Alpha's Regret: Reclaiming his Whisperer Luna

Alpha's Regret: Reclaiming his Whisperer Luna

By:  Genuinely Curious  Completed
Language: English
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He pinned my hands above my head and leaned in, his husky whisper smiled beside my ear. “Your husband will never come back. You used him as an excuse to push me away. But now, I get it. You are playing hard to get, and I am more than pleased for a lovely chase. Eyes on the prize, love!” ... Helena’s world turned upside down with the rejection and betrayal of her husband, Alpha Zayden’s false accusations. After escaping that hell, she swore to hide her pregnancy and never look back in her painful past. Helena rebuilt her life as a successful jewelry designer, her four-year-old twins were the only asset of her life. Whereas Alpha Zayden was driven to the edge of insanity while searching for his wife, his soul consumed by regret. But would he be able to seek her forgiveness? What if Helena was courted by her boss, an influential lycan official? Would that worthy opponent steal his love for good?

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Lydia C
I really liked this book. It had its twists and turns but ended on a great note!
2024-07-07 04:37:47
default avatar
Definitely a read. This book left me with so many emotions. Crying to yelling at the characters in this book. Clearly this writer found their calling when becoming an author. About to start reading some of their other works now. Good job on this one though.
2024-07-06 03:22:21
user avatar
Nice one here
2024-06-09 09:09:38
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Dia Haddi
Another artfully written story of yours... got hooked from the very first chapter and Loved the character of Helena... She's a strong brave girl who knows how to survive with dignity... Very mindful strong character...
2024-06-07 16:54:03
user avatar
Hania Nafees
It's my second comment because I am enjoying the story. All characters are good, Helena is my favorite. She is like a girl in our society, strong and naive. I love it
2024-06-06 12:58:19
default avatar
Love this!! I am having trouble putting it down
2024-05-29 09:06:27
user avatar
Tannu Editor
Loved it fully
2024-05-26 21:56:41
default avatar
Wow I'm already captivated
2024-05-21 01:38:07
user avatar
The every woman
Already captivated into the story, can't wait to see how the story unfolds.
2024-05-16 23:38:55
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
113 chapters 5-3-24
2024-05-04 10:58:03
default avatar
Marylin Hall-Zunino
I am loving this book. Smooth transition between each chapter keeps the storyline going. Interesting characters and storyline keeps me reading until I fall asleep because I just can’t stay awake anymore. I start reading again as soon as my eyes open.
2024-04-21 10:26:38
default avatar
Great work. I love the way story is progressing:)
2024-04-19 02:23:12
user avatar
Beautifully written, I like the FL
2024-04-19 02:19:35
user avatar
love this book! first chapter and it got me so hooked! keep it up author!
2024-04-01 17:29:59
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
67 chapters 3-15-24
2024-03-16 00:50:44
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172 Chapters
Helena’s P.O.V. “Please write Helena and Zayden on the cake, Mr. Max.” The bakery owner was arguing for the past five minutes to write Alpha and Luna on the cake instead. I wasn’t a Luna yet; the love of my Pack mates really warmed my heart. “It’s your second wedding anniversary, Luna Helena. Alpha will arrange a Luna Ceremony soon.” Old Max blessed me with countless best wishes and eventually agreed to accept my request. It was an intimate moment for me and my perfect husband, Alpha Zayden, how could I add worldly positions to ruin this. I was planning to buy a nice present after ordering the cake, but Beta Alex informed me. “Luna Helena, Alpha is calling you to the office.” “Such an impatient man!” Zayden’s husky whispers from breakfast echoed in my mind, his lovely gestures made me forget to tell him about my failing health. “I will ask Liam for an appointment with the Head doctor.” My twin brother Liam was studying medicine in a college, his skill in medicinal techniques
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Helena's P.O.V.“This is an arranged marriage. Don’t expect me to behave like a traditional husband!”.“You are indeed a good administrator, Luna Helena. I admire your intelligence.”.“I don’t know when, but your love has taken over my heart. I would like to spend my whole life with you, Helly.”.These scenes of our two years of marriage were flashing before my eyes, laughing at me in the darkness of the death cell. Being married to an Alpha was challenging, not to mention my mighty husband, Alpha Zayden Ellsworth, whose name was the epitome of power and control.Keeping up with his regal taste as a wolf-less partner was difficult, it took me a long time to win Zayden’s favor. Gradually, my dedication found its way to his heart, he fell in love with me. We were even planning to have a baby!On the night of my second wedding anniversary, I was lying on the silver floor of the prison, shuffling my memory to find a single day when I didn’t work hard to prove myself. “A daughter of a s
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Zayden’s P.O.V.Firstly, Helena’s problem and now, an unexpected rogue’s attack fucked my brain, I had to regulate warriors by myself to defeat them. How on earth did they grow strong despite all the restrictions?Anyhow, I returned to my office to deal with an unending heap of files alone, my Beta Alex was still busy with the border affairs. The heavenly aroma of coffee greeted me there, soothing my tensed muscles. I picked up that cup from the table and took a sip and coughed uncontrollably.“What the Hell! Is it coffee or candy?”The duty guard, Allen, came into my office immediately.“What’s your command, Alpha?”I banged that cup on the table.“Who made this coffee?”He bowed his head in respect.“I did, Alpha.”His simple response skyrocketed my anger, I yelled at him. “Why did you touch my coffee mug? Go and ask Helly…”As soon as Helly’s name slipped out of my tongue, a realization hit me hard.Helena was in prison on murder charges!I pushed my fury aside, and walked towards
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Helena's P.O.V.“What did you do to my brother?”My words came out as a shriek, the murderous glint in Sylvia’s eyes sank my heart. Liam was too innocent to defend himself against that vicious woman.“Not yet! But unfortunately, many things can happen to that human mutt, Helena. You know that he even tried to argue with Zayn for you.”She giggled, savoring the memory in her mind.“One punch! All it took was one punch to silence that childish opposition. He was lucky enough that Zayn aimed for his mouth; otherwise, you can imagine what could happen if it landed on his chest!”The hidden threat in her words knocked out the sense from my head, struggling to process what I just heard. My Liam was beaten by Zayden himself, there was no chance in Hell he could survive like this.“No, it’s not true. Zayden is not like that!”Sylvia listened to me with great interest, while fanning her face with a confession paper.“Oh, really!”She giggled, as if I was telling her a joke.“Zayden readily bel
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Helena’s P.O.V.The noise of two men talking nonstop pierced through my ears, forcing me to flick my eyes open. White walls, beeping monitors made me realize that I was alone in a hospital room, but who were those men outside?As I was regaining consciousness slowly, my hazy mind was finding it difficult to process that loud conversation. But as soon as the haziness dissipated, a lightning bolt struck me.“Liam! Where is my brother?”The scenes of false accusation, Sylvia’s threat and that near-to-death experience came crashing to my mind, a wave of desolation washed over me. My eyes welled up as Zayden’s cold face flashed before my eyes, my misty vision didn't help me to see the person who just entered the room.“Oh, you are awake. I’ll report to Alpha right now.”That hurried man rushed out to see Alpha Jerald, I rubbed my teary eyes and got up slowly. “Ahh!”A whimper escaped my mouth as my left shoulder was in immense pain, the heavy bandage had immobilized it. That wolf’s claw wa
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Resolute Decision
Helena’s P.O.V. “Mr. Hensley is here!” Who is this Mr. Hensley? My heart was in a fucking one-hundred-meter sprint, dreading on a hidden enemy’s planning to harm our wolf-less brother-sister duo. Alpha Jerald had saved our lives, but now it felt that he would be a reason for our blooded ending. Perhaps, Alpha mind-linked his warrior, that stern-faced man vanished in thin air and returned briefly with a guest. “Come in!” I even forgot to breathe in anticipation and clutched my bed covers to my chest protectively. There was a slim possibility that the intruder would refuse to recognize me or took pity on a pregnant woman. However, all my reservations were eased to see the man walking inside the room. A tall middle-aged man, with a muscular body indicating that he was a strong warrior, came into the hospital room, his worried expressions were the same as mine. His regal grace, expensive attire, and the curiosity in those hazel orbs was a sign that he was a noble man. He bowed his h
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Where is she?
Zayden’s P.O.V. “I, Helena Hensley, accept all the allegations against me with clear conscience. Blinded by the hunger of power, my mother and I orchestrated a death trap for the Alpha couple of the Moon Howlers Pack and pretended to save them in order to get the approval for marriage. Everything was according to our plan, but Sylvia’s unfortunate return unveiled our true intentions. As the Luna position has been claimed by its rightful owner, please consider accepting my written confession and punish me as you see fit.” I read that written confession signed by Helena once, then twice and then thrice. But still couldn’t find its connection with her sudden shift to another prison. “Where are you, Helena?” Perhaps, the prison in charge had changed the location of the cell temporarily, as the rogues arrested from the previous battle were to be locked in the special dungeons. So, I mind-linked my Beta Alex; although, he was busy in the border security matters. “Meet me at the dea
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New life
Helena’s P.O.V. Five years later “Mommy, I can’t move now.” After walking through the gate, my little angel Scarlett pouted, pretending to be tired. Those cute expressions on my daughter’s face were enough to crush any stranger’s heart, how could my innocent son Ashton dodge this bullet? Before I could say something, he hurriedly said. “Give it to me, Scarlett.” “Thank you, bro.” Scarlett immediately gave that small handbag in her hand to Ashton, and now she was holding only her darling Barbie doll. I watched my twins’ drama live and reprimanded my little angel. “Scarlett, you are bullying your brother again. Very bad!” We walked towards the lift of the building, my gaze fell on my son’s red face, who was dragging two bags alone. Scarlett giggled and tugged his arm like a spoiled brat. “My brother is powerful like a lion, mommy.” Ashton’s obsession with the Lion King movie acted as a savior for Scarlett, her praise puffed his chest with pride. He wiped his sweaty forehead pr
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Helena's P.O.V. “Not again!” The problem of these strange whispers was getting serious day by day. First, I only heard them in my dreams, but now they have broadened their horizon to torment me in the normal daily life routine too. I took a deep breath and composed myself, as the tower of icy dominance had turned to face me. “Yes?” I cleared my throat and displayed my laptop in front of him. “These are my new designs, please have a look.” He grasped my laptop and scrolled through the slides with several lines on his forehead, but my hand flew to my mouth when I raised my head to see his face. The bastard from the elevator? These words rolled out of my mouth as a whisper, I bit my tongue immediately. That angry man lowered his head and squinted his eyes at me, as if he had heard his praise. After the intense eye contact of a brief moment, he handed my laptop to Mr. Smith, and spoke like he wasn’t furious before. “Finalize these designs for the client. I’m glad that someone in
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Helena’s P.O.V.“Although this city is the safest place, away from the reach of Alpha Zayden, the threat of unpleasant encounters with dangerous supernatural creatures can’t be ignored.As this area has no rules, it’s a Heaven for rogues and criminals.And don’t forget about the Lycans, Helena. Think wisely!”Uncle Desmond’s concerned advice from five years ago resonated in my mind. A silver of dread touched my spine when the gravity of reality sank in. “So, this time, I met a supernatural creature in my new office.”I ate the cookie in my hand quickly and replied to Ashton.“Mommy was busy, my lion. What about if I cook lasagna for the dinner tonight?”The mention of their favorite dish livened up the atmosphere. As my kids were twins, it was a blessing that their choices were almost the same. “You are the best, mommy!” Ashton exclaimed and Scarlett, who was holding her doll, chimed in. “Uncle Liam also loves lasagna, mommy.” I sent my little angels and Skylar to their r
Read more Protection Status