Blood Wolves: The Ressurection

Blood Wolves: The Ressurection

By:  Delmi Revier  Completed
Language: English
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As the next Priestess of the Blood Wolves Clan, Asha Blood would have never imagined that her clan's peace and prosperity for thousands of years would vanish in the hands of the royalty that they have been serving with utmost sincerity and almost manic loyalty. The destruction of the Blood Wolves Clan was like an unexpected storm that arrived and left as it pleased. As the holy servants of the goddess, how can they fall to such an extent? Laying in her own pool of viscous rustic blood as she felt the warmth of life leaving her body, Asha's dark pupils burned with endless hate and indignation.

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153 chapters
Chapter 1: BloodThird Person’s POVRings of incessant dark smoke swirled haphazardly as the burning abodes in the paradise-like clearing issued mournful creaking sounds. But it is being drowned by the wanton laughter of madness and screams of despair echoing in the closed-off walls of the now bloodstained land.“Lady Asha, please follow me obediently and don’t look back! We can’t afford to let the Blood Wolves Clan be wiped out without a single bloodline.” A rough but honest voice drilled into Asha Blood’s hazy mind and ears filled with the broken cries of her clansmen.She dazedly looked up to the worried and anxious face of Soran, her personal guard that has been following her since she was given the title of heir to be the next Priestess of their Blood Wolves clan.Asha’s bloodshot eyes blinked rapidly as beads of tears fell one after another on her pale cheeks.She is still rejecting the reality
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Chapter 2: DeathThird Person’s POVAt the central part of the blessed land, in an open square surrounded by the burning buildings of the Blood Wolves clan, a group of men and women in luxurious attires stood in front a couple of heavily wounded individuals with indifference and greed blatantly showing in their noble and haughty faces.The king of the Artermia Kingdom, King Regor Ark stood at the helm of the group while looking down empathetically at the fallen warriors and Priestess of the Blood Wolves Clan.The feeling of exhilaration flowing in King Regor’s body could not be any more intoxicating as he smiled benevolently at the jade-like beauty of the Priestess in front of him.King Regor lifted his hand to pinch the Priestess’ chin as he used his other hand to caress her soft and silky black hair. It is as if he is caressing a treasure that he could not bear to part with.“Priestess Eva’s beauty could even
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Death II
Death IIThird Person’s POVPriestess Eva’s bloodcurdling scream pierced through the darkened sky filled with smoke. And the escaping clansmen of the Blood Wolves clan shuddered in horror as they looked back to the central square.Indignation and hate clouded their visions, and their escaping figures did not hesitate to go back to where the scream is coming from while disregarding everything to fight to the death with their pursuers.They might fear the sickle of death, but they could not let anyone taint their clan’s honored Priestess without retaliation.The Blood Wolves clan’s population is only less than five hundred individuals, and half of them are the old that are long past their prime, and children that are still unable to defend themselves from adult soldier werewolves of the Royal Ark clan that has been polished to endure the cruelty of a battlefield.Discordant cries of unwillingness continued to ring in th
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Death III
Death IIIThird Person’s POVThe moonless night allowed the darkness to deepen, and even shadows could not be seen to the scattered soldiers of the Royal Ark Clan that are now cleaning up the breathless bodies of the clansmen of the Blood Wolves clan.Each cold body of the children, women, elderly and the warriors are piled up like small hills at the central square where Priestess Eva’s body lays.The trail of blood and the burnt down buildings around the central square added to the gloom of the darkest night that have ever happened to the peaceful-loving Blood Wolves clan.The sounds of bodies scraping the ground seems more prominent as the blessed land quieted down with the last bouts of killings to those member of the Blood Wolves clan that have managed to escape to the edge of their lands but were unable to leave due to their intense loyalty.Soran curled down on the rough ground of the dark tunnel as he tried to clutch at th
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Erased Third Person’s POV In a place far away from Artemia, inside a small room with only a small wick of candle as the source of light, a tall and noble-looking man stumbled as he supported his weight on the table next to him. An inaudible groan escaped the man’s thin lips that is turning paler by the second followed with his own complexion. A hint of confusion flickered on the pupils shining with the light of the candle in the dark as he seems to be clueless of what is happening to him. The feeling of weakness came over his entire body without any signs, and it almost swallowed his reasons as the pain that followed seems to be coming from the depths of his soul. It is similar to the feeling of death, but the man could not guess the reason of his body’s sudden strangeness as the weakness and pain also disappeared as quick as it came. At the flash of dawn, the chaos in the blessed lands of the Blood Wolves clan finally abated, but the
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LifeThird Person’s POVSoran mourned for Asha and the rest the Blood Wolves clan members that have lost their lives unjustly in just a night.He carried Asha’s cold body to the temple of the Blood Wolves clan that is especially built for the Priestess. The temple’s position is at the peak of the only mountain of the blessed land.And it is for the Priestess to be closest to the pure light of the moon that feels the same as the origin of their existence.Soran trudged up towards the rough terrain while carrying Asha on his back. Sweat trickled down his pale and haggard face as he single-mindedly continued his trek with pupils blended in darkness.The warm touch of the morning sun did nothing to alleviate the coldness that is currently occupying his heart and soul.Soran has never felt so useless and pained. He could not protect Asha, and he is alive while the rest of his clansmen are dead.He could not even se
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Life II
Life IIThird Person’s POVAnother day passed, and it has been two days since the destruction of the Blood Wolves clan. King Regor is currently seated on his throne as he looked down at the officials of the kingdom and werewolf clan leaders of the of the thirty strongest clans in Artemia.The full moon is approaching in less than a week, and it has been a tradition of every werewolf living in Selestine to celebrate the night while giving respects to the Moon goddess in the plane of the gods.King Regor’s neutral expression does not show any of his thoughts, but he has long felt the discontent of needing to worship someone who is not even living in this land.“Your majesty, our clans has already started to cooperate in accordance with the celebration ritual of worship, and even the precious herbs to be used lighting the moon flames are now on the way to be delivered here from the deep canyons in the south.”One of the
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Change Third Person’s POV Selestine, the land of the wolves is a vast and verdant land filled with towering mountains and snaking forests. The Moon goddess created his beloved werewolf race while allowing them to occupy Selestine with freedom to slowly build their own civilization. Four kingdoms gradually emerged from the nomadic and scattered tribes of the first werewolves, and they individual clans formed as the kingdoms progressed to the right track. Artemia Kingdom is situated at the central part of Selestine, Fressia Kingdom that was made up of the Arctic wolves rooted themselves up in the north, and the west and east is the territory of the Black and White Kingdom that adheres to their own beliefs without much love for their creator. But, the two kingdoms still follows the inherent celebration of the full moon while worshipping the Moon goddess along with their own invented gods. The Black Kingdom in the west is a kingdom filled with wild and ag
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Change II
Change IIThird Person’s POVFour days passed in the blink of an eye and it is already the time of the full moon celebration for all of the werewolf clans in Selestine. The hot rays of the sun did not diminish the enthusiasm of the citizens of Artemia as they prepared for the worship ritual by following their ancestors to fill their homes and roads with lamps designed like small moons and stars.The light of the day could not fully show the breathtaking beauty of these lamps and lanterns, and it will shower Artemia and the other kingdoms with shimmering brilliance as soon as the night descends.But all of the joy and enthusiasm of the full moon celebration does not include Asha.It has been four days since she left the blessed land of the Blood Wolves clan, but she is only at the outskirts of the south of Artemia Kingdom. Asha’s current plan is to go to the Fressia Kingdom of the Arctic wolves to create her own force, but she needs to t
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Full Moon
Full MoonThird Person’s POVWind whistled past the carriage as it ambled swiftly through the dust-filled road accompanied by the rushing hooves trampling down the scattered grasses of the capital city’s outer periphery.It has been five hours since Asha sat inside the narrow space at the back of the carriage that is full of secured wooden crates. She could not even feel her own body anymore due to the numbness, but her mind is not even focused on the pain that used to be unbearable to her on a daily basis as it floated faster than her to the capital where the Royal Ark clan’s ancestral home is situated.A ball of regret could not be diminished in her heart as she thought of the fact that she is unable to do anything when her enemies are just close at hand.A sudden stop caused the carriage to shake as the sounds of neighing rang loudly in the air with the boisterous voices of the middle-aged uncle and his subordinates.&ld
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