Nathaniel Lachlan

Nathaniel Lachlan

By:  Irresistiblyme  Completed
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Stating that Elizabeth Paige had a huge crush on "The Nathaniel Lachlan" since high school would be an understatement but she was a shy and never handled it well. Nathaniel Lachlan was a lethal . Nobody ever messed around with him. He needed an assistant who would only be professional with him and not develop feelings for him.But yesterday, everything changed. As soon as she said my name I knew I had to have her, beneath me, moaning and begging. I wanted to bury myself inside her. I noticed whenever I was close, her breathing would alter and she will be at a loss of words. I didn't know I lusted after her so much. I never craved for women as much as I crave this . I also knew that I can't satisfy myself only by having her for a .(Billionaire Brothers Series Nathaniel Lachlan & Aaron Riverwood & Landon Chambers)

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88 Chapters
AGAIN... I was running late for my class. As I walked through the corridors with books in my hand I silently prayed hoping Danika Williams and her minions were not around, even if they were, hopefully Nathaniel Lachlan was around.
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Chapter 1
I was sitting in the waiting room and praying to God. I really hope I get this job. Joseph Lachlan needed a personal assistant. As soon as I read this advertisement in the newspaper I knew that it was my only chance. The pay will obviously be good considering the fact “The Lachlan Enterprises” was the most successful business empire in the world. At the age of 75, He didn’t work much. His grandsons did everything but never took any credit. Thankfully my best friend was married to one of his grandsons due to which I got this interview.
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Chapter 2
A year later....Everything at work was going very smooth. Nathan doesn’t talk much to anyone, but he is very friendly towards me. Doesn’t smile much either but I haven’t felt uncomfortable. We have talked a bit about ourselves. Well I did most of it, but he did listen to it intently. We don’t talk much because whenever we do we somehow end up arguing.My personal life was hell. I don’t even know why Michael and I were still living together. It’s been a year since we had sex. I am still a human, I have my needs, but I am suppressing them.
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Chapter 3
Nathaniel LachlanThere was a knock on my door. I knew it was Elizabeth. I buzzed her in. She looked like she cried all night. She was dressed in her usual attire and her hair tightly tied in a bun. I offered her a smile as she came in and sat down in front of me.
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Chapter 4
Elizabeth PaigeI had to move in with him today itself. Everything is moving so fast that I didn’t even get time to cry over Michael or to even think about the fact that my boss or my childhood crush will fuck me soon.The thought made shivers run down my spine. I felt a pull in my lower area at the thought of having sex with a sex god.I obviously didn’t deserve this. Hot people are supposed to be with hot people but Nathan didn’t even let me explain this to him. As the workers sta
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5Oh god!                  Never in my wildest dream would I have ever imagined Nathaniel Lachlan being on top of me.Elizabeth Xena Paige! Get a grip.
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6I avoided him during the entire dinner. I sat opposite him so that our body won’t be in contact and didn’t look up even once. Making an eye contact wouldn’t be good for me. I could feel his gaze burning through me.Avoid it! Avoid it!After dinner, I helped Mrs. Wilson wash the dishes. Nathan announced that he is
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Chapter 7
I woke up alone in the bed. He was not there beside me. Yesterday after he went inside the bathroom, I quickly climbed in my bed and fell asleep in a dreamless slumber. I felt the bed dip but I didn’t react much as I was too tired.I quickly freshened up and did my regular morning routine. I picked up a plain black dress and paired them up with black heels. I didn’t tie my hair as they were partially wet and I was running late. I quickly did my makeup and headed out.I was about to hail a taxi when the security guard came running outside and told me Nathan had arranged a car
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Chapter 8
After witnessing the awkward yet satisfying exchange between Michael and Nathan, I finally went back to my office and got back to work.Nathan didn’t disturb me at all with anything. His work is his first priority. I have never seen him fool around with any of his employees or even have friendly relationships. That is something I always admired about him. He was never a player. He had a steady girlfriend for a few years more like a mistress to him. He broke it off almost six months ago because she started becoming clingy and also spent a lot of his cash on stupid things.There was a knock on my door which brought me broke my train of tho
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Chapter 9
Tomorrow is my wedding day. I don't know why but I am actually feeling very happy. I was already 27, I wanted to be married by the time I was 30. I thought Michael would propose but he never bothered.Though the marriage is for convenience. I don't feel like it at all. We are getting married in a small but a very beautiful chapel. I told Nathan that I wanted a small wedding to which he agreed because a big wedding would gain too much of media attention.The last few days I was very busy- selecting my wedding dress, buying clothes and packing my bag for the honeymoon. We had to do it because the honeymoon would surely gain media coverage which
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