The Wolf Prince And His Bodyguard

The Wolf Prince And His Bodyguard

By:  Phoenix Rise  Ongoing
Language: English
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Threatened by the former alpha of Blood Moon pack, Venom Forcas served as the bodyguard of the werewolf prince; Killian against his will. The placid face and eerie smile of the prince irked the beta to no end. Killian's tranquil facade could not distort Venom's impression that he's a whimp nonethe

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14 Chapters
(Third Person POV) RAIN was pouring like daggers to the asphalt road creating thick mists which hastily added to the frostiness of the atmosphere. The appealing scent of petrichor lingered in the air triggering nostalgia in those who got exposed to its mysticism. In the middle of the surly enchantment, an imposing man stood like a statue on the empty street near the infamous hotel in Moon Bay. Drenched in water, his white button-down shirt and black trousers hugged his scrawny structure.  His eyes were closed and with the aid of the street lamps, a smug smirk tugging the corner of his lips could not be missed as he was relishing the harsh water hitting his ghostly face. A bizarre scene to watch but was shortly disrupted by three big quirks lurking in the shadows. Wearin
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(Third Person POV) "WHY left the hotel's room, Prince Killian? Where's Mr. Smith?" While wiping the blood in his hands with wet tissue, Venom asked the prince. He was informed that his subject is a multi-lengua so he was as sure as hell the royal blood could understand simple questionings. The prince combed his long damp hair with his fingers and shifted on his seat. Venom darted his eyes on him and he found traces of discomfort on his face. The prince is a werewolf but with his thin frame, it's easy to tell what's troubling him. "What? You're cold?" Venom sarcastically rasped before he threw the trash in his hand out of the window, reached for the coat at the back of his car, and roughly tossed it to the prince. "Royals!" He shook his head, turned the engine of the vehicle to life, and drove off. On the flip side, Prince Killian calmly breathed the scent of the coat and covered the upper part of his body. He then leaned back and pinned his ga
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(Third Person POV) "WHERE is the P-prince?" Mr.Smith asked over the phone.  Venom's eyebrows furrowed as he sensed something was wrong with the attendant's voice. It was audibly wary. "He's with me. I saw him outside the hotel earlier," the beta answered and asked back in an arduous tone, "Why did you leave him unattended? You know there are motherfuckers who are after him." "B-bring the prince to my resthouse. I'll... I'll send you the address," instead of responding to his concerns, Mr.Smith bade and promptly ended the call.  Venom's frown deepen as his suspicion got on another level. Mr.Smith seemed to have a hard time speaking like he was out
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(Third Person POV)   SMITH'S resthouse came off to be an old ancestral house. If not for the new blue Audi at the parking lot, giving a sign that someone was inside, no one would dare to stop by the place in the middle of the night for the whole yard seemed haunted.   Venom leaped out of the car first. He went to Killian's side and opened the door. His highness promptly but with elegance got off wearing his bodyguard's black hoodie and grey sweatpants. Using a pen he saw in the dashboard, he rolled his hair up in a bun with a few strands cascading to the side of his face.  As Killian straightened his body, Venom realized his height almost reached his. He might be only two inches taller which is quite impressive for no one in Blood Moon is
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(Third Person POV) REESE'S hand signal did not miss Venom's keen vigilance. His ears pricked, catching the synchronized sound of motions encircling them. Blocking any possibility of exits.   "Once I make an opening, you run," in a whisper, Venom told Killian before he veered to the side. Hoisting his balled fists up and separating his athletic legs, he made a potent defensive stance.  Steadily, Killian sighed and stood still behind his bodyguard. The moment the assassins commence assault, it's going to be a big commotion yet he could feel the excitement rushed greater than apprehension in his veins.  He already saw the second in command of Blood Moon combating earlier but he yearned for more. Not
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DUE to stressed acceleration, Venom's car languished in handling the high level of friction resulting in a tire blowout. Gripping the steering wheel tightly whilst sensing the frantic jerking motion of the vehicle, he hastily pulled to the side of the narrow route to prevent further mishap. As the engine tardily ceased its remarkable feat, Venom released a pointed audible exhalation and uttered a muffled cuss. Blood Moon was just an hour and a half away, and if he only slowed down a little after Reese's men stopped hounding their tails, they'd be there in a few winks.In brisk succession, he turned his head left and right, lamenting his dereliction. Carelessness is a dreadful mistake for a bodyguard tasked with protecting a royal bloodline nonetheless, he procrastinated on evaluating his error for at that point, reaching Blood Moon quickly was critical.Venom swiveled around and faced Prince Killian, who was resting his head against the window and looking through h
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Chapter Seven
THE dreary path grew bleaker for only a small portion of moonbeams passed through the thick branches of the ponderosa pines draping the entire niche. The crickets started chirping and the owl hooted audibly— enhancing the gloomy atmosphere yet there's no hint of apprehension in Venom Forcas' and Prince Killian's expressions as they were ambling their way to Blood Moon pack."Are we there yet, Forcas?" barely a twinkling later, the wolf prince asked.Venom's sluggish gait abruptly came to a halt when he heard Prince Killian's question. He exhaled sharply, struggling to keep the growl in his throat at bay. They'd been walking for over two hours, and the prince had been asking him the same question every five minutes, deliberately devouring his galled nerves.Venom wasn't sure if Prince Killian was deliberately inflaming his temper or if he simply couldn't shut his mouth for an hour."Annoying royal," he grunted inside of his head before he shook his head and proce
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Chapter Eight
AN HOUR LATER, a worn-out simper flashed to the corners of Venom's lips as he passed into the Blood Moon wilderness while carrying the wolf prince on his back. For a brief moment, the whooshing sound produced by his quick movement and the friction of his jeans against the knee-length thickets sounded like a lullaby to his ears.A yawn threatened to escape his mouth, but he quickly suppressed it and accelerated even more. Venom couldn't wait to get back to his cabin and sleep for he was exhausted from the shitstorm that had occurred overnight, which had sapped all of his energy.Fighting a gang of assassins, dealing with Reese and his men, and dealing with the prince's eerie demeanor, reaching their pack free of mental illness and unscathed was far from what he had envisioned.As a result, Venom mentally shook his head.Perhaps an hour or two is all that is required for him to regenerate so that he can speak to his father about his resignation as the royal wolf p
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Chapter Nine
TIME SKIP-A STRAINED, NO-TOOTH SMILE drew to the corner of Prince Killian's lips as his dazzled gaze moved from the homey interior design of the Blood Moon alpha manor's receiving room to the valuable teapot sets served in front of him.It's been half an hour since they arrived at the said pack's residence area. When he was led to Alpha Xavier's mansion and Venom was apprehended.The prince and his bodyguard had no choice but to toe the line for there appeared to be a misunderstanding that needed to be resolved before taking drastic action. Fortunately, Alpha Xavier showed haste in resolving the eerie situation by inviting Prince Killian over for a cup of tea.The sun would rise from the east in a few hours, but the prince ignored his screaming body, which needed rest, for he could only retire to bed when he finally understood why they had seized Venom like he was a high-profile criminal.The prince leaned forward, sitting up straight in
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Chapter Ten
THE SKY WAS A SAPPHIRE BRINE SPLATTERED WITH FEATHERY WHITE CLOUDS, and the sunbeams radiated brilliantly on the eastern land, particularly the Blood Moon pack, heightening the mood of every shifter prowling around it.The weather was ideal for outdoor activities; ergo Venom organized a new level of combat training for the pack warriors. "Get the fuck up!" Wearing an impassive expression, he barked to his trainees, who were on the ground clutching the parts of their bodies that had been injured during the early brutal activity.He could still recognize the brave shitheads who had attacked him in the forest and brought him to the detention unit. He'd been awake all night thinking about what he could do to those rascals. They must have known better than to mess with an alpha blood. "Fall in!" Venom commanded in a louder and thicker voice, taking gradual strides in front of them.In the blink of an eye, the trainees obtained perfect alignment amidst their affli
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