The Surprise Of A Lifetime

The Surprise Of A Lifetime

By:  Jaleesa Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Don't try to get away from me little hellcat." His voice is soft and pressing, but his eyes, they bleed black again. "Let go, just please let me go." My voice breaks and tears stream down my face, there is no way out of this, no escape, no freedom, no nothing. - To save her father's life from a dept collector, Nikki agrees to marry the man. She soon finds out he is very different from anything she ever imagined. Thrown into a new world, a new family and a new life, how will she cope? Will she find love in this new place and when push comes to shove, will she fight for her new family? Trigger warnings: This novel contains intense scenes of violence, doubtful consent, kidnapping, abuse and a male lead so morally deranged you can't help but love him.

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    23 chapters
    Kian  "Come on man! Live a little, let’s go to Red and Black!" Luuk slams his arm down around my shoulder, raising his glass of whiskey to the air, like he wants to give it a high five.   He looks at me expectantly, impatient and cocky. "We haven’t been out in ages; I'm beginning to think my brother lost his taste for intoxicated blood." He continues. The fucker is getting on my nerves more and more.   Grunting, I push him away. "Get the fuck off me, Luuk."
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    Chapter 1
    Nikki - 2,5 months later  I glance at my watch, counting the minutes until my shift ends and I can go home to check on my father. His mental health always plunges into the deep end around this time of year, when my mother left the both of us so many years ago.   ‘Twelve more minutes.’ I think as I start cleaning up the table from the costumers that just paid and left the little coffee shop I work at. It's a cute little place and I am happy I got a half decent job.   My mind drifts back to m
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    Chapter 2
    Nikki  I walk outside and pick up the phone. A sense of worry now edging the otherwise fun night I am having.   "Dad, what's up?"   "Bafy, Caan you coome hoome flease. I need you to coome hoome bafy." My father answers, slurring his words and I can practically smell the alcohol through the phone.   I’m getting sick and tired of havin
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    Chapter 3
    Kian   I pace through the tiny apartment this man calls home.   It's located in the poorer side of Tilburg. The inside is just as desolate as the outside. The dirty dishes are still in the sink, while dusty and stained curtains hang along the windows. In the living room is a green sofa littered with cigarette burns. An old flat screen TV hangs from one wall and a worn-out wooden coffee table sits abjectly in the center of it all.  The only decent things in this apartment are definitely a wo
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    Chapter 4
    Nikki  The Maserati eats up the road it travels over. The seats are comfortable and soft jazz music infused with electronic beats plays on the background. I haven't said a word since my outburst against him, afraid of him following up on his threat. But there is also some weird fucked up curiosity how he possibly could be worse than he is right now.   I glance at him through the corners of my eyes. He is focused, zigzagging through the slow-moving traffic as he ignores red lights and police cars. It's like he owns the city we are driving through. Read more
    Chapter 5
    Kian  The elevator hurries up the tower towards my floor.   Nikki stands in the corner, white knuckling the railing on the wall of the elevator with big frightful eyes. It’s adorable how she has this irrational fear of the elevator and somehow has already relaxed around me.   I know I should probably feel guilty about the way I snatched her away from her home, threatened her father and threatened her. I should feel guilty how I pulled her into a trance, because I wanted to know if she taste
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    Chapter 6
    Nikki  A soft knock sounds on the door, ripping me from the light sleep I was in. The sound alarming me instantly and I brace myself, guarded by the two big pillows and a blanket. The door opens slowly, creaking with every inch it moves and a familiar blond head pops out from behind it.   "Nikki, hey. How's my favorite barista?" Eamon sings out and swings the door completely open.   "What the heck! What are you doing here?" I ask, staring at him. Of all the people I expected to come and che
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    Chapter 7
    ikki  Kian turns on his heels. He wears a goofy grin on his face and walks towards the door. He glances once more at me and twists the handle, opening the door and disappearing into the hallway.  His mother’s into the room almost immediately after,   She pauses in the middle of the room. "You ready?" She says curt, but with a smile on her face.   Read more
    Chapter 8
    Kian  Luuk pushes the heavy sculpted doors to the ceremonial hall open. Soft, enticing music gets carried into the hallway, the same music that got played at the wedding of my parents and the wedding of their parents. It reminds me of sunrises, nakedness and tenderness.   The chatter in the hall dies down immediately. All eyes snap their attention to me and Luuk. My mother and father on the front row, excitement, love, relieve and pride swell on their faces. I know I have lifted an enormous weight of their shoulders when I dragged Nikki into our live earlier this evening. Cloé, and Fayyim are seated behind them, two seats still vacant between them
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    Chapter 9
    Nikki  The ceremonial room I am standing in- facing Kian and counting the seconds until this is over- it is beautiful. It breathes classic elegance. I don’t think I have ever seen such a luscious space in real life, only in books and on tv.   My thoughts go back to the moment I walked into this room and the look on Kian’s face. It was full of awe, surprise and carnal desire and his burning gaze hasn’t left me once.   A small satisfactory smile plays on my mouth. The effect I have on him is
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