Alpha Ashton

Alpha Ashton

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Maya looked at the broad back of Alpha Ashton, had not intended to eavesdrop on his conversation with his beta.What was she supposed to do now? She was just a lonely omega who has been enslaved ever since she was a little child.She didn't know anything concerning her life and worst of all, her wolf has not even awakened.But something deep inside told her that if she did not take this step, she will regret for the rest of her life.Thus with all the courage she has accumulated over the years, Maya approached the almighty Alpha Ashton."Alpha, I did not intend to listen to your conversation but..." Maya said with her head lowered."I mean, we can make a deal, how about you take me as your Luna and we can discuss the terms?"Alpha Ashton looked at her with a very dangerous gaze but just as his beta was about to make a move, he stopped him."Okay." He replied.

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60 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Maya Brown, what is wrong with you?" Lily shouted at the frail girl who was lifting heavy metals on the floor. "I'm almost done, you don't need to worry!" Maya said in an indifferent tone. "What are you almost done? Don't you know that today we are hosting a total of five packs in our territory?" Lily asked angrily. "So why don't you leave so that I can finish my work." Maya was not fazed by the woman's shouting. Instead, she found her more and more annoying. "Hehe Maya Brown, good, very good. I see that now you even have the guts to talk back to me." Lily said. Maya did not answer her. She knew that no matter what she said, she will always be the one at fault. Instead of wasting her breath on the spoiled bitch, she decided to ignore her and continue with what she was doing. Lily looked at Maya who ignored her and left angrily. As she reached the door, she signaled the guards that were guarding over and they understood her message. "Do it properly!" "Yes ma'am." One of the
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Chapter 2
Mark dragged the guard who had been hitting Maya to some secluded place and threw him on the ground. "Alpha, please forgive me, I was just following orders." "I have just been away for a short five years and you are already treating my pack like animals?" Mark questioned angrily. The look on Maya's face at how she endured the pain made his heart wrench in pain. "We can't defy our luna. It was her order to teach that omega a lesson." "Omega?" "Yes." "When did this happen?" Mark asked. Maya was an omega? That was beyond his imagination and expectations. The last time he saw her was the day before his twentieth birthday when he was supposed to announce his luna in front of his pack. He did not dare to see her because he knew that he had let her down. But Lily had promised to take good care of her like her own sister, was this the way siblings took care of each other? Turning one into the lowest ranked in the pack and even abusing them? After his birthday celebration, he immed
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Chapter 3
During the day when Mark was with Lily, he tried to ask about Maya's matter but Lily brushed it off every time. "Why haven't I seen Maya since I came back?" Mark asked. "Ooh, my sister, I sent her to get something for me, I think she will be back soon." "How has she been?" "Although she was heartbroken at first and did not speak to me often, she came to realize that some things never belonged to her thus she had to face the reality," Lily said. Mark looked on and said nothing. Since he knew the truth, he was just testing of Lily will be honest with him, but it seemed, she will never tell him anything. Mark felt frustrated but he could not be mad at her after all they have just been intimate a moment ago. For the first time, he hated himself for being so useless. He had hurt the person he cared about the most. And now other people were also hurting her but there was nothing he could do. He did not wish to stay there any longer. He swiftly left after putting on his clothes. Lil
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Chapter 4
Ashton carried Maya in his arms as he disappeared into the woods. He didn't know where his impulse came from but he knew that if he didn't save her, he will regret it for the rest of his life. Something in him also seemed to awaken, something he hadn't felt for a long time. …. Back at Lily's house….. The wind winders pack was welcoming their guests. The celebration had already begun but the protagonist was nowhere to be seen. Every pack leader was around and only Alpha Ashton has not shown his face. Many of the ladies were starting to feel restless. They had dressed up simply because they wanted to impress that one person, but if he did not even come, what was the need of looking all glorious? They approached Lily, who had assured them again and again that Alpha Ashton will definitely come. "How come we don't see him?" "Maybe he was held up somewhere but I'm sure he will show up," Lily assured, but deep down she was feeling restless. Although she already had a mate and was
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Chapter 5
Maya woke up with a start. Seeing all the kinds of tubes connected to her body, she was stunned. What happened to her, hadn't she been thrown in the raging waves of the lake? How comes she is not rotten and yet she was lying in bed, alive? Was she alive or it was an illusion before dying? Did she hope for someone to come and save her? Maya smiled in self-mockery. She had been adamant about dying and now she was hoping for someone to come and save her. Maya closed her eyes. She did not want to think about anything and only wanted to go to hell. She was suited to be in hell or whatever place God will see fit. As she was contemplating taking her last breath, she heard some footsteps. They were solid and heavy. It seemed to be someone who was well-trained and had an explosive amount of energy. There were also some which weren't as solid, but she knew that someone was coming. "How is she?" "She is yet to wake up. But according to the marks on her body, she has been under abuse f
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Chapter 6
After looking down for a while, Maya was determined to say whatever she wanted, thus she lifted her head and stared at Ashton, straight in the eye. Looking into his intimidating eyes, Maya did not back down. She straightened her back and cleared her throat again. “Hello alpha, need a Luna?” Maya asked. “Sorry I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on your conversation but I happened to hear you talking about your alpha not having a mate. You can take it as me offering my body to repay your kindness.” Maya said, puffing the invisible chest out. “What kindness is Miss Maya talking about?” Ashton asked. “Of you saving me!” Maya said. “Don’t worry, I can cook, I can clean. I can do practically everything so you won’t be at a loss if you marry me. Plus I don’t have a mate.” Maya said. “And where did you hear from that I’m the one who saved you?” Ashton asked. His eyes shone with a teasing light. “Ooh, it wasn’t you? I just had the feeling. Maybe my intuition is not right.” “Nope! It wasn’t me
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Chapter 7
"There, that's better." Ashton nodded his head when he saw Maya look at him. "Can you now repeat what you said to me on the balcony?" He asked. His voice was gentle and soothing to the ears. It made Maya's erratic emotions calm down. "I said a lot of crap, what are you referring to exactly?" Maya questioned. She felt that this alpha had a strange personality. "The first statement you made." "The first statement I made?" 'Wait, wasn't the first statement I made the one asking him if he needed a Luna? Does he want me to repeat so that he can reject me again?' Maya thought. She never thought that this man would be so mean. "Have you forgotten? Should I help you refresh your mind?" "No. Of course not. I remember what I said. But didn't you say that you were not the one who saved me? Why would I say it again?" "I will only offer myself to the one who saved me," Maya said. "Do you know in whose room you are now?" "Yours." "Right, it's my room. Who do you think dares to bring a st
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Chapter 8
After confirming that they were mates, Maya and Ashton spent almost all their time together. Maya was eager to know more about Ashton and especially her past while Ashton was eager to know the kind of life Maya had led for the last fifteen years. Ashton had assigned most of the pack matters to his beta, Theo. Everyone was happy to finally learn that their alpha has found his mate, but when they saw the frail-looking Maya, they were shocked. Others looked at her with disdain especially when they learned that she was already twenty and never shifted even for once. The ladies who were obsessed with their alpha Ashton would send her hostile gazes making Maya tremble in fear. She thought that if she were to walk alone around the pack, she will never come back alive. Those people would probably kill her at the first sight of her. But they were afraid to make a move as most of the time, she was always with Ashton, hiding behind his back. "Hmph, I have never seen such a weak luna. How
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Chapter 9
Maya seemed to not have heard Ashton as she continued to stare at his back. It was strong and masculine. His wolf was probably big and strong. Although they spent almost all day together, Maya was yet to see Ashton's wolf. It seemed like Ashton was mindful of her feelings which is why he hadn't shifted even once. "If you don't want to go, then come in and help," Ashton said. He turned and looked at Maya with a gentle gaze. It was as if his gaze was some kind of hypnosis. Maya found herself walking towards him under his gentle gaze. "I thought that I could keep you waiting for over an hour. It seems you are really hungry." Ashton said as he drew her into his embrace. Maya smelled his woody scent complimented by the smoke from the cooking, making her heart feel a sense of security. "I thought that you got when I asked you if you could cook. I was coming to check and see what the chefs were making. I didn't know that I will get such a surprise." Maya said. "Am I such a petty per
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Chapter 10
To help Maya recover her memories and her wolf, Ashton had to look for the witch who cursed her. Maya was his life savior and he could never let her suffer for even a second. Although he too had the power to make Maya remember everything, he was too afraid to take the risk. He did not want Maya to hate him because he didn't know how she would take the news. The only thing he could rely on was the person who was involved from the start back then. Although it has been next to impossible to find him, from the little clues he got, he has finally found the man. When his mother was pregnant, it was revealed that he will be born under an abnormal moon and that would affect his life and his wolf. As the future Alpha of the ash band pack, they had to do everything to ensure that he is born and grow up normally. He was to be born with a rare condition in the wolf bloodline which was a threat to his life. His mother had an option of ending his life before he was born or they were to find
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