this preliminary selection? It is said that there are nearly 100,000 people! One out of
Read more
Chapter 4: Is She Still Alive?
Joshua opened a drawer in his study and took out a thick book.After flipping through a few pages, he stopped, his eyes were fixed on a photo hidden in the book pages. Looking at the photo silently, Joshua was somewhat depressed."Is she...still alive?"The door of the study suddenly came pushed open. Joshua closed the book and looked up, displeased.When he clearly saw the intruder, Joshua said with some reluctance, "Isaac Anderson, when will you learn to knock before opening the door?""OK." Isaac's hands were shoved in his pockets. His amorous eyes were half-shut. He said with a cynical smile, "When you have a girlfriend, I will learn to knock."Regardless of his ridicule, Josh
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Chapter 5: Cool Down
Ariel woke up at four in the morning and managed to drag Hazel out of bed too. They had to leave early to go to the Transcendence Plaza.The interviews were being held in a large local photo studio. Outside the door, there were already many employees trying to arrange the interviews in an orderly manner."Do I need to participate?" Hazel frowned, thinking of her vulnerability."Hey Hazel, come on, you don’t quit anything!" Ariel persuaded her, "With you here, I feel more assured.""I can still be on your side even if I don't participate!" Hazel was struggling."Stop that already!" Ariel pulled her body and said, "Alone, I will have an odd of one in 100,000. With you, our chance is one in 50,000!"Read more
Chapter 6: Beautiful Five-Petal Plum Birthmark
Derek had chased after Hazel for a while, but she didn’t want anything to do with him. However, Derek told everyone that Hazel was his girlfriend, making up a convincing story.Hazel clarified several times, but Derek was very mischievous. More and more people believed they were together and thought Hazel was lying.Hazel was mad at Derek. One day she took Derek directly into a groove...and beat the hell out of him!Since then, Derek did not dare say anything about Hazel. She thought things were settled.But, after Derek and Kyla got together, she told others Derek dumped Hazel and chose her.For a long time after that, everyone looked at Hazel with sympathy, as if they were looking at an abandoned woman.
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Chapter 7: Can You Let Me Go?
The entire studio grew instantly quiet, as this was the first time they encountered this type of incident.Hazel was feeling so embarrassed. Her mind went blank. How could this be?Suddenly, a figure rushed onto the stage, took off his coat, and put it around her.Hazel gratefully looked up but saw a man in front of her staring at her chest, and... this person looked familiar.Her face turned red immediately. She still didn’t realize that this gentleman, who just helped her out, was the same pervert she met the other day!Hazel quickly closed the coat to cover her chest.Joshua was a little disappointed. He reached out to Hazel's chest and said, "Let go of your hands, I have
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Chapter 8: Are You That Man?
"No." He shook his head and said, "I really am...""Yes! Yes! Yes! You are Joshua The Almighty!" Hazel said impatiently, "What are you worried about, Master Joshua? With your supernatural power and resources, you will find me even if I ran away, right?"Joshua went silent.He spent too much time finding her and evading the eyes of others. He would not let Hazel go when he finally saw her.Although he already knew who he was seeking now and he had her detailed information, Joshua wanted to clarify the misunderstanding between them quickly.After taking a deep breath, Joshua began to complain, "You did not recognize me, and yet you still followed a stranger?"This little girl had so
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Chapter 9: They Hit The Wrong Person
As a pungent smell rushed towards his face, Jaxson screamed.The next moment, Ariel grabbed the coat from Jaxson's hands and put it directly on his head!Ariel could not have been any ruder. She attacked Jaxson with a storm of punches and said, "You degenerate son of bitch! That's what you get when you piss off a lady!"Jaxson couldn't open his eyes at all, and his throat was burning. He could only try hard to dodge the punches from Ariel."Hazel!" Ariel yelled.Hazel rushed out of the corner of the corridor.Hazel knew Joshua would definitely be alerted if she came by herself, so she asked Ariel to deliver the coat.In fact, Hazel did
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Chapter 10: What's The Attitude About?
Suddenly, Hazel looked at Summer questionably."What? Is there something on my face?" Summer touched her cheek."Summer, do you remember what happened in the bar that day?" Hazel asked."I cannot remember clearly. I drank too much that day." Summer frowned.‘When Ariel and I got to the bar, we heard you were taken to the men's room by a few guys, but I just saw one guy when I got in there. Do you remember that?"Summer thought for a moment and said, "Oh, yes. There was one guy who ran those little hooligans away from the men's room. Now when I think of it, that man who saved me was a handsome guy."Hazel was stunned by the horny look on Summer’s face.Read more Protection Status