Chained To The Billionaire Mafia

Chained To The Billionaire Mafia

By:  Leona D.  Completed
Language: English
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When the black sheep of the family meets the woman-hater mafia billionaire, is there a chance that Jada will find herself chained to the demon's heart? *** Jada Turner, the 20-year-old youngest daughter is always neglected by her family for an unknown reason, that’s why she just found herself hanging around with her friends, clubbing and drinking ‘til the sunrise. But in one night, the woman's life completely changes because of a bet dealt with her friends. She found herself inside an unfamiliar condominium which she discovered was owned by the wealthiest billionaire in the country, Achilles Coleman, the known woman-hater and a billionaire mafia leader. She managed to escape, but seeing the man inside her mansion again brought her back to chaos. Her world crumbled when this billionaire mafia accused her of trespassing and attempted murder. Jada's parents want to compromise as they don’t want to get involved in this and the company's name at risk. Achilles agreed, on one condition, he wants Jada to come with him. Why would a woman-hater want to take this feisty woman? Does Jada’s tattoo on her upper left arm have to do with this? Will that tattoo unveil the secret behind her real identity?

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132 Chapters
As I walked towards the rooftop's railing, the cool wind embraced me and the spectacular city lights welcomed me. Closing my eyes to completely shut off my mind from the chaos. A scene where my sisters keeps on harassing and bullying me, my mom who kept reminding me how useless I was, and Dad who completely ignores me and putting a blind mask on everything made me back to my senses. The sound of the water splashes caught my attention. Glancing at my two model friends, Kendra and Trinity who dived on the pool and soothingly enjoyed the night, they are my real family. "Hey Jada, come join us! What the hell are you doing there?"  I shook my head and chuckled. Slowly removing the thin cloth that covers me, and exposing my red bikinis, I quickly jump off the water and swim closer to them. "Where did you buy that bikini? Is that Victoria's secret latest released design?" Trinity asked
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Heaving a deep breath…   “Ugh! What the f*ck woman!”   With all the strength I gathered, I kick him down there.   He was cursing me to death while I’m running out of his office.   “I’ll kill you!”   I heard him shout once again which brought terror to my core, while I’m chasing my breath as I got into an elevator.   You’re the dumbest woman on earth Jada! If I wasn’t able to get out of this building, I would probably be a cold corpse tomorrow morning floating on the ocean.   “Bring that woman to me! Or else I’ll kill you all!”   My eyes widened when I recognized the monster’s voice echoed on the speaker inside the elevator. I bet it’s not the only speaker inside this building, but aren’t they having a party on the rooftop? Right, I still have a chance to escape. Glancing at the red numbers at the uppe
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Rolling to the soft mattress I was lying on, I slowly opened my eyes. Just to be welcomed by an unfamiliar ceiling. Wait? Is this my room? My eyes instantly widened. And glanced at my dress, I sighed in relief when I noticed that I’m still wearing the same dress last night. But wait…   The last time I remember I was in the Coleman Empire, and that monster was in front of me before everything went black. Quickly roaming my eyes on the whole room, I was amazed a bit when I was surrounded by a transparent wall and the buildings can be seen from here. No Jada, this isn’t the time to appreciate this, you’re not in your room.   I was about to stand up when I noticed that my left hand was locked on the bed’s frame. What the f*ck? But my gaze shifted to the table just a bit distance from me, the key was on top of it. How stupid he is?   I tried to reach for the key using my right hand but it was still di
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“Noooooo!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “Hey girl, can you please calm down?” Kendra hissed. Glancing at her unbelievably, “ Look Ken that Coleman was crazy!” “Alright, so he wants you?” Trinity asked this time. Slamming my forehead, I drank up the remaining wine on my glass as I faced the city. We’re on the rooftop of Kendra’s father’s building, and I can visualize from a distance the Coleman Empire. I felt my blood instantly boils up to my head when I remembered him. “He said he’ll be back after a week,” I replied to Trinity. “Like, who does he think he is? Am I a puppy that he’ll just ask from my parents?” My tantrums were eating me, completely ruining my day. “Come on Jada, chill. He’s probably kiddi
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Quickly getting my way out of the club, I went straight inside my car and roared the engine.   What is that assh*le doing there?   My heart was beating so fast and when I look at the side mirror… my forehead automatically creased.   Black cars were following me. When I mean cars, they are a lot. I gathered my composure and focus on the road. Whatever they are up to, I will never give them the benefit of the doubt.   “Seems like I’ll be enjoying this night.”   A small smile escapes from my lips. Let’s see what you can do. I kept driving from my normal pace, making them think that I haven’t noticed them yet.   When the other car on the left was about to surpass me and maneuver, I quickly shift my speed to its maximum, leaving them all behind and surprised. I drove into dark woods and shut off my lights until they pass over unnoticed that I was
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“What happened girl?” Kendra asked when we were now in her condo. “I told you we were stuck in that freaking elevator.” I snarled back as I started to put all the pancakes inside my mouth. “Is is it a coincidence that it was Achi? Haven’t you noticed him when you get inside?” She continously asked. “Can you please stop asking?” I shot back frowning at her irritably. “Fine, but you know I think it’s a sign.” She added. “Shut the f*ck up!” “It’s a sign that you two were destiny!” She laugh before I throw a pillow at her and she went outside. “She talking nonsense isn’t she?” Rolling my eyes from the door she left open, I got my phone from the table and dialed Trinity’s number. &l
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Days passed by and tonight is the night I’ve been waiting for. After four years of waiting, we will finally meet again.I was wearing my black leather jacket when my phone rang.“Kendra,” I answered the phone while I’m still busy finishing my look with the black boots I used to wear this time. “The key was on the shelves inside your room Jada, good luck.” She uttered before ending the call. I smiled at the thought of the Bugatti that I will be using for the race. I quickly entered the room and find the key, excitement fills me again when I found it, not because of the car that I will be using but rather the events that await me there. As expected my jaw almost dropped when I reached the parking lot and finally see the car, after a couple of attempts to see this personally was always ended up interrupted by someone or something. I drov
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“Back off Coleman! Don’t put your nose into someone else’s business!” Russo roared while still pointing the gun at me. As I glance at Achilles, he’s looking at me and smiled a  bit. Is he making fun of me? Why he’s still cool for all of this happening. “That woman is my business, Russo.” Achilles’ stern voice echoed. No one’s moving, I can feel Russo’s heartbeat as well. When I thought Russo’s too distracted, I immediately turned around and twisted his arms strangles me. I kick him at the back as hard as I can making him fall on the ground. “That’s a nice move.” It’s Achilles' voice and when I faced him, I gulped when I realized how close he was. Shifting my gaze back at Russo, Achilles’ men were holding him. Rolling my eyes from him, I
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Dialing Kendra’s number while I was smiling like an idiot, though my hands were a bit trembling. “Hey, Jada, why didn’t you go home last night? Where are you?” She continously asked. “Hey please let me speak first.” I remained my voice in a low tone and tell her what happened. “So you’re in Achilles’ condo now?” She asked hysterically. “Yes, and I want you to get me out of here. I’m locked in a storage room.” I replied. “Alright, but how am I supposed to do that?” She asked back. “What the f*ck Kendra?” I grunted. “Right, Caleb is here. He will help us.” “What is the man doing there?” I asked. “It’s not important for now Jada, but don’t yo
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Quickly turning my back, a man wearing a black shirt and jeans greeted me, his silver piercing reflected on the lights highlighting his well-formed facial features. “Martini.” “Aren’t you gonna hug me, Jada? It’s been too long since we met!” He exclaimed. Rolling my eye from him, I went back to my seat and ask for another shot of Margarita. “Woah, you haven’t changed. Still, the feisty Jada Turner I knew!” I felt his presence right next to the stool beside me. “Shut the f*ck up Martini.” I glared at him. “Hey give me some news, what happened? Why didn’t you show up after the race? Losing is part of a race Jada, there are still upcoming competitions! You don’t have to go here so you could move on, acceptance is the key. We’re still learning, and creating
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