Prove Yourself Worthy

Prove Yourself Worthy

By:  Hiraya Cross  Completed
Language: English
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Wayne Anderson is a highly successful man. A billionaire. A business tycoon. But there was one stain in his story - he was once married and his wife cheated on him. They divorced and it was a messy affair. It has been a few years since that happened and Wayne has been putting all his focus on his empire. That is, until he meets Andrea Payne. She seems ordinarily clumsy but she has this air of confidence about her as she kept proposing business ventures one after another to him.

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43 chapters
Chapter 1 – First night
Her hands clutched the sheet beneath her as he mastered her body.Andrea’s breathing turned heavy and irregular. She’s not sure whether she’s supposed to breath or not in certain moments. When he touched her, she caught her breath. When he roughly squeezed her breasts, she caught her breath again.“That’s it. Let them hear you.” He whispered against her skin. His mouth pressing wet kisses on her naked body. And then, he captured one breast into his mouth and sucked. The bolt of pleasure that went through her body was dizzying. She’s no virgin but her previous encounters were nothing like this. Those were clumsy, messy and total embarrassments. She hadn’t felt any pleasure, only pain.But now… her hazy gaze searched for his face. She reached out to touch his hair and guide him as he tasted her body. He moved from one breast to the other and it was bliss to her. She gasped and moaned loudly as his fingers delv
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Chapter 2 – An underlying attraction
Wayne pounded into her as her cries echoed around the walls. He thought it might take a while before he can have her but she proved to be ready and willing. She didn’t resist. She reacted sweetly to his every touch. When he entered her, it seems her insides were sucking him in. She was tight and her warmth was pleasurable to him. Her body and skin were too soft. She was very pliant. He grunted against her neck as he spilled his seed inside her. Her body trembled beneath him and she whimpered after shouting in ecstasy. She was panting against his ears. He’s not finished with her yet, though. Only now did he realize how brilliant his decision was. She would be a nice companion in bed. But of course, she’s his wife. New wife. For a moment, he was reminded of the previous one and his expression darkened.Andrea didn’t notice anything as she’s too exhausted to move and open her eyes. Her body was still reacting to his movements, though. Soon, she coul
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Chapter 3 – The Proposal
Andrea’s aware of his past marriage. He hasn’t been involved with anyone after his divorce. At least, not one that has been reported on the news. She did read up on his latest news when she considered asking him for help, just to get a feel of what he’s like at the moment.“Since you’re not currently involved with anyone, this might not be unappealing to you. Read it.” He languidly sat on the couch, stretching his right arm on the backrest.Must he be so overbearing? She’s more interested in the “why” than the “what”.As she looked at the document, she took some time to think about the situation. Why would he propose such a thing? He’d been married before. If she were him, she might completely vow never to marry again. She’d been in failed relationships and she’s almost close to becoming a cynic. Yeah, sometimes she would think that finding a person who you can have a prior agree
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Chapter 4 - Agreement
Andrea bit her lip as she continued to read. Treatment of in-laws. She would move in with him as soon as she agrees, even before the wedding. Hmm… he said none are negotiable. Well, stump!Household conduct. Facilities. Properties. Prenup Agreement. Well, he must need that one. She’s no one whereas he’s this tycoon ruling the business world. No divorce. No settlement upon separation.Acts that are considered cheating. She decided to confirm her understanding of each one. As expected, he’s not unreasonable. Of course, she has male friends! Those shouldn’t be counted against her.“What do you think?” He asked while glancing at his wrist watch.Subconsciously, she looked down at her own. Well, she might’ve taken much of his time. If she’s not mistaken, she’d been here for more than an hour already.Wayne cleared his afternoon schedule just for this, but he’s simply used to working ever
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Chapter 5 – Scheduling a First Date
It was a bad idea to kiss her. Wayne realized as he glanced at the closed door of his office. She tasted sweet and he relished in the way she responded to him.When he was forming the contract in his mind, he thought he might as well satisfy his physical needs. She would be his wife, anyway, so kissing and having sex should be normal. He would admit that she’s attractive and he was attracted. At least, physically.But that kiss… he hasn’t engaged in bedroom activities since the divorce. He was fairly disgusted with women at that point and didn’t want anything to do with them. It worked well for his business as he shifted all his attention to that. How long was it since he enjoyed a woman’s body and relished in carnal pleasures?Six months would be too long, he groaned as he realized that now.The plan has been set in motion. His sisters know she’d come to see him. He’d let her visit his office a few more times be
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Chapter 6 – Have fun
She’d already mentioned to her family that someone agreed to help them restart their business. She might have mentioned Wayne’s name to her mother. She keeps her parents updated every time she meets with Jay.When her mother saw her preparing in her room, seemingly unable to decide which dress to wear for tonight’s date, she asked her questions.“Where are you going?”“Oh, uhm… outside.” Right. Her mother smiled at how flustered she looks.“Going out on a date? You can never go wrong with a black dress.”Andrea hesitated, unsure. Won’t black be too sad, though? She didn’t want to feel like going to a funeral.“Or the white one.” Mrs. Payne noticed her misgivings, but she hadn’t denied that it was a date. She smiled. It has been a while since she introduced someone to them.She bit her lip. Won’t it be close to a wedding dress, though? Well
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Chapter 7 – A dance and a kiss
“You will be living there with me. Are you planning to stay on a corner and not move?”Wow, Andrea didn’t think he would explain so much to her and to use a somewhat sarcastic tone. She slightly shook her head.Maybe he hasn’t changed much. This characteristic of his is reminiscent of his childhood.After the main course was served, they were left alone again.“You know, if it’s like this, we could’ve had our date at your place.” She noted.“This is publicity.”She stared at him after hearing such. “What?” She almost stuttered. Are they being watched right now? She looked around, but she couldn’t exactly see past the glass walls.“It’s private. Since this is our first date, surely no one knows yet. Later, people would start to notice. If speculations are made about us, we have our story to tell and we’ll have evidence to back things up. Thi
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Chapter 8 – Asking to meet
“How was it?” Mrs. Payne greeted Andrea with a question.She can only blush. The story they’re going with is that something happened between them last night. Well, something did surely happen.“I’m guessing there’s going to be a second date.” Her mom knows how to tease.“Yes.” She smiled back as she follows her to the kitchen.“Did you have breakfast?”“Uh huh.” She went to get a water from the fridge.“So, what can you tell me about this guy? You like him?” Her mother was starting to prepare lunch.“I wouldn’t have dated him if I don’t like him, would I?” She replied.“Of course. So, you like him. What’s he like? Tell me something.” Her mother almost demanded. She knew that tone.“Well…” She proceeded to tell her about where they had dinner last night. The dance. The kiss
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Chapter 9 – More dates and meeting in-laws
Andrea came to the office with some snacks. Tina was surprised to receive a portion from her. Her boss never asks for snacks. Maybe she should’ve mentioned that to Ms. Andrea? But she specifically said that she’ll drop by at this time. Ah, never mind. She is hungry. If her boss likes her, he would appreciate whatever she brings.She quietly ate as she eyed the door to his boss’ office. Hmm, should she prevent anyone from going in? Maybe?Andrea’s quite surprised at how their “relationship” really seem normal. When she showed him the food she brought, she hadn’t needed to coax him to eat or something. He stood up on his own and sat next to her on the couch.But after looking at the food, he stated, “I wanted something else.”She’s not sure how to feel. Disappointed? Embarrassed?“Oh, then I’ll get that next time? What is it?” When she turned to him, she was immediately con
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Chapter 10 – Have gotten married
There weren’t many chances for them to display their affection.But Wayne was aware that such details should be provided. He remained close to her, one hand on her waist or at her back. When there’s a lull in the conversation, he would steal kisses from her. Though Andrea knew it must be for show, she genuinely feels embarrassed and flustered.When Mr. Anderson asked his wife for a dance, the Payne couple followed urging Wayne and Andrea to do the same. Aria was reminded of the scene she witnessed weeks ago. Well, her brother looks satisfied and in love. He can’t keep his hand and eyes off of her.During the second piece of music, his brother actually repeated the scene. Andrea finally let go of the embarrassment and kissed him back, giggling when she accidentally nipped his lip.“Sorry.” Her apology was met by more insistent kisses. It was hard to french kiss without disgusting their company.It was all too easy to th
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