A Mafia's Possession

A Mafia's Possession

By:  Adaririchichi  Ongoing
Language: English
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What if the hero in your story was the villain? Nicole, a black beautiful Nigerian woman, arrives in Italy with Raphael, the don of the Italian mafia following their marriage in Africa when he came for business purposes. She expects to begin a new, exciting journey with him but when a murder that happened in the pasts resurfaces, threatening to burn their future, Nicole sees her marriage and world crumbling before her eyes. A turn of unfortunate events and a mysterious car crash pushes a young man named Miles into their lives and Nicole finds herself trapped in a maze of lies, betrayal, scandals and secret plots as Raphael leaves no stone unturned in inflicting pains to Nicole until she sees death as a means of escaping the hell now known as her life. Will they ever get their happy ending with enemies surrounding them, threatening to destroy both their marriage and their lives? Will Raphael ever be able to win Nicole's heart again and possess her as his once more? Or will he loose every thing as he lets his demons rage havoc in his life? This is a beautiful tale of two star crossed lovers fighting to keep their marriage and love in the midst of various deadly plots. But sometimes, the price of love can be death.

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60 chapters
Chapter 1
NICOLE"Nicole""Nicole"I felt a familiar voice probing into the abyss of darkness I had fallen into accompanied by mild tappings on my shoulder.It slowly drew me out of my unconscious state. I yawned on the back of my palms and I rubbed my eyes trying to regain my full consciousness"We are in italy my love"Raphael gently said as he gave me a tender kiss on the forehead.My eyes immedately shot open and I sat up straight, excitement bubbling within me."Are you serious!?"I practically screamed.He chuckled and nodded his head at me, brushing off strands of my scattered hair from my face and combing it downwards with his hands."We just landed my love. Now I'll lead you to the air hostess while i go make some arrangements ok"I nodded my head at him, my face beaming with smiles as he took me out of the cabin.The beaut
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Chapter 2
NICOLE Soon enough, I noticed our limousine had come to a halt. I took a cursory glance at Raphael who didn't seem suprised or confused. Slowly our limousine began moving. I couldn't see anything at first until we came in front of a huge iron black gate.  I stared at the magnificent iron bars that opened for our limousine to drive inside, jaws dropped.  I peered through the tinted glass and I could see guards almost in every nook and cranny. They looked so anxious.Probably because Raphael was back.   I couldn't see anything infront as other cars drove slowly ahead of us.I decided to keep on peering outside the glass. The environment was so captivating.  A large lawn decorated by colourful flowers and well trimmed grasses spread across everywhere. Mini-fountains oozing pure crystal clear water were spotted at almost every corner. I spotted some lovely picturesque buildings at th
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Chapter 3
NICOLE  I watched Sofia babble on and on about herself and how nice Raphael was. I was so astonished on how she held him in high regards.  The way she spoke off him, one would actually mistake him for a philanthropist. Didn't she know what he was into?  It was impossible to leave in the same house with him and not know the shady things he was into. But she spoke of him so elegantly, so heroically.  Wow. I was the most suprised person on earth at the moment.So far so good, I actually loved their house. Sofia literally took me on a tour round the house. It was as huge as it looked. We explored down stairs before facing upstairs..   There were many hallways upstairs. Some were dimmed making it looked so gothic and scary whilst some were so bright with radiant lights illuminating the pathway.  We
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Chapter 4
Raphael walked into an unhabited two storey building, the chilly wind whipping his hair across his face. The guards immedately straightened their spine once they sighted him coming out of the car in the stark, dark night.He had flew from Rome to Begarmo, a small Italian city, northeast of Milan.This was his home town. It had been so long he stepped his feet on the cobblestone streets of Bergamo.But he wasn't here for a vacation, he was here for one purpose--to kill."Capo" the guards greeted with their heads bowed down, none of them daring to look him in the eye.Raphael entered inside with his entourage of guards and headed towards the underground cellar of the building.There were three guards standing outside the huge iron door at the end of the staircase. They instantly went stiff, fear and dread coursing through them on spotting Raphael.They bowed their heads as a sign of respect to Rap
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Chapter 5
NICOLE      I felt empty and light. My eyes squeezed tightly as I stretched my hands to feel the warmth of the body I had cuddled up with last night. I felt nothing just a ruffled duvet. I tapped on it about three times, stretching my hands to touch Raphael but I couldn't feel his body.  I immedately flew my eyes open and sat up straight, eyes roving around the room as if Raphael would immedately appear out of thin air.  I stared at the sheets in blank amazement then my eyes narrowed to the windows, the awe inspiring sun rays dancing in through the curtains."Fuck where is Raphael?" I inaudibly grumbled. I came out of the bed and went towards the curtains.Separating them, I poked my head outside the window observing the beautiful garden behind.  "Hello italy"I murmured with a smile
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Chapter 6
NICOLE  I and Raphael walked down the cobble streets of Rome. Everything felt so amazing and surreal; the brilliant sun shining down happily, the cars bustling and people flowing like a tide.This was how I wanted it to be, we were spending time together like a normal couple. Raphael had asked if we should take a car but hell no.  I insisted we walked. How would I enjoy my tour if we don't walk hand in hand and relish the moment? He brought along two disposable cameras that each had space for about sixty photographs. That way we could capture the moments of our beautiful tour.  The street we were in had a lot of old Italian apartments, balconies that had people's clothes and rugs hanging out of it. The road was cobbled and it added to the beauty.  Loud chirpings from men and women both young and old filled the air. I looked around with a beam on my fa
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Chapter 7
NICOLE    Yesterday had been such a blast. Our tour, the bonding, tasting of different dish; it was so exquisite and beautiful.I wished our day wouldn't end.I saw an entirely different side of Raphael on the water taxi.    He wanted to know all the Disney fairytales he had missed growing up. It was like I was telling a child a story. His eyes always seem to glint up and sparkle with life with each story I told him.I truly loved that.I was so tired when we arrive back home. The moment my body touched the soft sheets of our bed, I totally slept off.    I'm sure Raphael must have cuddled me because I woke up in his arms. He slept so soundly.He looked extremely beautiful. His features were all relaxed, his chest gradually heaved, his long hair was ruffled up and some strands covered his forehead. His eyelashes were truly so lon
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Chapter 8
NICOLE   He just pulled out a gun!I stared jaw ajars at it and trepidation seized me. I tightened my hold on Raphael and closed my eyes, pressing my body against his.  "You aren't the only one that knows how to use a gun Dante"I heard Raphael say. My eyes flew open and I saw Raphael slowly bringing out a gun from his pocket.This was getting scary.Raphael immedately cocked it and twirled it around his slender fingers."Raphael.."I whispered in fear.He looked down at my frightened self and kissed my forehead. "Shhh Bella. I'm here ok"I heard his grandfather falsely chuckle. We both then trailed our gaze to him as he stared angrily at us. I don't get it. Why doesn't he like me? He just met me so why the dislike?"You have the guts Raphael to go to Africa and pick a barbarian as a w
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Chapter 9
  Nicole broke down into tears, slumping on the floor with her body shaking vigorously. She never believed events would turn out this way. It was just a simple dinner. Everybody was meant to eat, relax and get to know each other more. She hoped Armani would like her the way Aurora did but now everything was ruined.   Armani hates her for no reason. And now Raphael was being led away for his punishment as a result of the brawl he got into with Dante. Dante was such a pain in the ass. How could he say those things to his own brother? His own blood. How could he wish his own brother dead?  The more Nicole thought of it, the more tears streamed down her cheeks and flooded her vision. Aurora and Sofia quickly went over to Nicole, trying to get her to stand up."Child please do you want to cry yourself to death?"Aurora softly asked as she held Nicole's hand."W-what will he-h
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Chapter 10
NICOLEA week had passed after that torrential event that took place in the mansion.Up till now, just the thought of what took place that uneventful night still shook me to my bones. I struggled to get the image of Raphael's bleeding shoulder out of my head.Seeing how ruthless Armani was to his own grandchildren made me realise how frightening Raphael's childhood would have been.I felt so sorry for Raphael. He grew up in harsh conditions. Though filthy rich, he was already burdened up with life responsibilities as a child.Getting initiated into a mafia from a young age without having the tiniest clue of what he was getting himself into proved to be so fatal for his childhood.I found myself praying so fervently for my dear husband. I truly didn't like seeing him in pain.It broke me into agonising pieces watching him bleed so much that night.<
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