Dabby & Zeus. Tales of the Two Kingdoms.

Dabby & Zeus. Tales of the Two Kingdoms.

By:  Hira Baig  Updated just now
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Creatures of night. We were born to be wild and animalistic to almost everyone. But at the same time, loving and caring towards our mates. Our mates. Each creature was destined to find their perfect mate. And perfect, I mean the best. We were all destined to find the one who was better than the millions. Just like I found my princess. My dear little Dabria. She was in her mother's womb when I first heard her heart beating. That very moment, I fell in love with her. I was too young to understand that back then. But as I grew up, I knew it was love that I felt for her. And my wolf, Zaric! He was crazy about her. I thought it was his way to love Dabby But I never thought when his craziness and his obsession would one day cost me this much. It cost me everything. I had to give up everything. I am Alpha Zeus. And this is the story of my Princess and her Beast.

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       DEREK'S POV:-   I was driving the car as fast as I could. Maria, my wife, went into labor while we were on the highway. We were going back to our pack lands from her parents' pack lands. "Derek! Stop the car. I can not take it anymore. You have to do it right now. The baby is coming out. I can feel it." Maria cried in pain. I stepped on the breaks. She was all sweaty and I could feel that she was getting exhausted. I could not afford to lose both my beloved wife and my unborn child. So I decided to do exactly as she wanted me to do. I stopped the car in the middle of the woods and hopped out of the car.  I pulled Maria out of the car and took her towards an old oak tree. It was old but it was standing strong. I set Maria's back with the tree and pulled her panties down. I pulled my tux jacket off of my body and set it on the ground for my baby. "Alright, my Luna
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    02: Protecting My Princess.
       FOUR YEARS LATER:-    THIRD PERSON'S POV:-    Hayden was pacing back and forth like a maniac. He was very worried about the safety of his daughter. It was almost midnight when he heard about the sudden visit of his brother, Adrian. And he learned that because of the son of one of his loyal guards. Who happened to see Adrian's car in the borders of North Louisiana. As surprised as Hayden could be after hearing that news, he was also worried about Dabria. Since birth, he never let Adrian even look at Dabria. He kept her hidden and safe. Because she was not just born on the day when Eve was murdered brutally. While growing up, Hayden started to realize that Dabria was exactly like Eve.   Her face, her eyes, her way of talking. Her caring and kind personality. Her smile, her tears. And with all th
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    03: Dabby's Fourteenth Birthday.
       A FEW YEARS LATER:-  ZEUS' POV:-  I looked at myself in the mirror. Admired the way I look. I was wearing a v-neck gray t-shirt with black skinny jeans. It was the fourteenth birthday of Dabria. "You have to wear a tuxedo. It is her birthday. We need to look amazing. I want her eyes on our butt all day." Zaric spoke in an annoyed tone and I chuckled. I could not help myself. He was always very cautious and possessive about Dabria. Even though he knew her better than me. But still he had to say things that made absolutely no sense when it came to Dabria. I squeezed some gel out of the tube and styled my hair with it.  "You know well, Zaric. No matter who is standing in front of her, our princess only looks at us. So your stupid conclusions are way too stupid for me. Just calm down. She will love to see whatever I am wearing." I replied to my
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    04: Palace of Our Happiness.
         ZEUS' POV:-    I stepped into the treehouse and looked around. I smiled as I heard her sobbing quietly. I followed her voice and found her lying on her bed. She was almost lying in the fetal position. A smirk appeared on my face as I heard her sobbing. It took me a few moments to understand that I was satisfied with her sobs. It was very unlikely of me. I could never bear to see tears in her eyes. But for the first time, I liked that sound. It was definitely something I was unable to understand. And I was not sure why I felt that way.  I took a deep breath and pushed all the thoughts aside. I went towards her and grabbed her ankles. She gasped loudly as I pulled her to lie straight on the bed. Then I hovered over her. Her sobs faded away. She started breathing heavily. Her eyes still had tears in it. But they were no long
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    05: Sleeping For Three Months!
      DABRIA'S POV:-   A FEW YEARS LATER:-   I opened my eyes again and looked around. I lazily sat up on my comfy bed. Zar raised his head as soon as he saw me awake. He snuggled up with me and started licking my cheek. I smiled widely. It felt like he was worried about me. I patted his head and kissed his forehead. "I can't remember what happened. Do you know what happened? I just remembered a tall man in a tuxedo. He dragged me away. I can't remember what happened then." I asked Zar in a low tone, hoping he would answer me. I was just a fool. Expecting my pet wolf to tell me what happened to me. Or maybe I was just tired.   I heard a light knock on the door of my bedroom. I turned my head towards the door and found dad standing at the door. He had this proud smile on his face. And a hint of concern in his eyes. His eyes
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    06: The Miracle Of Cerberus Territory.
      DABRIA'S POV:-   I opened my eyes again as I felt Zar licking my cheeks. I stretched my arms above my head and looked at him. I no longer felt that coldness inside my body. I sat up on the bed and looked around. My room was still dark. I crawled out of the bed and peeled my clothes off. "Come on, Zar. We are going to take shower together. I haven't been taking care of you all this long." I spoke to Zar as I walked into the bathroom. Zar followed me excitedly. I just knew that dogs were never that happy to have a shower. But Zar was not a dog. I knew he was a wolf. He was taller than me in height.    Zar reached to my shoulders while he was on his four feet. I never knew how tall he would be while on his two feet. Instead of the shower, I filled the tub with warm water. I added my favourite jasmine fragrance and some soup, then stepped into the warm water. Za
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    07: Hayden's Pride.
      DABRIA'S POV:-   I walked towards my father and bowed my head in front of him. He stood up and walked towards me. He engulfed me in his arms and I also wrapped my arms around him. I pulled away from him as I heard Zar's overprotective growl. Dad chuckled softly and I kissed Zar's face. "Dad! What is going on? What did I miss? This is Eve's statue, right?" I asked my dad after a minute. I felt like I was in a different territory. Where my father could loudly announce how brave and courageous woman Eve really was. And how he always told that he was proud of her. It was never allowed to even say her name out loud. Keeping her gold statue in the hall of throne was something I had never expected.   "Let's go somewhere else. Where we both can sit and talk. There is so much more for me to tell you. And I am sure you are impatient too." My dad spoke in a low tone while s
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    08: Same Fate As Eve.
      DABRIA'S POV:-   After a few minutes, a man stepped into the kitchen. He had this wide smile on his face as he saw me. He walked closer towards me and bowed his head in front of me. "This is Ryan. One of the most powerful vampires I have ever known. Not just that. He was called the eclipse. We all feared him and his loyalty to Adrian. But then, he became loyal to Eve. She saved his life." Dad added after a minute. I was staring at that man. He sure looked so familiar. After a minute, I remembered. I used to have nightmares about him too. I stood up from my chair and walked towards him. I touched his cheek and everything he had been through, flashed in front of my eyes.  For a moment, I felt dizzy and was about to fall on my butt, but Zar was already standing behind me. He caught me at the right time. "Are you alright, my Mistress?" Ryan asked me in a worried tone while lookin
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    09: Heaven Turned Cold.
          DABRIA'S POV:-       This place was supposed to be the place where I had the best time of my life. Whenever I used to hear Eve's painful cries, I always ran towards this place. And hid inside my room. I was glad that dad made this tree house for me. But because everything that happened between Zeus and I, I just stopped coming to the treehouse. It was painful for me to remember the time we had spent in this place. I never understood why Zeus changed that much within a few years. I was his princess. I was actually the only woman he had ever laid his eyes on. And yet, he became so barbaric when our time came. He became so barbaric that he crushed all my dreams under his heels.       There was not a single day I had not thought about him. I tried not to remember anything about Zeus. Because I just couldn't bear that pain anymore. Every time anyone m
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    10: You Are Not Zar!
        DABRIA'S POV:-       I opened my eyes and gasped loudly. There was a tall and muscular man lying beside me on the bed. He was lying naked beside me. Zar was nowhere to be found. I opened my mouth to scream as loudly as I could. But before I could wake up the whole palace, my screams were muffled behind a strong palm. He covered my mouth with his hand firmly. As I knew he was naked, my eyes were closed before I even opened my mouth to scream. "Shhh… don't you dare scream." As his voice made its way to my ears, I instantly opened my eyes. My eyes widened in horror as I saw his face again. I thought I would never see his face again in my life.        "I am going to pull my hand away. If you scream, I swear I will tell you how angry I can get. You will not scream. Got it?" He asked me in his same low and deep voice. I gulped hard and nodded my head. He pulled
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