You Can Run But You Can't Hide My Contractual Wife

You Can Run But You Can't Hide My Contractual Wife

By:  Lady Aston  Completed
Language: English
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"Let me borrow your husband for one night and I spare your dad's life." Trishia Meyer, the daughter of the Senator said. Arabella Jones was dumbfounded. She had to make a choice. To saved her father's company, Arabella had agreed to marry the evil billionaire, Bill Sky. They were bound to meet again after their coincidental kissed that night. They agreed to sign a non-disclosure contract and they swore not to love each other. Sacrificing herself to be with the domineering cold man and turning a blind eye to his sexual affairs with other women were some of the things she needed to endure everyday. Marriage with no love. Now that she conceived his baby, he wanted it to be aborted instantly. She thought that the baby inside her tummy would bring them closer together but he accused her on deceiving him. He looked at her as a two-timer and the worst gold digger. Arabella Jones then made a promise to herself that she would do everything to live a happy life with her baby away from him. Little did she knew, it's not for her to decide, that if the billionaire's wrath would allow her.

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This romance novel evolves about being betrayed and sacrificing for one's life. Arabella Jones is a sacrificial child, a contractual wife, and a chained mother. This contractual wife to a billionaire had to make a choice to give away her husband for a woman to save her dad. She became very baffled now after knowing that she is pregnant with Bill's child. After her contractual marriage to Bill for saving her dad's company, seems like she couldn't decide for the baby and herself anymore. Read more of the story to find out about her journey towards her sweet escape or bitter imprisonment.

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keeya monte
awesome bk, but too much marrying & divorce & sex from bill & arabella
2024-03-27 07:14:31
user avatar
val eshina
Best book I have read
2024-02-23 18:28:52
default avatar
Love this. Book!I give it 5 stars
2023-08-09 21:32:03
default avatar
Bill is a pig
2023-05-17 02:33:51
user avatar
Retsenaj Edrali
it's a nice book but please don't make it to long!
2023-01-15 04:28:06
user avatar
Zel B. Tan
becoming more interesting, i hope you wont make this story very long.
2022-12-28 00:37:07
user avatar
shine girl
it's a nicebook till date did not regret reading but some chapters were boring but overall a good book... rather the only book for which I waited everyday...
2022-12-21 02:00:48
user avatar
doesn't allow us to give bad ratings deletes negative comments but likes to write negative content only DON'T READ THIS BOOK, YOU'LL REGRET
2022-11-08 22:31:29
user avatar
worst book ever...had i known author is a nymphomaniac sadist who likes women as weak, doing slavery, getting raped still going after the male leads, i wouldn't have started this 430+ chapters still the prime chars haven't talked to each other clearly, they just have sex even when talking is needed
2022-11-08 22:27:57
user avatar
if the rating is less than one star the psychopath author will not approve it, for those who just started reading this STOP, the author is the most sadist person who hates the main character and portrays women as slaves
2022-11-08 02:30:27
default avatar
Dani 122618
Stupid story,stupid author..u are the only author i knew who got a lot of negative reviews.stop writing if u run out of ideas.duh!!!
2022-11-07 23:31:13
default avatar
please end this, how can Bill as intelligent as he is not know that something is wrong some where even though he has lost his memories. please end this drama
2022-11-07 23:22:43
user avatar
Beatrice Adeyemi
please how many chapter this book remains
2022-11-05 21:39:38
user avatar
Omolade Ope
I'm tired. too much repetition
2022-10-16 01:21:18
user avatar
Great book
2022-10-13 11:31:46
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514 Chapters
In capital Z, SKY Corporation is the biggest company and known for its outstanding multi-billion dollars business contribution all over the world. It says "Going against SKY Corporation is like digging your own grave." Nobody dares to provoke. It's entitled the 'Ruthless King' of all business in the City. One can freely imagine to the scariest up to the wildest the 'man' behind the title. That is no other than Bill Sky. The brain behind the 'Ruthless King' corporation. The cold, domineering CEO of SKY Corporation.  Being the 1st is the only term in his dictionary. Saying "NO" is an immortal sin to him and deserve to be punished. "YES" means winning and it is the only answer he wants to hear in this world that is why he is always leading on everything. Bill never loses in any business dealings. At the early aged of 5, he had already his own office in the company where his dad, Ed Sky, trained him to be the next successor.  Bill Sky is the only child of his f
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Finding Instant Wife
In Capital Z, only the most elite could afford the membership of ‘Luxury Bar’. It has the same size of a Five-Star hotel with complete high-end bar amenities and most expensive well- known liquors. They say that every member here has their own exclusive room and personal butlers. Its security is undeniably very tight. That’s why this is the favorite stomping ground of most VIPs. That included Bill Sky. His cousin Gab Kenley, is the owner of this bar. He’s one year younger than Bill and also very good looking. He’s the type of a playful boy next – door.   Marcus Savor is his second cousin. He’s 3 years older than Bill. He also has good genes as him but Marcus had tied the knot last year by his parents’ demand. Savor Group is the leading hoteliers in Capital Z.   The three cousins often meet here for a drink and shared personal and business insights.     “What’s up man?” Gab cheerfully greeted Bill when they entered their VIP room.
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Ms. Arabella Jones
After the incident last night, Arabella spent her day sleeping on her bed. She didn’t mind the time. Her body was still in a deep shocked. ‘That man is really a scumbag!’ she tightened her hug on her pillow while thinking of the arrogant man last night. She tried to remember his face but it’s like a puzzle with a missing piece. ‘Who is he?’ She was curious and at the same time anxious but she couldn’t figure it out. She didn’t even remember how she got out from that place. Jason Hansen, her ex-boyfriend contacted her last night to have a good closure. He dumped her like trash when his family knew the mess she went through. His ex-boyfriend is the CEO of Hansen Group next to SKY Corporation. He is famous in Capital Z with his stunning good look and powerful aura that one can be easily intimidated. Jason was her boyfriend for almost 5 years. They been classmates abroad. Their families were close ever since and he was her childhood sweetheart. Too bad, she neede
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The text message: ‘I am sorry. Forget about the marriage, it will never happen in this lifetime. I cannot go on with this relationship anymore. Let’s end this relationship here. I wish you happiness in the future. I will appreciate if you will not bother me anymore. Good Bye. - Jason.’ She stopped trying to grasp her breath but there’s no air. It’s like the presence of oxygen inside her body was nowhere to found. In an instant, she felt like walking right into a booby-trap and got blown to smithereens. She must be dreaming. This is not true! Her tears finally came flowing like rain drops. She couldn’t help crying. Her heart was stabbed like a million times. It’s bleeding. It ached so much. She just wished to stop the pain. She just wished to end it right away. She wanted to shout. She wanted to cry. ‘Why all things happening to her? Why now? Why me?’ So many questions in her mind but the answers were to no avail. Her knees gave
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The Encounter
A fresh start. That is all Arabella wanted. The turmoil shift of her life was all so sudden. She just remembered stepping out from the plane in Capital Z, she was full of excitement ‘Finally, I’m home!’ she smiles at the thought of it never knowing a big twist of fate awaits her. She was back to her reality, when her doorbell rang twice. ‘It must be Farrah!’ she thought running towards the door without seeing the peephole. No one knows where she lives, only Farrah comes in and out of her apartment. With her pajamas and scattered long smooth hair, she opened the door. “Good Afternoon my Lady!” a tall and dark figure with professional black suit respectfully welcomed her outside the door. He bent slight his upper body as a sign of respect. Together with two others, they were also wearing black suit with black leather shoes and behind them was a black shiny luxurious car. She was shocked. ‘Who are they?’ Are these men of my father?’ ‘Are
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The Proposal
Bill Sky, the CEO of Sky Corporation.   Backed to her senses, she only had 3 hours left. It seems that time is not her friend right now. Arabella had to decide.   ‘Can I really afford to offend Sky Corporation? My Gosh! What should I do?’ she’s talking to herself now. ‘What does he want from me? Is he going to get revenge on me because I hurt him last night?’ she paused for a moment, ‘But I just protected myself.’ She exclaimed. ‘But you were the one who kissed him first you idiot!” her other self reminded her. ‘Yeah, it’s really my fault last night, so what should I have to do now?’ she was pressured since time is running, she needs to decide.   After pondering for a while, she came up to a brilliant idea.   She would see Bill Sky and clear the issue with him. It is better to put an end to it rather than running away from him. ‘Hello? As if she could hide from this powerful man such as the CEO of Sk
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Kiss Me Honey
“Marry me.” Closing the space gap between their bodies, Bill then kissed Arabella like crazy. Devouring her lips like replaying the scene last night. Like a lightning volt flashed, their lips touched. The kiss was so powerful that electrified her entire body making her weaker but she felt something pleasurable in her heart.   Arabella was shocked. Her eyes were wide opened and her body stood in a daze. She couldn’t move for a while.   ‘How she missed this kiss.’ Arabella partially closed her eyes trying to satisfy her thoughts. They have shared several kisses with Jason before but this kiss is something different. She never thought she would enjoy it and worst, to crave for more.   Arabella’s action was abruptly cut by another thought ‘Hey, you need to resist this. You need to focus why you are here.’ So, she quickly lifted her two hands, put on his chest and pushed him away hardly. ‘Damn! His chest was damn so hard!’ Ar
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No Escape
Arabella needs to get away from Sky corporation immediately. Fortunately, the executive elevator was already opened. She quickly jumped inside and pressed the button to closed it. She didn’t care about that contract. She didn’t even care about that scheming jerk. Arabella was still puzzled, all her effort to disguise herself was put into vain. Her plan was a complete failure. Arabella thought that seeing Bill Sky with her eye sore appearance would fast track her situation. She imagined leaving Sky Corporation with a winning smile and after, she would have a sumptuous dinner with Farrah tonight celebrating a good result as planned. She never thought her problem would worsen. She never thought it wasn’t easy to offend Bill Sky.   Now, there’s this crazy man wanted to marry her in spite of her disguise appearance. Not only that she was also tortured by his charisma and seduction without any traced of disgust. Arabella quickly dialed
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The Contract
Bill Sky looked at the girl beside him in the passenger seat. She sleeps without any care of the world. She had a long nose and a small face with too much freckles on it. She has a fair white complexion but he couldn’t see any curves because of the baggy clothes she wore. She didn’t even change her clothes before going to the bar. Marks of tears were traced on her prickly cheeks. One could easily say that this girl went through hard times.   Bill felt a sharp pinched on his heart all of a sudden.   His way of thinking was always in advanced. He would never marry a girl that would just use this opportunity to make his life miserable. Bill never wanted to be tied up by a girl. Those girls he knew will definitely do it to him but not this girl. Her strong refusal towards him simply proved that she’s the right person he needed to do the job.   “I regretted kissing you” Bill recalled her words before she fainted and f
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A Total Player
  Bill’s smile and stare gave her different type of chills inside her nerves and veins. He was teasing her as if he is answering her ‘YES!’. Arabella’s heart immediately raced and her insides were trembling. ‘It can’t be!’ She’s sure that she’s still a virgin. She didn’t find any blood stains on the bed. If it wasn’t for her clothes were changed, she’s sure nothing happened. Her virginity is only for her beloved man in the future. Arabella didn’t want to believe that her long-time principle would be taken away that easy. Arabella then heard footsteps that were coming nearer. A manly scent suddenly greeted her nose. Bill narrowed his eyes at her and lifted her chin to face his sinfully handsome face. “If you were mine, you wouldn’t be able to walk for days.” Bill’s words sent a million sensation to her being. His stare was so strong that it penetrated to her whole body. She hated how her body reacted to his words an
Read more Protection Status