Slave To Queen

Slave To Queen

By:  Danielle Lea  Ongoing
Language: English
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Book cover by: Once Upon a Photo Studios - Dani Howard Rebel was born a disgrace. She heard it every time she was around her pack. Her mother, Amber was mated to the great Alpha Trevor Teller. However, no one knew she had an affair with their enemy, a Hunter. Not just any Hunter, the creator of the Hunters. A powerful Warlock, Dakota Unser. When Rebel was born, her father said she was trouble. He wanted a male heir, so he rejected his mate of 5 years and kicked them out of the pack. Her mother treated Rebel as a slave. Born of Alpha blood but reduced to an Omega. Now back in her mother’s pack, she is a slave. Dreaming constantly of a mate who would come rescue her from this life. She finally meets her mate, whom rejects her for being without a wolf. Given a second mate, but will he reject her as well? Will she ever get her wolf? Will she ever learn the truth, and find her real father?

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11 Chapters
“Hey you! Omega! Get over here and clean up this mess.! How dare you cause the Luna to spill her drink.” Shouted Alpha Alex. I so wanted to ask how this was my fault but I knew I’d only end up beaten. Today the Alpha King was coming, and I had to make sure everything was spotless.  One of these days, I will find my mate and get away from these people. No one should have to endure this kind of treatment from their own family. When that happened, I would get my revenge.  “Darling, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to cause Rebel more trouble.” Luna Ashley fake apologized. Ugh! I am so tired of being everyone’s punching bag, the one everyone makes fun of and tears down. Why was I even born? Like my presence really shook her enough to spill her drink, ha as if. If only I had my wolf, I knew what I would say to her. “Oh my imagine being of someone so im
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Have you ever wondered what you have done so bad, to warrant the treatment and pain you endure in life? I have, lately that’s all I seem to do. Constantly wonder what I did wrong. For most packs, when the Luna finally gives the Alpha a child they rejoice. However, sadly not in my case.  Alpha Trevor Teller and Luna Amber have tried for years to conceive. Finally after five years Luna Amber felt different. “I don’t know Maria. This time I have a feeling, yes this time it will be positive.” Amber said beamingly. “I hope so, the Alpha is beginning to grow impatient. You know how much he craves an heir.” Maria stated sympathetically. Both friends hold hands praying to the Moon Goddess, in hopes this time she was pregnant. “Has it been long enough yet?” Amber asked nervously. Her best friend Maria glanced at the
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Six Months Later… “Wow, Luna. The baby is huge. Already measuring at 7 pounds. Are you sure, you still want to wait to find out the gender?” Asked the Doctor.“Yes Alpha decided to wait. However, we are eagerly hoping for a boy. Either way, we will love our first child.”The Doctor continued running the ultrasound, when she quickly froze.“What? What is it?” Amber asked panicked.“I need to run some more tests to be sure. It’s nothing serious, I’ve just never seen anything like this, not in my 30 years.”“Spill it out Doc. What do you see?”“The baby’s veins seem to be glowing. It could just be this old machine.”“Don’t scare me like that. I thought you were going to say, the baby had another head or something like that.”“Oh no nothing like that, however, you do need to t
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“Keep the Luna and our son safe at all costs! No one is allowed in this room!” Alpha Trevor shouted as he ran out with his Beta. “Doctor, what will happen when he realizes..” a nurse began to ask before the doctor cut her off. “Just keep them all safe and pray Alpha won’t kill us.” On the field Alpha was confused as to why the hunters dared to enter his lands. They were just standing there, as if they were invited. What really is going on here?  “I wish to speak with the Alpha, not some mutt!” Spat the man in front.  “I believe you trespassed on our land, you cannot make demands!” Growled my Gamma as I walked up. I placed my hand on his shoulder and nodded my head, letting him know I will take it from here. I stared at the intruders noting there was only 10 of them. If this went wrong
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‘I cannot believe he banished us, rejected me, and threatened to have us ripped to shreds. I knew, if I wouldn’t have had this child, things would have been fine.’ Amber kept thinking to herself.I had no choice but to run back home. I wasn’t looking forward to telling my father everything. I look down at the small child in my arms, and I am tempted to leave her here for the Rouges. As the car pulled up to my father’s pack house, I slowly let a breath out preparing myself for his wrath.“Amber! My baby girl is home. Oh, and who is this?” Alpha Alex, my father asked.The joy on his face was killing me, I hated being the reason he would be angry.“Father, can we speak somewhere where we don’t have eyes on us?” I asked nervously.I nodded to the pack that was now staring, but mainly because my much younger step mother was watching. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t always hate
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17 years later… Today was a special day, so once again I was stuck in the kitchen with the other Omegas. We had to prepare the feast for the young King Elijah.“I can’t believe King Elijah is coming!” Squealed one of the Omegas.She had ruby red lips, pale skin with emerald eyes. She was pretty for an Omega. I think her name was Janice.“Mmmm… He is so freaking hot! It’s like Selene mad him a god. I could stare at him all day.” She stated dreamily.“Ladies snap out of it! If the Alpha or Luna heard you talking about the King in that way, you will be beaten.” Snapped my mother.“Mother give her a break. We don’t get to have mates or really outside. What’s wrong with a girl’s dream? You always told me if I believe it, it shall come to pass?” I teased her.I love my mother dearly. Skylar Morningstar,
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“I know my mate is here. I smelled her when I entered your pack house, and I won’t leave until I have found her.”That was just my luck, the dreamy voice has a mate. I lowered my head and quickly ran outside past the cracked doorway. I ran and ran as the tears began to fall. I half heartedly felt my mother wrap me in a tight hug.“Baby, shhh. What’s wrong talk to momma.” She cooed as she stroke my hair.I continued to sob on her shoulders until I remembered Luna Amber needed her.“I will tell you later. But the seed of Satan summoned you.” I choked out.Numbly I continued walking towards the edge of the borders where I liked to vanish. Last year I found this old unvisited lake and began clearing it up. It became my personal oasis, my own slice of heaven. I came here whenever I had a really bad day. Today was one of those. My 18th birthday would be in just a few hou
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Alpha King POV I have waited my entire life for my mate and this Alpha will not keep her from me. I still don’t understand why our mate doesn’t have a wolf. Her wolf is there I know it, she reached out to me the other night. What have they done to my mate? I will find out and protect the future queen. No one and I mean no one will ever harm her again. As I paced back and forth these thoughts kept running through my head. “Your grace the Alpha will see you now,” said a little petite Omega. I simply nodded my head and rushed into his office. Alpha Alex sat at the desk with a worried expression on his face. “As I stated before, I know my mate is here and I will not leave until I have her. She is the future Queen, and my men will stop at nothing until we have her with us. So, are you going to assist us in our search, or are we going to have a problem?’ I asked jumping straight to the point. “Oh no, you will have us at your disposal. We will help you find her. Our pack is overjoyed a
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Dear lovelies
I am sorry I have been away for longer than planned. I have had alot go on in real life. Along with my depression getting worse after unexpectedly losing my mother. I hope you can understand as I need just a little longer to regather and put my life back together. 🙏 I hope you will be here when I return. I will try to get a chapter done within the following week since I will finally have a day off. I will keep you updated on any upcoming progress and chapters. Please bear with me as I try to readjust to a new normal and routine. My children and myself needed this break with everything that has happened.
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King Dakota Unser POVI was surprised when the King of wolves asked me to accompany him to the Blood Moon Pack. I would much rather be out there searching for my daughter, I knew she was still alive because I could still sense her. Upon arriving at the pack, the Alpha wasn’t happy about my presence and I couldn’t understand why. Well, that was until I lain eyes on her. Amber. So after all these years, this is where she ran to. If she was here could my daughter be here as well? If so why couldn’t I feel her? Why couldn’t the familiar bond be seen?*Knock* *Knock*Taken out of my thoughts the Beta knocked on the door one more time.“Your Grace? It’s Beta Eric.”“Come in.” I shouted back.He looked around my room as he stepped inside. I could tell something was on his mind.“Beta, is everything ok?” I asked.“No. Well in a way, this entire pack is just giving us the creeps, however the Alpha found his mate. It just seems as if they are hiding her, but from what the Alpha has told me
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