Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation

By:  LaLaDeviluke  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kate’s life was perfect—a handsome fiancé, loving parents, and a supportive sister. She was happy and contented that is until she found out that her fiancé is cheating on her. The same time she found out she is actually pregnant with a baby who she assumes is her fiancé's. Kate with this new astounding knowledge ran away. From the city she travelled all the way to the countryside. Kate was left Broken, Lost, Confused, Pregnant, and Alone in a new place On her lowest state she was rescued by Artemis Allen—her fiancé best friend. Artemis Allen wants Kate ever since college, but since he gives importance to friendship he backed off. He attended their engagement to officially let go of his lingering feelings for her. Months later, seeing her broken and vulnerable, he made up his mind to get her. Artemis Allen still wants Kate Millard and nothing will stop him this time. Not even his best friend, not even destiny, and nor even fate. Atleast, that's what he thought.

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7 Chapters
‘College is hard.’ Kate thought as she reads her Financial Accounting statements.  She took a deep sigh as she realizes nothing is actually entering her mind, nothing at all. She felt someone sit beside hers, before she can even look to see who it was; she felt a kiss upon her cheeks. Her heart melted along with her stress. She knew who it is already. She faced him and kissed his cheeks back.“You didn’t have to surprise me like that, Josh.” She said so cheekily which earned a chuckle from him. She smiled as she looked at him so intensely and passionately. Kate love Josh, they’ve been together for almost a year now. They met at the acquaintance party the school did for the upcoming freshmen. The moment their eyes met, they both know they are or each other.“I just missed you so much. I can see your eyes furrowing and I guessed you are stuck on another problem again.” Josh said as he tucked her hair behind he
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Chapter 1: The Dinner
Kate woke up with a massive headache and her body aching like she’s been slammed to a wall. Last night was their engagement party. The last thing she remembered is her being carried by josh. She looked around to check her surrounding and she saw herself in one of the guestroom of her fiancé house. She felt cold and when she checked herself below the white satin sheet, her eyes widens—she’s naked underneath! She quickly covered herself again, when she tried to move she winced. She felt sore; there’s only one explanation for it. She had sex! It’s not like she’s a virgin, she had given her first time to her longtime boyfriend and now fiancé, Josh Miller.“Maybe, he already went down.” She muttered under her breath, she assumed that she had sex with Josh since she isn’t that type of person who'll just do it with anybody, especially to a stranger.She tried her best to stand up enduring the pain below her a
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Chapter 2: Hotel
She was in deep slumber when she felt her stomach churn uncontrollably, she ran to the bathroom. The moment she reached the toilet bowl she puked her insides out. She wiped her mouth with the back of hand and placed her back in the wall for support. All that puking drained her energy; it’s the first time this happened.‘What did I eat to feel this way?’ she thought as she pushed herself to brush her teeth.She was in daze with she felt Josh hug her from behind. “Are you okay?” he asked while he sniffed her hair just like in the past. Kate’s eyes welled up when she heard his soft voice. She faced him and hugged him tight burying her face on his chest; the toothbrush still on her mouth. He chuckled as he pat her hair.“I’m so sorry about these past few days. Work has been ruining my mood.” He used his thumb and forefinger to lift her chin and place a sweet butterfly kiss on her lips. “I will make
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Chapter 3: Countryside
 Kate blinked twice; she can't believe what she's seeing. Artemis is here? She knew Artemis Allen from way back, he is Josh’s best friend since grade school; their family is pretty close. He could call Josh to inform him about her location. She panicked, immediately grabbed her remaining things and was about to make her escape when she felt Artemis firmly grab her arm, linking her to him.“Where are you going? Why are you here? And where's Josh?” He bombarded her with questions. She could hear not only curiosity but also worry in his voice. She didn’t want to answer but he didn’t give her much choice. She doubted he would let her go at this state.Before she could respond, he stopped her. “Actually, don’t answer that just yet. It's raining.” He then dragged her towards his Bugatti Centodieci—one of the most expensive cars in the world—her eyes widened. She was quite shocked to see such a sight. But not ne
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Chapter 4: Farm
Kate is super excited for the upcoming trip, the moment she was done with the dish washing, she immediately went up to take a shower. As the water drip down her body, her mind wanders back to the scenario from earlier-- his warm body enveloping hers, his heartbeat, his smell. Kate felt aroused as she continues to recall about it.“What the hell are you thinking, Kate!” she whispered under her breath. “He is your fiancé’s best friend, you shouldn’t be thinking this way!” she scolded herself. She was interrupted by the knocking on the bathroom door.“Kate, you better hurry. You’ve been there for more than 10 minutes. What happened to the excitement.” She can hear the mockery in Artemis’ tone which made her roll her eyes. She hurriedly finished her shower session. She opened the cabinet and her eyes widens upon seeing all the types of clothes and shoes. She chose to wear something simple, casual yet presen
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Chapter 5: Catechize
“You’re pregnant?” Artemis asked her once again as if he couldn’t believe what he just discovered. He continued the queries when she didn’t answer.“Is that why you ran away from the city?” he added. Kate shook her head in response. Artemis took a deep breath before bending down to hold her hands; he guided her to stand up as if she’s a fragile glass.“Look, I’m sorry for reacting like that. It was uncalled of me.” He caresses her cheeks when he realizes she is already crying. “Shhh, don’t cry. We don’t want to stress the baby.” He said before putting one arm under her legs and the other supporting her back like a groom carrying his bride; she felt her face turning red due to this gesture which earned a chuckle from him.“Thank you, Kristy, but this woman needs to rest.” She involuntarily rolled her eyes. She hated when she is being called a woman, it sounds so
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Chapter 6: lingering Kiss
Kate's eyes widened as she felt his lips on her, she pushed him before running up the stairs to her room and locking the door. She leaned her back against the wall and placed her hand on her chest—feeling her heart beat fast. She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes. She can't fathom the reason why he kissed her. She can still feel the sweet lingering sensation of his soft lips. She shakes her head, she shouldn't feel this way.    'Was it because he felt pity for me?' she asked herself.    She took a deep breath to try and calm herself upon this situation. How can she act normal around him again? How can she talk to him? Should she act like nothing happened? Should she just ignore what happened? These questions continue to trail on her mind as she lay down to rest. She didn't even realize that she had already fallen asleep.    Artemis, on the other hand, is smiling stupidly as he remains sitted on the fl
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