Spoiling His Little Bride

Spoiling His Little Bride

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Being young and naïve, she was just that open-minded and what she desired was not something much but to be with that one person she strongly admired. Having a crush on someone she couldn’t easily attain; Selena could only watch as a spectator and pray for her beloved to smile at her even if he didn’t mean it. Dreaming to become strong, happy, and live with the people that she loves, meeting him changed everything. Her naiveness and her love for him made her muddleheaded that she unknowingly fell into a trap that he made for her. Selena found herself living in the dream she never thought she will be, having a contract marriage with the man of her dreams, falling for him deeply every single day, she knew that she was done for. However, despite the circumstances that brought the two of them together, Selena wasn’t going to just give and be comfortable with what she had. What she wanted was his heart, soul, and body and no one was going to stop her from being with the man she sets her heart on. Who cares if she is poor? As long as her heart is rich with love, she was satisfied with that.

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PROLOGUEShe couldn’t believe what she was hearing at the moment. Was this some kind of joke or what? One thing was for certain though, this man never joked. She had known him for a month and she had never seen him making a joke or smile for that matter.The other staff had given him a nickname, he was known as Mr. Cold because of the coldness he emits wherever he was. She knew that he was a good man; it was just the circumstances that turned him this way which was also one of the reasons why she developed a huge crush on the man even when she fully knew that he will never see her that way.So after all that assessment, why was he saying these words to her?“Are you joking sir?” she asked him as she staggered since she was standing on her two feet.“I am not a person who just jokes. I thought you said that you will help me when I need help. Are you turning back on your word right now?” this man was a professional, how
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TWO MONTHS LATERSelena was happy she couldn’t believe that she had passed just after one try. She had been nervous about this exam ever since she started the lessons. But since she had passed and got her driver’s license now she can drive herself. He was going to be proud of her, she could see it.Her husband was the only person who brought joy to her life especially with so many eyes on her. She remembered the day she visited her parents in her small village, the shock they had on their faces when she told them she was getting married.With time she convinced them, she told them honestly that she couldn’t live without him and he was her source of joy. They have always wanted her to be happy so they finally agreed.She was raised in a small village where everyone worked in either the plantation or the factory. Her parents got married after finishing high school and they conceived her. They were childhood sweethearts and
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She took a deep breath before shaking her head. She was used to this and she was not going to let anyone continue to push her around. Was it a crime that she wasn’t that good at taking that they all bullied her with harsh words like this?She finally took her four boxes of pizza and a plastic bag containing her beverages, Richard helped her with the food to get to the car. All the happiness she had was now gone thanks to Wendy. One day she was going to get back at her for causing her so much mental stress.Did she have to remind her that her husband was not into her? She was just holding on to that little hope and yet someone was trying to crush it down. They had been married for over a month and yet her husband had never laid his hand on her.They shared the same bed and yet he treated her much worse than one would treat a sister. Maybe she wasn’t attractive enough and that is why he didn’t even bother to consummate the marriage.She wi
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“Welcome back sir,” Richard his driver said.“It’s good to be back. Where is she?” he asked.“She locked herself in the room and haven’t eaten anything since morning,” Richard answered. Seeing how she couldn’t even eat it meant she was distressed.“Isn’t she craving anything? I can buy it for her on the way.”“She bought her favorite pizza and gave it away,” Richard answered.That was serious then, he knew how much she loved pizza and if she gave it away then there was trouble. They arrived at the mansion and the staff was no longer there.“You can go home too Richard. I will take care of myself,” Sean said as he got out of the car.“Have a good night then,” Richard said and drove away.Sean walked into the mansion and it was quiet and peaceful. It wasn’t wise for a depressed person to be alone. What if she tries to
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She hoped that she will be able to be that brave and bold and start something too.He undressed himself and she looked away, seeing him fully naked for the first time was just so difficult she couldn’t look at him in the eyes.“Look at me dear,” he urged turning her face to his.“I….,” she didn’t get to talk as he leaned in for another kiss again.She closed her eyes once more and let this man of hers take her places she never went before. She was busy concentrating on the kiss when she felt this sharp pain between her legs that she cried out. When did he do that?“It’s okay, just breathe,” he said and she did as he told her too.He poised himself over her and she could feel him inside her. He had broken through that barrier and she was no longer a virgin wife, she was excited that she forgot about all the pain and pulled her husband down for anther kiss.He understood witho
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Sean took the dishes to the sink and washed them. She watched as her husband did the chores and he was sexy. How could she be so lucky to have such a man like that?“If you keep on staring at me like that, I am afraid that you will have to skip classes this coming week,” he said as he turned around.She choked on herself and drank some water. How did he even notice that she was staring at him?“I will go and do my assignment now,” she said as she stood up.She was going to go as far away from him as possible before she does something she will regret. He caught up to her and embraced her in a hug.“Aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked as he locked eyes with her.She shook her head, she was done with everything so what was he talking about?“I don’t know,” she answered him.“Let me remind you then,” he said and lowered his mouth to hers. She smiled and
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She could feel the butterflies in her stomach; Sean was acknowledging her in public. Ever since they got married he had never went with her anywhere in public like this. This was a dream come true, she no longer had to feel sorry for herself anymore. She hold onto him tightly and never let go as they went into this boutique.Inside was this other woman, she was dressed in such a manner that she wouldn’t even dress like. She was a beautiful woman and someone she had seen her husband with before they were married. She didn’t like this at all; it was as if she was walking into the lion’s den with her two feet.“Sean, I didn’t know you will be dropping by. I can see that you brought your wife,” the woman said and she could hear dissatisfaction in her voice.“She needs some clothes; can you help her with that?” Sean asked as he led her to sit down on the couch.“Yes, I can do that. What a kind of clothes ar
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“It’s nice to meet you,” Selena said as she stretched her hand to greet the man and the other woman who seemed to be her age.“It’s nice to meet you too,” Victor said in response.“Are you here to have some dinner?” Sean asked.“Yes, I came to spoil my sister. She will be attending Empire University from tomorrow,” Victor said and Selena’s face light up.“What a coincidence. My wife is a freshman there,” Sean said as he looked at her.“Really? That will be great. Can we be friends?” Vivian was all over her and she just couldn’t stop it.For the first time someone wanted to be her friend but since she had no idea who these people were she looked at her husband for an answer and he smiled at her.“Yes, we can be friends if that’s what you want,” she agreed on the request.“That’s good then. Can I have your
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Like every time the class was full and they all gawked at her the second she walked in. she was used to it so she wasn’t bothered anymore. She found a nice seat and made herself comfortable; Vivian joined her and sat next to her.“Why is everyone being awkward?” Vivian asked her after seeing the way the other classmates were staring.“They have been like that ever since my marriage. Apparently, a poor girl is not allowed to marry a rich guy and an older one on top of that,” Selena explained.“How can they be childish like that? It’s not a big deal having money; besides I can tell that you love him and that is all that matters,” Vivian came to her side.“Thank you, it means a lot.”“Don’t let those people bother you. From today going onwards I would love to seek your help on something,” Vivian said.“What is it?” she asked.“There is a matte
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That was some hard truth he was hearing. He would be happy if she has some power of her own, maybe she will start to look down upon herself. It was a good deal after all and he was glad that he was seeing her in such a new light.“If that’s the reason then I thank you for choosing her. I am grateful for your consideration,” he thanked his father.“I just want you to be happy. You should visit home more often, your mother misses you,” he told him.“I will visit with Selena some other day, if there is nothing else I will take my leave now. I have some meetings to attend to,” he said.“Sure, I will not keep you. Go and do your business.”Sean bided farewell to the chairman and left his office. He went straight to his office only to find Wendy waiting for him. She was so furious he wanted to take a photo and keep it as a reminder.“I don’t remember having an appointment with you D
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