Faking It

Faking It

By:  Gracie Mackintosh  Ongoing
Language: English
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‘I always thought my wedding - should I ever have one - would be elegant and beautiful, filled with joy and laughter. And whilst this wedding was elegant, it wasn't really mine.’ ~ Dante Rizzo made a big mistake, leading to his rival wanting payback years later in the form of a trophy wife. Out of his four daughters, Rizzo only had the choice of two: an elegant dress-maker or a naive girl who could hardly get a sentence out. But on the day of the wedding, the dress-maker backs out, leaving a new set of options for Rizzo. With the pressure of his rival breathing down his neck, he makes a split decision to switch daughters, and there’s nothing she can do about it.

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8 Chapters
1: The Predicament
~ Rosanna's POV"WHERE THE HELL IS SHE?!"Dad was yelling again. He'd never been the tamest father in the world - he'd always liked to open his mouth to argue with those around us - but I had still never seen him like this, so worked up and red in the face. I was worried he would make himself faint from stress, though I was certain there was nothing to stress about. Olivia would come back - what reason did she have not to? ... except having to marry a man she'd only known for two months and was only interested in wearing her on his arm like a trophy. But at least she seemed to have a positive view of Mr Cartelli, whose name she would soon take on. It could have been a lot worse. "Dante, please," said Mom, "she just stepped out for a minute. There is still plenty of time before the wedding begins."Dad glared at her - another first. "We have barely twenty minutes.""And she is mostly ready. All she needs is to put
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2: The Altar
Olivia was a wonderful seamstress and designer; this was something the whole family had known for a long time. But I never expected her to be able to produce something so beautiful for someone who didn't even want a wedding.My floor-length, lace white dress was covered in embroidered flowers and leaves that I knew must have taken hours to delicately perfect; the sheer sleeves had a branch of leaves falling down to the slim wrist. I felt like a princess, but one who was being tortured when I was handed the shoes I was supposed to wear.Whilst Olivia and I were completely different sizes in clothing - I was the thickness of a stick and five-foot-one, compared to her healthy weight and height of five-foot-five - we could still wear the same shoes. And Olivia happened to wear a lot more heels than I did, so the pair of peep-toe white heels with matching flowers embroidery and a thin ankle strap, would not have been a problem for her. I, on the other hand, was barely able
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3: The In-Laws
The doors closed behind us at the end of the aisle, trapping our guests so the only way they could leave was through the door into the reception room. We'd been showered in petals and sent to sign the real contract before we had to join the rest of the party.Armani didn't hold my hand after the doors shut, so I struggled to follow his lengthy strides in the direction of another room. He didn't seem to notice that I couldn't keep up, but he did wait at the door of an office-like room instead of totally abandoning me."T-thank you," I muttered, slipping through the door he held for me. "Um, what happens after this?""We sign then have to enter the party," he replied quietly. He sat down in a chair, which made him seem much less scary. His incredible height was turned into nothing more than less than mine. Although, it didn't look like he was that much shorter than me sitting down, and that was a kick to the ego.I cleared my throat. "Yes, but do we... do w
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4: The Discomfort
Armani and I sat down in the midst of both of our families. He was beside his father whilst I was beside my mother, and the rest of our families stretched on from there at the long table.Looking around the room, I didn't know many of the people, but I figured they were more Dad's friends than Olivia's, so I didn't have to worry about anyone wondering why the bride had been switched. Most would convince themselves that they'd simply had the wrong sister in mind - this was what my mother told me when she caught me staring at the guests.Dad made a short toast to bringing our families together, which he was clearly overjoyed about since it meant he didn't have to pay lots of money to the Cartellis. I pondered over how I could replace that money, as it must have been a large sum for my father to sell one of his daughters just to avoid it. But then, Dad had always been protective of his cash.After a meal that allowed me to rest my feet for a while, I was forced to
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5: The Trip
If anyone noticed the bride had shrunk three inches, they didn't mention it.I was more excited for the party now that I didn't have to worry about falling over or hurting myself, and Bella was quick to start dancing with me as a result. I let her take the lead, spinning me around and pretending to be my partner, whilst smiling the whole time. It felt good, given the circumstances, to be able to have so much fun.But the part of the night I had been quite nervous for since finding out about it was coming up: we had to leave for our honeymoon.The word honeymoon still sent a shiver down my spine that I couldn't seem to avoid. I didn't like the connotations it brought with it, specifically that it suggested we would be sealing our marriage with physical intimacy. No matter how sweet Armani seemed to be, I would not be doing that when I hardly knew him.Bella spun me around one last time, tugging me into her chest and wrapping her arms around my wai
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6: The Questions
"Do I need to drug you?" "W-what?" I flung upright from my seat, my eyes locking on his. I could have sworn there was a glint of amusement in them but it could have been insanity. "Do I need to drug you?" he repeated in the same serious tone. "I can't stand how tense you are. It's making me uncomfortable." My posture collapsed. "I-I'm sorry, I've just... never really been on a private jet before. Hardly even a normal plane." "Does your father not own a private jet?" I shook my head. "I thought a man such as himself would jump at the opportunity to own one, but I could be wrong." "Could be?" Armani brought his drink to his lips. "Even the people closest to you could be hiding something, Rose." When he put down his glass, a thought flickered across his eyes. "What will ease your nerves, then? A drink?" He pushed the glass toward me, but I quickly pushed it back. "No, thank you... I don't..." 'I don't want
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7: The Accommodation
"Miss?" "Excuse me?" "Um... Miss... I'm going to touch you." Her voice had just been a muffle at first, something I could barely hear through my dreams, but when I felt something unknown touch my shoulder, I heard back everything she'd said. My body forced me upright, startling the attendant leaning over me. "Oh! Mrs Cartelli, I am so sorry for scaring you!" I almost told her she had called me by the wrong name, but the uncomfortable press of my bridal hairstyle reminded me that I was no longer Miss Rizzo. The wedding had really happened, it wasn't a dream and it wasn't going away. I was legally married. Clearing my throat, I slid off of the bed in the cabin. "Um, you didn't scare me," I lied. "W-why are you in here?" "We need you to sit down with a seatbelt, Mrs Cartelli. The plane is going to be landing in approximately six minutes." "Okay, um, thank you. I'll be right out." The attendant left, so I took a mom
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8: The View
Seeing the very town we had passed by so quickly earlier without any rush was exciting. After parking just down the road, we walked as if we were any other couple along the streets, admiring the little stores, cafes, eateries and restaurants that littered the long stretch of concrete. Just behind the stores on one side, you could see the ocean, which many little cafes took advantage of with a decking facing the beautiful view. People looked at us and smiled. The few that scowled or showed any sign of contempt were often put in their place by a simple glare from the man hovering behind me. I couldn't help but watch him each time we passed a window. I needed to know if I was with someone mean, but he was as kind to most of the locals as I was. Still, I never saw him smile. Once the sun had set - which we enjoyed from the railing of the parking lot where Armani's fast white convertible sat - we headed back to the private beach house. It had been mostly quiet bet
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