Alpha Kaden's Mate

Alpha Kaden's Mate

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What makes the Moon Stone Packs think Mandava was the safest place to hunt?? Why would they think it was the only place where they can find what they want?? The night was calm just as usual. Everyone sat in their homes, with their doors locked. That was the rule, and it must be obeyed... They discussed happily as they dined together. No one knew what the night held. Not until the door banged open, two strange men walked into their home. " Who are you? " Their father asked, " What do you want? " " Girls, stay behind mommy. " Said their mother as she cuddled them behind her. " We're here for your daughter. " Said one of the men. " Which of my daughters? " Asked their mother. The men stared at the three girls whose eyes were buried to the ground. " Her. " He pointed at one of the girls. ~~~~

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                                   ★ ★ ★ ★ What makes the Moon Stone Packs think Mandava was the safest place to hunt?? Why would they think it was the only place where they can find what they want??  The night was calm just as usual. Everyone sat in their homes, with their doors locked. That was the rule, and it must be obeyed... They discussed happily as they dined together. No one knew what the night held. Not until the door banged open, two strange men walked into their home. " Who are you? " Their father asked, " What do you want? " " Girls, stay behind mommy. " Said their mother as she cuddled them behind her. " We're here for your daughter. " Said one of the men. " Whi
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Chapter 1: MANDEVA
                             ~ 𝑬𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝒀𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒔 𝑨𝒈𝒐 ~  𝑾𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒆𝒓 ✓  The day was becoming night, but it was still 3pm. Mandeva looked peaceful as everyone went on with their own businesses. One won't have to guess what was behind the unity among them. That's just because of the love they share. Mandeva was a small town village located at the middle east of nowhere. It was first said to be a camping area for travellers who were returning from the British country. Sometimes other whites from other countries such as America, Thailand, Germany and the rest of them would settle there to rest in order to continue their journey the next day. Most times, it is said to be a fortunate situation whereby this different citizens end up falling in love wit
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Chapter 2&3: MARKED.
  Pointing at one of the girls, he said. " Her. " Mrs Janet's eyes widened as well as the others. " Why do you want her? " She asked, shifting Illiana behind her. " She's just little, she can't go anywhere with you two. " " That wasn't our decision to take her, it was the master's. " " Well, tell your master that I can't give her out. She knows nothing about being mated. Or if he urgently wants her so bad, then he should come meet us face to face. " " We'll deliver the message, Mrs. " They said and with that, they left the house. Mrs Janet hugged her three daughters tight to herself, " Girls, it's time to go to bed. Illiana, you'll be sleeping with mom and dad tonight okay? " Illiana nodded her head. She didn't understand what was going on, she was too little to understand. All she knows us that someone was gonna take her. But who is
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Chapter 4: TRACKING HER.
                       ~ 𝑬𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝒀𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒔 𝑳𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒓 ~ Illiana grunted angrily as she tossed her drawing paper to the waste bin. " I can't believe I've been trying to draw this shit for almost two hours now and yet I've gotten nothing good from it. " Genevieve took the sheet out from the waste bin, checking on what she had drawn. " Come on, Ana this is more than beautiful. Why would you want this for nothing. " " That doesn't look good for a project, Gene. I need my full mark for the Fine Art course. You know it's my favorite course and I can't fail it this semester. " Genevieve stretched the drawing paper, folding it properly. " Why don't I keep this to myself while you have a portrait of me instead. " " Really, you're gonna look like a mouse. " She laughed. " Well, my instincts tells m
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   Illiana kept shivering like she was gonna die now and then, her body was getting so hot like oven. She was burning. She was heating. Soon, the ambulance stopped at the front of their building, and some men who had got out of the van came to help carry Illiana's shivering body into the van. They quickly drove off, heading for the nearby hospital, 10 meters away. " Is she gonna be alright? " Danielle asked Genevieve who was shivering in fear. " I don't know. I just hope so. " ** ~ At The Hospital ~ Mr and Mrs Walker sat impatiently at the waiting room waiting for the news on Illiana's condition to be thrown to them. Janet looked more concerned and it was almost like she would give up any moment due to a heart attack. " Babe, you have to calm down. " Her husband tried calming her down.Read more
  The bell rang as soon as I opened the entrance door. I headed to professor Morgan's office with my project in my hand. He was busy with his notes. I first offered a knock on the door, distracting him from what he was doing. " Mr Morgan, am I disturbing? " I asked him. " No, of course not. Please come in. " He permitted. " Is that your project? " He asked. " Yes, sir. " He took it from me, opening the drawing paper. He gasped in amazement, staring at the drawing for long. I didn't expect it to impress him that much, I wasn't expecting him to like it either. " Miss Walker, this is the best drawing I have ever since since the semester began. I'll admit, this is the best drawing so far. " He praised. " Consider an A in your exam. " I jumped in happiness but held myself from over rejoicing. " Really? I mean, for real? " Read more
  Danielle opened the door to my room, peering. " Ana, did you see my hair band? I can't find it anywhere. " She asked. " You kept it on the counter last night. Have you checked the kitchen? " I asked. " Oh, I must have forgotten. " She opened the door wider, letting herself in. " Wassup. " " Wassup? " I chuckled. " I'm good. " " No, I meant wassup with your dreams. Does it keep coming? " " Yeah, I keep seeing it though not every night but, I can manage it. " " Really? You sure you can do that? " I brushed my hair back," I don't know, Danielle. But what can I do? He's in my head. No matter how much I try to escape from his torture, I don't think I'm making any effort about it. " I sighed frustratedly. " So, are you saying you wanna go with him to the Moon Stone Pack? " "
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Chapter 9: HE SAVED ME?
  * Illiana ✓ I walked in without saying a word to anyone. Mom and dad stared at me but wouldn't say anything. Honestly, I don't think I want anyone to ask me a damn question right now. I slammed my door hard, throwing myself on the bed. I was feeling sleepy, I wasn't able to sleep last night with the hot pains I was feeling on my chest. Thank God for him... I honestly don't know what could have happened to me if not for him. I'll admit, he did save my life yesterday. Somehow, I wonder if really he is the bad guy. Or was he more than Genevieve had told me last eight years?? She made me believe werewolves were dangerous creatures, heartless and monstrous. Wrong, I'm beginning to see the opposite in him. He isn't as she explained, he was far different from it. He has many opportunities to take me away from my home
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Chapter 10: I NEED TO KNOW.
      Although I know dad wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone, I still had to pick the courage to approach him. I went to his room, it has always been locked since he returned from work.     Gene and Danielle on the other hand has always been persuading me not to go talk to him. I get it, they are only trying to protect me but, this is my fate. If truly I am fated to this monster, then I think I need to understand more about my destiny.     And the only person who can tell me about this is my Dad.      I headed to his room, hesitating to knock on his door. Will he answer me? Will he even give me the chance to tell me what I desperately want?     Maybe, standing here with the thoughts wasn't gonna help matters. I just have to give it a try and wait for whatever will be his reaction.     " W
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  *     The previous time, that was only a dream. But now, it's more like a reality to me. Mom and her friend has finally fixed a date for our wedding and do you even know the worst part of it all??      I haven't met this so-called groom before.      " Ana, it's almost ten already, what the heck is keeping you waiting? " Danielle yelled from the outside.      " I already told you guys, I'm not ready yet! " I yelled back.     " Oh please, for damn sake try to be practical. This is your happiest day, you shouldn't waste it for nothing. "     " Of course, I am being practical over the shit you guys are creating. You know what, I'm sick and tired of listening to this and that! " I stamped my fist in the desk. " I don't wanna get married... at least not yet. "&nbs
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