The Rogue Queen

The Rogue Queen

By:  Lynn Williams  Ongoing
Language: English
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Eric’s wolf is pushing him to his limit, night after night volunteering for patrols. Waking to find his sheets covered in mud, his entire body aching and patches of dried blood Eric decided he’s had enough. If his wolf Braxton wouldn’t tell him what is going on he would have his father, the Alpha, force it out of him.

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59 Chapters
Chapter 1
POV Eric I had been able to sense my wolf earlier than most, when I was only 14 he came as a whisper in the back of my mind. Just before my 16 th birthday he pushed forward and shifted, it was clumsy and painful. Shifting one limb at a time, then my torso and head. The pain was excruciating. I thought it would never end but I couldn’t scream, cry or even show discomfort. With my family looking on it was expected of me to show no pain. As the only son of the Alpha everything was expected of me, from the way I dress and spoke, even who I was able to be friends with. My father had become Alpha by being mated to my mother, not by being the next blood heir. That fact alone was enough to have other packs think less of us, we are also the smallest pack in three states and there is a cloud of secrets about the founding of our pack. Standing before my father, my head held high, my father walked closer placing his hand under my chin. “What is your name young wolf?” In a
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Chapter 2
POV Braxton Two years ago Abigail held my head in her hands. Her voice full of urgency and pain. “You must go now. I have created you for a very special purpose and I’m afraid the time is coming. The evil I have cursed on this world is spreading.” Abigail was a powerful witch when she was alive, pulling on demons and shadow spirits to fuel her magic. When a nearby tribe took her daughter to try to bend her to do their bidding she summoned all the dark forces she could find. Cursing them to live as both man and beast, but dark forces rarely make a deal without putting their own spin on it. Darkening the souls of the human side the tribe truly became monsters and she watched as her creation tore her daughter apart before her eyes. Overwhelmed with grief Abigail took her own life believing she would find peace in death but the spirits would not allow it. She became the keeper of her creation. She could mold and shape the wolf side but as soon as they crossed th
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Chapter 3
POV Eric Waking up in a haze trying to understand what Braxton is talking about. “What, found who?” “Quite you’ll scare her.” Braxton whispered. My eyes focusing I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Standing ten feet away is a tiny pup, matted fur with chunks of mud hanging off. Absolute skin and bones, little hips and ribs sticking out. Every vertebrae visible. The worst part is the smell. Rancid smell of decaying flesh and death. If not for the powder blue eyes shining in the moonlight darting around looking for a way to escape, I would have thought we found a dead animal. “Wake your father, we can’t bring her on pack territory without permission.” “I’m sorry, WHAT.” Looking around I realize I have no idea where we are. Nothing here looks familiar. “Where are we?” “About halfway up the mountain by a stream, I think she’s been hiding close by. Now call your father, I’m not sure how but we need to get her home.” “What time is it? I asked.
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Chapter 4
POV Eric JoAnn looked up at my father. “Have Candice meet us at the clinic.” “Dr. Stevenson is closer?” Aiden responded with a questioning look. “Yes I know but Candice has a wider range of expertise.” He sighed but I could see him reaching for Brent, Candice’s mate. The pack has two doctors, Dr Elijah Stevenson has been the main doctor for over 20 years and Dr. Candice Isaacs. Dr. Isaacs is another reason more traditional packs looked down on us because Candice is human. When Brent first meet her she was working her way through veterinary school. He returned to his pack and told his family he had found his mate and that she was human. His Alpha and family forbid him from seeing her again but he wanted his mate. Sneaking off to see her she eventually fell in love with him and he told her everything. Breaking wolf laws telling a human about us and going against his Alpha, he was exiled. When JoAnn found out about them she sent scouts to fi
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Chapter 5
POV Darien Standing by the Alpha and Luna we all awaited further instructions. The patrol members are noticeably on edge but taking some comfort in how relaxed the Alpha and Luna are. Alpha Aiden voice comes through. “I need you, a few trusted patrols and a good tracker to stay behind. Quietly, Luna and Eric have enough going on without worrying what we are up to. Gather by the crossroads and stay hidden. I will meet up with you when Eric is safely on his way back.” “What are we up to Alpha?” “This girl didn’t just fall out of the sky, she came from somewhere and as young as she is I doubt she traveled here alone.” Our territory is over 100 miles from the next pack making attacking us inconvenient but not impossible. Mostly rogues and the occasional scholar seeking Miss Evens for lore and knowledge came across our boarders but this area makes everyone nervous. Wandering through the waiting pack members I gave a few of the worriers orders on whe
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Chapter 6
The Cave The entrance completely hidden by thick bushes, the opening only a few feet wide. All the wolves had to crouch down to avoid hitting their heads. Alpha Aiden shoulders scraping for the first few feet even though he was crawling on his belly. Nicolas wouldn’t go back in, he could barely stop gagging long enough to point out the opening. After ten feet or so the tunnel opened up widening into an oval shaped chamber the size of a car. A dozen small animal carcasses lined each side of the chamber. A path through the remains leading to a smaller opening they followed the trail of bile. All but one female omega had to shift to get through the second opening. This channel shorter than the first, only a foot to squirm through before it opened. The second chamber massive compared to the first. Heaving trying to catch their breath from the tight space of the tunnel the smell hit them first. Unlike the first chamber littered with animal bones and hide. This chamber smelled strongly
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Chapter 7
POV Eric The drive to the clinic took what felt like hours. We were less than ten minutes away once we hit town but every time her breathing became labored I realized I was holding my own. Braxton had been searching for her for days, only now having her frail body across my lap did I feel the urgency he had been feeling. Her limp arm dangling off my lap, swinging at the elbow and hitting my leg whenever the truck maneuvered or hit a bump. “Can’t this thing go any faster.” I pleaded with Brent. He looked at me with soft eyes, choosing his words carefully before he spoke. “Young Alpha, as you know this truck is quite loud and being just after three in the morning we don’t need any unwanted attention. Considering there’s a naked child on your lap who looks like she’s been through hell, I feel it’s best to obey the speed limit.” Brent gave me a shy smile. “I’ll give it hell once we reach the border, I promise.” True to his word, no sooner had we passed through the
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Chapter 8
POV Aiden Moving the flashlight from one side to the other and back again. I tired retracing my steps. Had I went to the right or more straight, maybe a little of both. Cherry black dots became visible on the ground increasing in number and size as I moved forward. Leaning down I ran a finger across one. “Blood.” Juxes confirmed. This was not like the small pools of dried blood in the first chamber, this was older. Following the increasing drops and streaks of blood my flashlight found the object my foot had earlier. At first I couldn’t make out what it was, moving closer I bent down. It resembled a wet brown paper bag that had been sprayed with dark red dye. Reaching to pick it up my heart sank upon realizing what was in my hand. This is a piece of hide ripped from the flesh. The fibers that used to hold skin to muscle sticking to my fingers as I turned it over chocolate brown hair on the other side unmistakably werewolf. Not much bigger than a piece of paper
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Chapter 9
POV Aiden Running my thumb over the raised emblem, turning the silver dollar sized coin over and over in my hand. The worrier who had given it to me asked, “What is it Alpha?” “It’s a betrothal pendant.” I said not looking up from the charm. “I don’t know what that is.” He said brows furrowed. “Traditionally the Alpha can claim a mate for their first born son, next in line to be Alpha. It dates back to the first pack, few packs that I know of still honor the barbaric tradition but there are still some out there. It’s meant to purify and keep the bloodline strong. There’s even records of siblings being betrothed to each other when no suitable mate was found. Ignoring the mate bond in hopes of breeding stronger wolves. This pendant isn’t a request, it’s a summons. One of these girls was claimed. Could very well be why they were hiding out here.” “How do you know all this? I’ve never heard of such a thing.” Looking up from the pendent, directly in
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Chapter 10
POV Eric The last 24 hours have been excruciating, the doctors going back and forth. Disappearing into the windowless operating room with very few updates. Braxton has calmed down which is a relief. Having had a major meltdown when he couldn’t feel her anymore. I started reading up on the different kinds of wolf bonds in hopes of finding some answers for him. One of the books Miss Evens gave me goes into elaborate detail on what’s called a veil bond. Where two or more wolves trapped in the veil can feel each other. Shifting to early is often painful, causing the others still in the veil to share the pain. Braxton seemed satisfied with that answer. Considering he could no longer feel her and she was safe. Fascinated by the lore and legends he pushed me to keep reading. Flipping through the most recent book she had given me “Rare and Mythical Werewolf breeds” a full page drawing caught Braxton’s attention. “What’s that?” He asked. The drawing d
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