The Blessed Priestess

The Blessed Priestess

By:  Joy Pasquel  Updated just now
Language: English
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Kellina is a priestess wolf blessed with cold white hair and blue eyes while Rogan is soon to be the Alpha of the Pack. Both are close to their birthday when they will discover their true selves and possibly their mate but meeting weeks before their birthday can this new love survive their new wolves, the pack, the high priestess's wishes, and end up together...What else could be threatening them?

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    Blessed Day
    The unique distinction between the Mystic Moon Pack and many of the other packs are we still followed many of the old ways and instead of separating into smaller easier to attack packs we mixed allowing for a more united front that also meant that our pack was known throughout the wolf nation as one of the largest and most powerful packs that existed. This meant there were white wolves known as the priestess wolves who were known for healing, wisdom, and calming effect. One red wolf family because of their powerful almost bewitching powers. They were limited to one family that had been trusted into the pack long ago because with their bewitching powers they could be considered too powerful if too many were allowed to be a part of our pack. The rest of the pack consisted mainly of grey and brown wolves that were all considered strong and many were fighters. Then there were alphas that all consisted of the black wolf, considered the most regal of all of us who had the ability to lead wit
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    I barely made it out of the school before Reese was calling me screaming on the other end of my cell phone. I was glad that at least the high priestess had allowed me to use some of the money that had been left for me from my parents to at least have a cell phone and on occasion buy my clothes. It felt like it took a lot of special arrangements for shopping trips or to do anything not priestess related but on occasion, she would allow me to do some normal teenager things.“Oh my Kel, how on earth did this happen? I need every detail!” Reese was squealing.I walked home slowly so I could fill her in. “I don’t know if it is that big of a deal I mean it’s not a date or anything.”“Kel are you kidding me? He is taking you out to the woods alone to help you spar! Do you know how intimate that can be?”“It doesn’t seem that intimate when you’ve shown me moves.” I shrugged to myself.“Um, that’s because I’m your best friend not the sexiest guy in the whole school! Plus the future alpha! I’m t
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    I felt like I sprinted to school excitedly just because I was eager for the school day to get over with so I could go spar with Rogan. I knew deep down I should probably calm myself down because I wasn’t sure why he’d asked me and hoped it wasn’t just out of sympathy for the poor priestess. As soon as I got to school Reese made a plan with me and we agreed we’d skip the last period so she could get me ready. Reese was a lot different than me in so many ways but I knew she knew how to get noticed and I needed some definite help in that area. The day of classes flew by and for the first time, I skipped the last period. I wasn’t even sure if the teacher would notice because I’d never done it and it was just a given I’d be there. I made it to the girl’s bathroom where Reese was already waiting for me. I had done like she said and wore tight black crop leggings and a pink tank top. Reese went to work on my hair and did some cute braids that didn’t make me look quite as much like a priestess
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    Sparring Cont'd
    I felt Rogan’s lips seconds away from kissing me and although we’d barely talked or even knew each other I wasn’t going to stop him. I felt his hand pulling me in closer and I was just going with the motion but then there was a large noise from the trees that made us both jump. Rogan was up on his feet so fast I still laid on the ground with my head turned to the side and saw two squirrels chattering and chasing each other up the tree. It was a bit hysterical to me that squirrels took away the moment and then when I looked at Rogan he was in a fighter’s stance which made the whole thing seem ridiculous. I burst out laughing. “Are you going to beat up on some squirrels now?” Rogan looked down at me and started laughing.He put out his hand to help me up which I accepted. “Hey, you wouldn’t want to be attacked by some rabid squirrels?”“No, I wouldn’t want “rabid” squirrels to get me.” He pulled me up easily and I flew up again practically to his chest but this time I put my hands out to
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    The Moment
    My heart swooned when he said what only Reese called me it did make me feel like he was my friend too. “Okay, so I lied and said I had a school project.” Rogan snickered, “Wow you had to lie to be away for just a few hours?” He stepped closer to me as I nodded in agreement. He stepped closer to me still making the space between us less than a foot and I could feel my body reacting wanting to close the small space between us. “So guess you are going to have to tell the high priestess some bad news.” “I do?” “Yep turns out there is a real stupid jock working with you on this group project and turns out it is going to take a lot longer than you thought.” I smiled. “A stupid jock?” He smiled back but his arms reached out and grabbed my waist pulling me against his chest my hands landed on either side and I could feel him breathing up and down. He touched my cheek again gently. “Yep a real stupid jock and you are going to be busy this weekend for at least a few hours bot
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    The Night - Rogan's POV
    My entire body was hot and sweaty and I felt almost out of control after kissing Kellina. I looked around and decided I would drench myself under the waterfall. I pulled off my socks, shoes, and T-shirt. The pond itself was only waist deep and I thought about how much I’d like to swim in her with her. I pulled myself up onto the rocky area below the waterfall and basically allowed the water to drip over me. I did my best to let the cool water chill my body after the heat I had just felt. I hadn’t anticipated kissing her and I felt my nerves worried that I had done it too soon and now she was going to run forever. I kept looking over at my phone on the rock waiting for her to send me a text so I’d know I could see her again. I regretted being as aggressive as I stood there letting the water run over my body and staring out into nothing. It bothered me how much Kellina had felt like she was unnoticed or not paid attention to because of who she was. I had tried to explain to her
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    Dinner with the Priestess
    I ran quickly home faster than I think I’d ever run. Still thinking about those two amazing kisses and trying to understand why my body was electrified by all of them. I was sure it had to be just the idea of the future alpha kissing me or the fact it was Rogan. Rogan turned out to be kind, caring, strong, and so very handsome. The chills kept running through me but I had to get home quickly without anyone else noticing my very winded face. I went around to the back door and hoped I could creep through the kitchen and to my room on the lower floor. I was doing good and had gotten into the hallway past the kitchen and was making it down to my room in the back of the hallway when one of the priestesses Laura popped out of her room. She was the same one who had texted me and was one of the older priestesses at this point. Laura was generally kind and was really very understanding and I always thought it was because Laura wasn’t always like this. Her life previously was one filled with lov
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    My chores were finished quickly and I hopped in the shower in the morning to freshen up. I put my hair up in a messy bun with some of my curls flowing down and still wore tights pink ones this time with a black tank top. I did my best to put some light makeup on that I’d smuggled under my bed a while ago for such an occasion. I threw on my hoodie and went out in the hallway. I’d already sent a message to the high priestess with her breakfast tray letting her know that I would be leaving about 11:00 after completing chores and morning prayers. I also told her I’d see her tonight for dinner as planned and thanked her for her kindness. I hated informing her of anything because besides dinner or the occasional accidental bump she didn’t have much to say to me. I learned more from the other priestess around me when they would share their own experiences from life outside of this house. As I made my way through the hallway I bumped into Laura again. “Good morning priestess Laura” I bowed to
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    “I am sorry Kel.” “Rogan for the last time you didn’t do anything wrong, I promise.” Rogan apologized for all through lunch which was getting to be a bit much. He brought a pretty good spread of fruit, chicken salad sandwiches he said that the house cook helped him make, pasta salad also courtesy of the house cook, chips, water, and soda just in case. We ate quietly for the most part with some small talk and then the ever-happening apology. “I just never meant to go that far. I mean I want to but I should have some self-control. You know my mom told me something, well never mind.” “What did she tell you?” I was really curious. “I don't want to make you run away from me Kel.” He put his head down and this time I reached out for his touch. I leaned over and put my hand on his face. “I’m not running, you have to let it go, okay?” He nodded back at me and I looked into his getting memorized all over again. I almost went in for my first initiated kiss but then curi
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    After Lunch
    We laid there holding each other for a while and it felt right even though part of me told me I should be ashamed for doing such things with someone that wasn’t known to be mate. Still, it wasn’t Rogan’s fault by any means because I am the one who said as long as we don’t have sex. I couldn’t believe those words came out of me but here I was letting a guy hold me and rub me after sharing a very intimate experience. Rogan kept kissing me lightly here and there as he rubbed my body down. It wasn’t appropriate by any means and was truly done in a very loving manner. “You are quiet what is going on in that beautiful head of yours?” He kissed my forehead gently and I couldn’t help but blush. Nobody had ever even hinted at me being beautiful so it felt embarrassing and almost unreal when he said it. He leaned in closer making eye contact with me and I almost got lost in the silver specs in his dark eyes. “Hey Kel, I mean it tell me what you are thinking? I want to know”. “Your eyes
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