YORD: The Union

YORD: The Union

By:  Krystianne D. L.  Ongoing
Language: English
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When his mate's life rides on the hands of gods and family, will he be strong enough to protect her? A story of love, family, prophecies, and the magical world overwhelms Gideon Willows in his quest to be with his mate, Leora Celes.

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8 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Willows
“Yord, a land closed off from the world of pure humans. A vast land of trees, water forms, and mountains habited by every magical creature created by the gods. Before the wars started by pure humans began, our kind was living peacefully among them. When the first World War launched its first bomb Frey- the most powerful immortal being of Yord- saw how the pure humans used and abused his creatures for evil. He then created a barrier to protect his creations. His anger on pure humans became deeply rooted from then on. Never did a pure human set foot on our land ever again, the end.” Grandmother Willows closes the book called “The Legend of Yord” and puts it on the side table close to the moon-shaped lamp she bought for her grandson. The warm glow of the lamp soothes the boy from the rain outside his windows. His room had walls covered in drawings he made at home and school. A pile of used sweaters and jackets gathered on a chair in front of a homemade study des
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Chapter 2: The Celes pack
The Celes family had already heard of the prophecy long ago. This was told to Maryn Celes when she was summoned by Frey. That one unfavorable day for Maryn, but the most fortunate day for that pure human girl. Not too long ago when the Celes pack was still with the Willows pack, Maryn was out and about on the shores of Yord picking up shells for a homemade mobile she’s making for her child Cora. The breeze coming from the ocean felt amazing on her skin, the warmth of the sand under her feet that contrasted the wind was the perfect weather, and the sound of the waves splashing one over the other. She was at her happiest state until she saw a body lying on the ground. She rushed to it, her maternal instincts were strong, she still felt the young girl’s pulse. ‘She’s still alive’ she whispers to herself, not thinking about what the law was, she carried the girl on her back careful enough not to let the shells spill out from her bag. Thazar Cel
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Chapter 3: Adrianne
“Shh, don’t be so loud.”“Don’t push me!”“I wasn’t pushing you!”“I think she’s waking up.”“That’s because you’re so loud.” “Her eyes are opening! Look, look!”The young girl’s eyes flutter open still feeling all the aches on her body. She sees that she’s surrounded by what she thinks are 3 kids and 2 teens. A cabin-styled room with horizontal log features. Her bed sitting in the middle with the headboard against the wall, a bedside drawer on each side of the bed, a wooden table on the corner with a matching chair by the window, and another door on her left which she guesses is a bathroom. She tries to sit up from the bed angling herself to see them better. She holds her body weight on her elbows and rests her back on the headboard of the bed. Rubbing her eyes, feeling the clotted blood on her forehead scars, she focuse
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Chapter 4: Frey
Long ago, the gods of the planet Earth lived among the people living on her. They lived in harmony, even helping in the transition of humankind from simplicity to industry. The people loved them as well, they worshiped them so much to even build them altars and shrines to show their utmost respect. In this harmony did the gods intertwined their beings with the people. In that affiance, they created creatures that are different from the rest of the people that originally lived on Earth. The god of the sea created merpeople when he wedded his beloved human, the god of the sky created the fae and more. One of the gods that lived among the people was Frey. Frey was one of the gods that coupled with the people but refused to share his gifts with his creatures. Frey was never the kind to copulate with lowly creatures. He was cold, acerbic, and oozed authority. He wasn’t the most powerful god among them however he was the most frightening one when he used his power. In contrast to
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Chapter 5: The Calling
A loud clang of a single bell ruptures Maryn awake, her heart beats fast and nervous, a low and deep ache thumps her chest unknowingly getting up from bed and walking away from her bedroom. Thazar stirs and feels his bedside empty of his wife. He gets up and follows his wife in a hurry, he reaches for her shoulder as she stood motionless at the front door. “My love?” he asks with a warry voice.She turns her head, eyes wide open with shining beams of light coming from them, her tears freely falling from her face and a widespread of worry on it. She tries to speak, a stutter forms from her lips, and in a weak whisper like a mouse’s squeak she says, “Help me”.Thazar is taken aback that his wife is possessed by one of the gods. He stood speechless, worried, and heartbroken watching his wife fight the god that has taken her body. He nods as she returns to face the door to open it. He covers her shoulders with a random jacket he found on the sofa, most likely one of their kids
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Chapter 6: Decades -part 1-
A couple of decades have passed since Maryn Celes was taken by Mani. The Celes family since then cut ties with the Willows pack and moved far away from them as possible. Living normally again was hard, especially on Thazar. Fortunately, Enoch and Salma were heaven-sent as they helped with everything in the house, but that never stopped him from being the father that they needed. He provided what they all needed despite getting tired easily. His favorite part of raising them is teaching them to be vocal about everything, like their needs, emotions, and state of mind. He learned from Maryn that if he couldn’t feel what their children wanted, he must learn to be the safe space for them to talk to. “Dad catch her!” Enoch shouts from the distance. Thazar turns and sees his granddaughter running and screaming refusing to clean all the mud she got on her clothes from training to turn into her wolf form. High pitched laughter rang around the forest followed by a frustrated father and mother
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Chapter 6: Decades -Part 2-
She looks around and there she sees a tall man a tiny bit north of her age. He looked rugged but handsome, wearing jeans and a loose black shirt, messy hair like he’s been pulling and shaking it, eyes glowing against the lights of the faes, and eyebrows furrowed with questions. “H-h-hello.” Faes saw the outsider and hid and the once beautiful lights turned into complete darkness. The only light illuminating their encounter was from the moon. Shivers chill down her back, ‘who is he? How did he find this place? Is he like me, too? ‘She slowly stands and positions her feet to run towards home but that would endanger her family. ‘What do I do?’ she thinks. He raises his arms, showing both palms to her. “I—I don’t mean any harm. I just saw these lights and followed them. I thought you were lost so I spoke up.” He continues to stay in the same position until she spoke. “You can put your hands down. I won’t hurt you either but please stay where you are and don’t come any closer.” He nods
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Chapter 7: Rendezvous
Gideon finding the faes’ home at first was completely serendipitous, however, the following days after he trains he traces his steps and made his own pathway there. And every night that he gets a chance to visit the faes he sees her. Some nights she wasn’t there, some nights she was. Gideon wanted to know her more, not risking the chance that he misses her. A memory plays in his head as he walks through the path he made.“Leora, may I ask you something?” Gideon says while they played skip stones along the river. “What is it?” she replies standing up and carrying a new batch of stones to throw. He toys with the last stone in his hands preparing himself for her answer. “How would you feel if we met up every other night?” he throws the stone and it skips four times until it fell into the water. Nervous to see her face he took a deep breath and looked at her. She was again crouching down but still holding all the stones in her arms. She had the brightest smile like she won someth
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