A Billionaire's Deal

A Billionaire's Deal

By:  Hala_55  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alana Steel, CEO of Steel hotels and the only heir to her parents' fortune, crosses paths one day with the most infamous playboy, Raymond Dalton. Raymond is the firstborn to his family and next in line to take over his family's company. However, they won't allow him to unless he gets married. When Alana's parents asks her to marry her ex-boyfriend, who broke her heart and trust, in a moment of desperation, she finds herself next to the playboy who was just as desperate as her. During their conversation, they find a solution that serves them both. One year of fake marriage that will help them both get what they want; Alana will get her parents off her back, and Raymond will get his parents fortune. But what happens when one of them can no longer control their feelings for the other?

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25 Chapters
  “Earth to Alana, are you with me?” Malia’s voice brought me back to the harsh reality I live in, a reality where my parents are forcing me into an arranged marriage with…  “I’m sorry, did you mean Daniel as in your ex?” Malia asked with an expression that made me even more anxious than I already was. “Malia, for God’s sake, this is the third time I told you the same story. Yes Daniel, my ex.” My voice sounded so harsh it has surprised even me. The problem is my anger is not because of her, it’s because of my parents. I’m pretty sure you are wondering what’s happening. Let me tell you.  My name is Alana, Alana Steel. The one and only heir to Laura and Carlton Steel, who were the CEOs of Steel hotels, but now I’m the one who’s in charge. If only that was
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Raymond  “You can't stop me from having what's rightfully mine.” I yelled at my dear old dad, who treated me as if I was someone who works for him not his own son, but then again his own father didn’t treat him like a son so it’s like father like son I guess.  “Don't use that tone with me, boy.” He said in a tone that was meant to scare me but it only boiled my blood more and I often wonder is he stopping me from taking charge over the companies because he wants me to get married and then have it or is it because he doesn't want to give up The control he has over everybody and everything.  Even his family, especially his family, he stopped my mother from doing everything she ever wanted because he said that his words with law, he stopped me from travelling and doing everything I wanted like starting my own business, all because I was his firstborn
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Alana  Ten missed calls from Malia.  I put my phone back in my pocket as I kept on crying while looking at the ocean in front of me. I just don't understand how a parent can do that to a child, their only child. I mean I know I made mistakes in the past, I know I made a lot of them but I don't deserve to have this happening to me.  “Well, could anyone believe a coincidence like this?” I Heard a Voice, that I'm pretty sure I heard before but I wasn't in the mood to be a detective now so I turned around to see who it was and wasn't it the same... What was his name again? oh yeah Raymond Dalton who called my hotel a trashy one yesterday.  I let out a sigh before I turned back to look at the ocean and said “What do you want, Dalton?” He came beside me and laid down on the rails. He stayed like that for a while before he looked ba
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Alana  What The hell is he doing here?  How did he even know I was here?  I'm pretty sure Ray can see my rage rising because he immediately came to my side and whispered softly "We'll take care of him, calm down and put this on." I looked down at his open palm to find a ring in it, I picked it up and spared Malia who was smiling softly at me, a glance.   I slowly slid the cool ring on my finger and what caught my attention immediately was that It fitted my finger perfectly, as if he knew my size and maybe he did.   It was a very simple ring except for the red diamond in the middle, looks like I'm going to be expecting a lot of surprises from Raymond Dalton.   Ray extended his hand, waiting for me to take it with my gloved one which I did but it felt weird because I despised t
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Alana   I think I’ve been afraid enough in my life, It’s time to let go.   I leaned up the rest of the way and pressed my lips to his, the first intimate action I have done in almost five years and let me tell you it felt good.  Ray was so careful with his movements, maybe afraid that'll I'll freak out any minute but he was wrong because I've never felt this touched by something for a very long time.  Our lips moved against each other in a perfect rhythm as I slowly raised my gloved hand and brought it to his cheek. The kiss was sweet but aggressive and I don't even know how these two things mixed up together but they did.   I felt Ray's left hand settle on my lower back while his right one came to the side of my neck and he started running his thumb back and forth on my jawbone. 
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Alana     I never thought I'd say this but I actually miss seeing Ray.      It's been about a week since that talk we had in his house and ever since he hadn't contacted me in any way. It was either Nathan or Ethan calling Malia to tell her about the wedding preparations but never Ray.     And here I was reading the same paragraph from a contract that I should've signed about half an hour ago but Ray freaking Dalton kept popping up in my head. I have to talk to him.     Yep, enough with this bullshit. I got up, straightening my black canvas pants which matched with black blazer I was wearing, just my usual professional clothes.     Malia, who was almost working in my office everyday now because she was the head of the marketing campaign I decided to make for the new company we were going to be partners at. 
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Raymond      What was her game this time?      Fallon always loved to play games ever since we were little so what game is she playing today? Or even worse, what game is my real mother playing this time?     "Oh, Ray didn't tell me he had a sister." Alana said but she was looking at me for help but I was frozen.      Fallon should leave. Now.     "We've been away from each other for a long time so I wouldn’t blame him for not telling you." Fallon's fake smile was even scarier than her normal one and I needed her or Alana gone, I don't need her with the same room as Fallon so how am I supposed to-- Malia.     I picked up my phone and clicked on Malia's name and sent a message: Please, call Alana and tell her she needs to come to you and I'll explain later I swear.
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Raymond    I'm a bastard and I know it.   Taking advantage of Alana because I was in the hospital was such a tricky move for me to do but I mean let's be honest, if Alana didn't want to move in with me she would've never agreed even if I was dying in front of her.   But does that mean that I'm not happy? Heck no.   Having her around me, in my house felt amazing to just think about let alone actually happen yet, here we are.   We are standing in the place that was my bedroom before but now I made it become Alana's because it was the place that suited her most.   Alana is a woman that should be worshipped every singl
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Alana I stormed inside the mansion and my anger didn't give me space to even respond to Andrew's greeting when he opened the door. Ray and the twins were all in the gaming room as I barged in and threw my purse across the room which caught everyone's attention. "See I hate a lot of things and people but do you know what I hate most?" I paused and looked at all of them until Ethan moved his head in a way of asking me 'What?'  "People who think I'm a fool or insult my intelligence and you… Raymond Dalton caused both of these two to be done to me." Now I had his attention when he placed the controller on the table in front of him while getting up with his borrows furrowed in confusion.  Read more
Alana My body felt like it was on fire. I could feel that my body was getting aroused by the second and all of that because of Ray. What was he doing to me?  This was wrong on so many levels, well, for me at least but Ray looked like he was enjoying this, all of it. The little push and pull between us. The cat and mouse game that we are both apparently are taking a big liking to. My mind was so foggy with need, my body was now awake after years of being put to rest from any of these acts and my heart, that's a story for another time. We were still kissing, roughly alm
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