The Untold Story of a Mistress

The Untold Story of a Mistress

By:  Leona D.  Ongoing
Language: English
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Celeztine Dior is a tourism student at one of the Philippines' most prestigious universities. Everything was fine until her father became ill and she required a large sum of money for his operation and daily medications; she couldn't afford to lose her father. Celeztine was known as being a demure and modest woman in class but she'll turn herself into another lady they didn't expect her to be, she'll become the mistress of a well-known Governor in the city, no love, just money. Zeus Lincoln, the famed drop-dead gorgeous snob architecture student, is the man who controls her heart. She made a mistake by allowing him to date her; she underestimated how difficult it would be for them to be together, especially when she discovered that the guy she genuinely loves is the Governor's son. What if Zeus discovered that Celeztine is his dad's Mistress? Will love triumph or will he succumb to his hatred for her?

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5 Chapters
Celeztine’s Point of View“Lez have you seen my gloss? I put it on here.” Emily asked while looking under my table.“No, I haven’t,” I replied in a low voice and put back my gaze to the man I was staring at for about a minute now.“Of course, you haven’t, you’re too focused on Zeus.” She muttered.“Hey what if they hear you,” I replied in a low voice looking at our classmates busy with their own lives, a good thing no one heard it, I was a bit embarrassed.Emily raised her eyebrow at me.“Why? Are you afraid they would know that the so-called demure and modest woman in this class is eyeing someone from the Architecture department? Not just an unknown guy Lez, but the famous Zeus Lincoln of Architecture department huh?”- She whispered in full of sarcasm.I heaved a sigh and put my gaze back at him
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Celeztine’s Point of View  I get my phone when it rang.  “H-hello.” My voice was so lifeless, I don’t know what to do now. Our savings is less than 50k and I don’t know how long this will last.  “Lez!” I was taken aback by Emily’s shout from the other line. “Emily.” “Where the hell are you? Won’t you go to class today? Are you alright?”She continously asks.  I can’t stop myself from sobbing. “H-hey what happened? I’ll go there waiting for me.”She immediately hung up the phone after that. I continously drank up the wine beside me. After a couple of minutes, I heard a knock from the door downstairs.  I called Emily thru the phon
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Celeztine’s Point of View “Thank you, Sir.” I just said. He remains in his blank face as he nods before standing up.  “S-sir there are still 10 on the list who would like to get an interview.” The school staff said when the Governor was about to leave the room.  I was just standing there, waiting for them to tell me that I’m done.  “I already chose 3 students.”He uttered before going out of the room.  “Miss Dior you’re dismissed, you may now go back to your class. We’ll contact you if you qualified.” one of the Governor’s staff said.  I nodded and bowed my head for respect before I went out of that room.Emily immediately approaches me.  “What happened Lez? Are you chosen?&
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Celeztine’s Point of View “What’s happening here?” My eyes shifted immediately from Zeus to the woman I talked to earlier she seems the manager or owner of the restaurant based on her authority.“I-I’m sorry Ma’am, it’s all my fault.” I apologized and bowed my head. This is my first-day training and it shouldn’t go this way.“It’s your first day and you already caused troubles!” The woman grunted.“Are you dumb? This asshole is sexually harassing your waitress and you still put the blame on her?” The coldness of his voice made me look at him, was he defending me? I tried my best not to show my small smiles even my butterflies were celebrating inside.“Customers are always right! Apologized Celeztine !” The woman insisted glaring heavily at me.I nodded and look at the men.“I-I’m..”
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Celeztine’s Point of View “So I can call you instantly if I need something.”“You may sit there,”  Governor added as he pointed the vacant seat just a few distances from him.“B-but I’m not allowed…”“No buts, this is my plane, I have my own rules, besides can you stand there for 13 hours of flight?” He asked.“It’s alright Sir, I was trained…”“No, sit there and come when I call you.” He insisted I think I have left no choice.“Alright Sir, Thank you,” I mumbled before walking just a few distances to the seat he pointed to earlier.The flight was quite long and every time I took a glance at the Governor it always made me regret it because I always caught him staring at me which made me uneasy the whole flight.And finally, we’re in Paris. The cold wind embraced me as i
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