Fake Vow, True Luna

Fake Vow, True Luna

By:  Caroline Above Story  Ongoing
Language: English
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Olivia attended a wedding. The groom was her childhood best friend who she hadn't seen in years. The wedding stopped when he confessed he was in love with someone else. Worse still, he walked to Olivia and put his hands on her belly, "It's okay, honey. I will take care of you and our baby. " Olivia: WTH? What baby? ___ Back to pack, Olivia attends her long-lost friend's wedding, only to be stunned when he declares his love for someone else—her. And he insists they have a baby together. But Olivia is left questioning everything. In this gripping tale of love and betrayal, Olivia must uncover the truth amidst a web of secrets. Discover the unexpected twists that will change Olivia's life forever in this captivating story of love, friendship, and the baby she never saw coming ……

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Interesting Plot and story
2024-02-26 10:54:02
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Was an interesting concept for the story but it seems to keep droning on without any potential resolution.
2024-05-02 08:48:55
568 Chapters
#Chapter 1: Rock Bottom
It's Christmas. The coldest and my favorite holiday. After working almost nonstop for 72 hours for the restaurant's holiday campaign, I was declared fired. Nowhere to go. “Olivia. Give me your apron.” My eyes widened as my boss’s cold words silenced the kitchen. It came out of nowhere, and when I turned to look at him, it was clear that he wasn’t making a joke or playing a prank on me. His aging, stern face looked entirely indifferent as he held out his hand for m
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#Chapter 2: My Aunt’s Villa
The tall hedges that surrounded the property reminded me of the days I would spend with my childhood best friends, Nathan and Alvin, as we would play hide and seek amongst the thick branches. The cupolas on either side of the house reminded me of how we would climb up there against my aunt’s wishes so we could look at the birds’ nests, and how we would get a good scolding from my aunt afterwards. Inside, I could see a light on upstairs in my aunt’s bedroom. Seeing that light filled me with a bit of warmth, and I paused for a moment to look up at it with a smile on my face. “Olivia?” a somewhat familiar voice suddenly said. It sounded different, gruffer, but I still recognized it immediately. I spun around to see my aunt’s gardener, an old man named Clint, standing behind me in his wool sweater and worn overalls. “Clint,” I said with a smile. The gardener, who was getting on in years now, walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me. He had a limp now, which he didn’t have
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#Chapter 3: Unwelcome Guests
I blinked slowly, still taken aback by this sudden and unexpected interaction. We hadn’t seen each other in such a long time, and Nathan looked so… different now. He looked so much more mature than the rambunctious teen who I last saw before my dad and I got evicted by the old Alpha. “Nathan,” I muttered, smoothing down my messy hair from a night of sleep, “it’s… it’s good to see you. You’re so tall now.” Nathan stared at me for a moment. There was what looked like a ghost of a smile playing on his lips for the briefest of moments before his face turned stony. He seemed to drink in my appearance, as though he was appraising me. “You look good,” was all he said. I thought back to what the operator on the phone told me last night. Nathan, my childhood friend, was getting married now. He looked so mature now, but it still felt odd to think of him as a groom-to-be. It made me wonder… “Who is your bride?” I blurted out. Nathan looked at me in a surprised way for a moment, almos
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#Chapter 4: The Good Deed
“Your villa?” Nathan’s voice sounded disbelieving. “This isn’t your villa. This is my wedding house.”“What?” I scoffed. “You have to be joking.” Surely Nathan was just playing a joke on me. My aunt left me the deed to the house with my name on it, and her gardener, Clint, never mentioned any of this. Maybe Nathan was in charge of the renovations, and it was supposed to be a surprise.But the more that I thought about it, I was only reminded of how he had mentioned his fiancee’s needs when he was talking to the builders.“Isn’t it obvious?” Nathan asked. “This is my wedding house. I paid a high price for the most beautiful villa in town.”This all felt unreal. My aunt’s villa was my childhood playground. My aunt and I didn’t have the closest relationship, but I spent a lot of my time here growing up. I knew this house and its surrounding property like the back of my hand. In fact, I had spent a lot of time as a kid talking to Nathan about how I would change this place if I owned it my
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#Chapter 5: Wedding Surprise
On the day of the wedding, I got dressed up and arrived at the church where the ceremony was held.Really, I was wearing a cheap dress with the tags still on it so I could return it after the wedding. Even though my aunt left me the villa, I still didn’t have much money to my name after being evicted from my pack for a decade, and so I didn’t exactly have the luxury of buying fancy new dresses for nice occasions.For this very reason, I felt as though I was sticking out like a sore thumb as I walked up the front steps to the church.Inside, I immediately realized that the church was full of people who I knew from my childhood. A lot of my childhood friends from grade school were in attendance. While many of them looked in my direction, no one said anything to me.In fact, I felt like an outcast; and that was only solidified when Nathan’s father, Colin, turned around in his seat and shot me a dirty glare.Colin was the previous Alpha of the pack. After he joined forces with the pack el
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#Chapter 6: Lying in Church
Nathan placed his hand on my belly and smiled up at me while the rest of the wedding guests watched us with shocked faces. “Olivia, I promise that I will take care of you… And our baby,” he said.The bride’s face was as white as a sheet. The entire church, which was just murmuring angrily over the scene before them, now fell so utterly silent that the sound of Layla’s white lily bouquet falling to the floor echoed throughout the walls.All I could hear, however, was my own heart beating too fast inside my chest as I wondered what the hell was happening today. Not only did Nathan refuse to marry his bride, Layla, but he also claimed that he would take care of me! And our… baby?! We hadn’t seen each other in a decade. This couldn’t be possible; it had to be a joke, or a bad dream, or a nasty prank…“What is all of this, Nathan?!” Colin, Nathan’s father, shouted. His loud, domineering voice boomed throughout the dead silent church and was the only thing to finally drown out the overwhelm
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#Chapter 7: Why Me
Layla gracefully put the tiara on my head, announced the end of her engagement to Nathan, and walked out with her father and several other people, who I assumed were all from her pack, in tow. The church was silent for several long, painful moments, and all I could do was stand there in Nathan’s spell.After those moments were up, Nathan’s father stormed up to him and shouted, jabbing his finger into the center of Nathan’s chest angrily.“You are a disgrace!” Colin shouted, causing the rest of the wedding guests to gasp again. “You are a disgrace to the entire pack! Do you realize the weight behind your actions today, or are you too thick in the head to fathom what you’ve just done? After everything I’ve done for you, too… All you do is destroy our pack’s credibility over… Over some hussy!”The wedding guests gasped again. By now, women were leaving with their children and were pulling their gaping husbands along with them, and the church was rapidly emptying.“I’m sorry, father,” Nat
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#Chapter 8: My Public Shame
“Why choose me, then?” I whispered.It wasn’t fair that Nathan suddenly decided to choose me to take the fall for wanting to pull out of his wedding at the last moment. Unless he had real feelings for me, it felt totally unwarranted.Any honest man would have ended the wedding privately without causing a huge scene; he could have talked to his fiancee when he found her kissing her bodyguard, but instead he decided to drag me into it.And in a strange way, I didn’t want to shatter the illusion that maybe Nathan chose me out of all of the other pretty girls in the church because he may have actually had secret feelings for me after all these years.But, much to my dismay, Nathan simply shrugged at my question. I felt sickened by his blase attitude about the entire situation. “Everyone else around here knows each other well,” he said. “Since you’ve been gone for ten years, you’re the only one around here who’s untestable.”Nathan was right; only fated mates knew who their fated mate was.
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#Chapter 9: Best Friends
When I first saw Olivia standing at the bottom of the steps in her aunt’s old villa, once the shock of it all wore off, I couldn’t help but be utterly enamored by her appearance.Damn… She was still as beautiful as I remembered her. Even more, now, even with her messy bedhead and dark circles under her eyes from sleeping. She oozed with life, much unlike the pale and demure Layla.Even though my fiancee was beautiful, my heart trembled when I saw Olivia again.Only, she was pregnant.I could tell thanks to my Alpha abilities. I could sense the little life that was starting to grow inside of her belly. She must have had a husband or a partner at home waiting for her.In an unexpected way, finding out that she was pregnant left me feeling thunderstruck. Even though I was preparing for my own wedding and shouldn’t have cared whether Olivia had found someone else or not, I couldn’t deny how I felt.Ten years had passed and I thought that I would never see Olivia again, but now she was rig
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#Chapter 10: The Worst Day
Before Nathan could say anything else, I ran out of the room. I couldn’t be there anymore; I couldn’t believe that this day had turned so sour so quickly. Not only did Nathan destroy my reputation in a matter of minutes as he lied and told everyone that we were fated mates in order to get himself out of a marriage, but he also revealed that I was… pregnant?The Alpha of a pack could sense all of the members in the pack. Even if the members were unborn, the Alpha could still sense them. Traditionally, women in a pack would go to the Alpha if they thought they were pregnant, and some packs made a ritual out of it. And although it was too early in the pregnancy for me to even know myself, if Nathan could sense it then I was pretty certain that he was right.I still needed to check, though. For all I knew, this was all some sort of sick prank; maybe they wanted to torture me a little instead of really having me come back to the pack, which would explain the reason why everything seemed to
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