Billionaire's Spoiled Contractual Wife

Billionaire's Spoiled Contractual Wife

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[Steamy scenes, 18+ | fast paced plot] Nathalie Lancaster, the ice queen heiress, married an unknown man who popped up in her life with a mischievous plan. Whereas Lucas Petrakis, the bad boy yet doting husband, now has only one aim; to win his wife's heart and body, without getting exposed. And to achieve his goals the man wouldn't hesitate to shake up the whole Europe if necessary! She has a secret hidden from everyone, and Lucas might leave her if he came to know about it. -*-*-*-*-*- - Each chapter 2000-2500 - Fast paced plot, no fillers. - Every 2-3 chapter has a cliffhanger. - Daily updates | Ending in May.

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75 Chapters
Hunky Son In Law
The whole hall became silent at once when the tea cup fell from her hands and crushed against the marbled floor. "My apologies, ladies and gentlemen. My hand slipped." Mrs. Jones gave a sinister smile which didn't go unnoticed from the woman standing at the corner of the hall. "It's alright, sister." An elderly man responded to her with a slight pat on her shoulder while the woman stayed sitting in the chair. The new year gathering had brought all the Lancaster family members together. No doubt the aristocratic family had a big bunch of members of all ages. All were respected and well known in their particular streams of business, banking and shipping. While the noble ladies were occupied in conquering the fashion and entertainment industries.  In the midst of all rich sharks stood Nathalie Lancaster the youngest sole heiress who was supposed to inherit all the wealth. An illegitimate child bo
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Tension Between The Duo
'What was I even thinking? Ugh!' Lucas scolded himself with clenched fists as he walked straight towards the kitchen to handle his usual daily chores. He banged the door open when all the other servants nearly jumped in their places acknowledging the arrival of the devil. All of them immediately turned back to their duties pretending not to bother to look at Lucas. The staff was clad in white uniforms with gazes glued to pots, no one dared to lift his head up. Lucas headed straight to the back of the kitchen where the staff was supposed to take rest. The man slammed the door with a loud bang indicating his agitation. "Is the boss angry?" One of the men spoke in a whisper carefully asking the opinion of the other comrades. No wonder he addressed Lucas as boss because all of them were his men. The useless son in law had a powerful background to back him which was apparently unknown even to his wife, Nathali
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Self Control
Lucas had no idea what to do, a part of him wanted to take her down at that moment when his eyes landed on her bare body. Nathalie immediately covered herself with her palms and shouted in rage, although her half red face said more than it was supposed to.  "Stop staring at me, you jerk!" She yelled which made Lucas come back to his senses, he imminently turned around and covered his mouth. The man could sense heat rising in his jeans and his ears getting red with shyness. After all it was the first time something like that had occurred which made them both embarrassed. "I'm sorry I did not mean to...I was just," Lucas could not even answer properly that his voice stammered at the yelling. Undoubtedly her voice caused a visible affect on him, which did not go unnoticed from her. "You what? Know your place Lucas, or else I will make sure you won't be able to say your own name!"&nb
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Blue Balls
'Hey damn you little brother, play cool okay!' Lucas groaned at the poking in his jeans which was not unexpected but at the wrong time. 'Shit! Now I have to take off this first before going back inside.' He raked through his hair with a chuckle and shook his head, the moonlight coming inside from the side window resented him as an eye feast. His shirt was wet and the upper three buttons were open to let women drool and worship his torso. No wonder Lucas never liked to attend the business parties and gatherings, the multilayered makeup girls with horrendously caked faces. That's why probably he liked Nathalie and her righteously tough attitude fueled his emotions. She was the one who successfully stirred a storm of sensations within him at first sight. Lucas had decided to make her his woman at that very moment. The man looked down on the visible bulge and smirked meaningfully. 'S
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Lucas had to spend his night outside the room, he found a guest room for his stay. And woke up ahead of everybody so he could avoid their questions and ridicule. 'Phew! I was almost caught by that stupid nagging bitch Mrs Jones.' He thought to himself while shaking head after he recalled how he closely survived the encounter with Mrs Jones, Nathalie's aunt, early in the morning. 'That nagging bitch is such a headache. She never leaves a chance to humiliate me.' Lucas poured the milk into the pan to make milk tea, no one had ever liked it on the dining table. But Lucas made sure to make it just because his wife loved it.  He had already listed out the stuff she liked and was certain to use all the information, no wonder he knew much about her already. And her grandpa had helped him a lot. Lucas had a jury to himself to make sure they did all the work. YES! Why would he do all the work himself
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My Woman
    'What is he even doing?' She thought to herself knowing that something sure was wrong with him. Since Lucas had never been like that and did not ever try to have any kind of intimacy with her. But suddenly out of nowhere he had gotten possessive about her, and did not allow that bastard man to touch her at all.  'Why is he suddenly behaving like this? And how the hell did he turn from a mere simp to a thoughtful strong man?' She had no clue how to figure out what had happened to him, but one thing was clear Lucas had taken step forward to protect her. However he had aways been trying to protect her either way, it did not matter whether he was standing on the front being her shield or hiding in teh shadows to protect her. One thing was certain, Lucas Petrakis was swooned over that woman and could not afford anything to happen to her.    'Well not that I mind him teaching a lesson to that greedy old m
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Bastard Kissing
    Lucas took the breakfast for his wife to her room, he could not bear to ruin her mood after seeing Saikus still there in the dining hall. The man sure was having fun with the newly found change, their relationship had finally undergone a healthy change. He had worked hard enough to earn such small change in Nathalie's behaviour which could lead to possible changes in the future. No doubt that was the aim of his to set his foot into the Lacaster family because Lucas wanted to marry her, but upon hearing her views of love, marriage and relationships from the old man Lucas became deterined that he had to show her how he was different.       'I'm sure she has a change of opinion about me. This is great considering that now I can bluntly go around kissing her.'  He giggled while picking up the tray and meaningfully glanced at the washroom. Lucas could not help but smile like a fool now that she has
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Devil's Deed
The sight casted a huge effect on Nathalie, she did not ever imagine Lucas to turn out to be a jerk. She had always expected that he would be different from her father. A lingering hope was always there in her mind that he would hold onto her and would never do anything wrong to her.  Her major fear and insecurity regarding relationships and marriage was because of her father. Boris was the utter trash of the family j
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Devil's Deed 2
"Sir, I can't let you inside."The guard outside the Lancaster Corp stopped Lucas by force, he had been holding the man by the shoulders to prevent the young man from intruding. The building was Lancaster Corp where Nathalie worked and was in charge of, the woman held the reins of the whole monetary system and the deals. No wonder the old man wanted to pass on his empire to some responsible person, and none other than N
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Serving With Love [R-18] Part one
  Lucas leaned in with a soft expression making sure that he got some signal to proceed or not, as soon as Nathalie closed her eyes he smiled at her brightly.   'Perfect! It means I'm forgiven by her.' He knew by her response that he was granted forgiveness. Lucas stuck his tongue out and licked the tear drop which was still waiting for his tender handling.    Nathalie was in her own reverie assuming that he was about to kiss her, the lady had never in her wildest dreams would have thought that he would do such a thing.   "W- what...?" She imminently opened her eyes and saw him smiling at her with a sinful stare.  "You like being touched by me, right?" He played his wild card and knew that his words would tempt her for sure. Lucas was just a few inches away from her
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