Between Lovers

Between Lovers

By:  endwena  Ongoing
Language: English
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Who would you choose when your left between the two of them? The one which you've been best friends forever and suggests playing lovers to make the other one jealous? Or the bad vampire who is impatient to take his mate from this world? They don't care. They own the world they live in. Ruthless prices in different worlds. For them, nothing is far in love and war. Who's gonna beat the other? What about the girl standing between the two lovers? Which one is she gonna choose? .... " How drunk are you?" He said as his eyes fell to my lips again. " Scale of one to ten? Solid twelve." I don't know when I got so out of breath, but I felt like all the oxygen that was once in my lungs had escaped without me even noticing. " You?" " Thirteen and a half." He responded not taking his eyes off my lips." How much are you going to regret in the morning?" " A lot." " Want to make it more?" " Yes!" I responded not even thinking.

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45 Chapters
A/nHey angels, the author here.I don't know how you found this book but I'm glad you did. I hope we will be on this journey together, till this book comes to an end. I know there are other people like me around the world, who are just so bored of real life and wants to get lost in the fiction world, in a world that doesn't exist but we all wanna believe in. This is the perfect place for yours and my imagination to get wild, no one judges us here or tells us to get rid of our dreams. If I had to come back to life again I would choose to come back as one of these book characters, like Cercy. I'm so happy I had the chance to post my book here because I can not only express my feeling in this book but also it's a platform that is going to support this dream. Cause this is what I like to do and there's no better way for it to continue living in this land.For those who read all the above, that might be a little boring, thank you. I hope you will enjoy this book to the maximum of it. This
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1.Damn, those eyes are the last thing I remember.
Today is Monday. Exactly 3 months after the party. I barely remember what happened after calling the shots. I was dancing, having a great time until... those eyes. Damn, those eyes are the last thing I remember. I just can't remember what happened next. How did I get to see those eyes and... It's something else I felt that morning. Like my own body was cheating on me. I smelt another scent on me, feeling something was missing already.I was confused so I started to think that it must have been a dream until I saw my lips. The side part of my lip was scratched and I could feel a slight pain there. That made me a question, what happened that night?? Why was I feeling that way? NOT to mention the rose I found on the side my bad with a note on it " Thanks for coming". I don't understand what happened after that party. I keep hearing voices. I interrupt my thoughts when
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2.She is yours Liam
Liam POVHow come had I still not figured out who she was? It was right there all along .., my savour, my light... My mate. And soon to be my bride. How long have I been waiting for her to come into my life? All this time my sanity was eaten slowly piece by piece by my darkness.She wants to win. To destroy this world and bring hell to the ground. I have tried so hard to beat my enemy.., myself. Listening to what she wants, the horrible things it makes me do but still I'm not strong enough to defeat her. I need her..., my mate. Only that way I can save myself and this world from her." Common brother we have to go there????" Dean said.Dean is my younger brother. We've always had a good relationship because we've alwa
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3." I'm here, love!"
`` CERCY ``I still can't believe what Liam is doing...!! Ufff, he is pressuring me into this. He knows you, lying girl, that's why. If u had listened to me, you wouldn't be sitting here like that. Yeah because you're always making the best decisions, right?Let's update you guys. I learned the hard way that Liam was the one whom I had kissed and hella enjoyed the night of the party. I am too ashamed to accept, so I decide to play the fool. But it seems that Liam is not a fan of this, playing him around, and has started to ask random questions out of nowhere, to... let's say make me remember. As I said, when I built a wall, there is no human force who can destroy it, unless... It's not a human, right. No. Not just kidding. I have a good defense." So,
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4.I missed you.
"Liam, what are you doing here?"I saw Liam standing right in front of me, inside of my bedroom. What was he doing here? Where did he find my address? What's going on?" You, I came for you. I missed you."Missed me? What in the..!"Liam, you can't be here. You shouldn't miss me. We aren't a thing or soo..., what you are doing is called stalking. I'm going to call 911."" You wish!"" What?!! Are you alright? Have you hit your head? Noo, no, have you lost your mind?"" You feel it, don't you? The connection,..., the feeling...., the scent. I know you love it, you miss it.., you wan
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5. New taste
  For God's sake, can't Liam act normal for once? I know he keeps doing this because of me pretending not to know him, but still ..., the way he acted towards Rob today, like I am some kind, in his possession, just doesn't make any sense.   I know we have a connection between us and I know I can't deny it anymore, and this always gets me thinking "Why do I feel like this" he is rude to everyone, doesn't care about anyone but himself, so self - obsessed... but when I look at him all I see is a lost puppy, smiling at me, giving me his shiny blue eyes, making my heart melt for a second.   But that's it. I'm not gonna let myself get seduced by two gorgeous eyes and a pretty smile. I am not weak anymore and I'm not gonna let anyone break my heart again. I'm not gonna let another Den in my life. Let's
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" Shush" was all he said realizing a warm breath on my neck that tickled my skin. He places a finger on my lip,  telling me  I shouldn't talk anymore. This left me speechless for a moment. I did not expect Rob to do that... Not in a million years. I stood there like a lost girl, stoned till I felt Rob's lips move away from my neck. I keep my gaze at him still shocked by what he did. He wasn't looking at me. His eyes were looking somewhere else. Somebody else. I turn my head to see where Rob's eyes were pointing. And then I see him... Liam... Furious like I have never seen him before. I could see his jaw clenched and his eyes were looking at me like daggers to be triggered. I felt my knees shaking and a lump had formed in my throat, not allowing m
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7. Beasty girl
  Cercy Pov   " If he touches one piece of your hair again, I swear I gonna cut his head off and bring it on a plate to you? `´ his lips inches from mine. `´ NO ONE TOUCHES WHAT'S MINE.´´ Breathe. Are we clear, darling? "   More than clear, handsome face. Did he just threaten me? I liked it, though! Except it! You like it tough too. Stop it, stupid conscious.   " Woww? Now, I'm getting scared. " I  giggle at him.   " Are you, now? " he says teasingly.   " Ehee.. " there goes the flirting. &
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8. " I want to kiss you"
CERCY POV The car was another dimension. I have to have this. I felt his gaze on me, but I was just pretending I couldn't understand him. Fuck, I want this car. " I want you," Liam says. Guess I said that out loud. " Khhhkh, so thanks for letting me drive. This is my dream car and it was my dream to ride a car like this one." " Just tell me all your dreams and I'll make them all true." he finishes. That is so romantic. Never thought Liam could be so cute. " Always for you" he then said. As if he could hear
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9. Do it
Cercy povRight now, it's just me and him. Nobody else, just two young people who feel something towards each other and a burning flame in those poor hearts.He gets up, sitting behind me, applying sunscreen on my shoulder. As an irony, he does exactly what I did to him. Putting it on and massaging there. He realizes a breath that comes as cold air in my shoulder. Then continues with the neck, placing some circling moves there. Now... I do understand how he felt." Hey, dude, apply sunscreen not massage her!" said Rob with a heavy tone.He doesn't listen to him and keeps doing it on my neck again, placing a gentle kiss there. I quickly turn around looking at him, for the action he just did. He didn't look s
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