The Crystal Lake University

The Crystal Lake University

By:  Supremo Ace C  Ongoing
Language: English
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As daughters are forbidden in the Silvenia Clan, Rilee is tired of living hidden in the shadows. She went to find the love and acceptance she desperately wanted. But it came in the form of luring in her family's mortal enemy at The Crytal Lake University. Will she choose love or her family?

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51 Chapters
Every night,starting 7 pm to midnight,my brothers would always call me to go to a racing.This is one of their daily routines and the most important one.At first,I thought I will enjoy watching them race with others.Those unique cars and motorcycles,those skilled racers,the huge racing area,but I was wrong.It was not just a normal racing that when you win,you will have a prize and if you lose,it will cause shame.What I’m saying is,in the racing we’re going to,it is about death against life that if you lose,you’re dead and that’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.It’s either you kill yourself or the winner will decide your death.Luckily,my brothers never lost.They’re actually one of the best racers in this town. They always include me in their foolishness because they really want me to see what they do and they want me to be just like them.Sometimes I just wish that I had never been born.They treat me as a man not as a woman who is incapable of doing what they do.Gi
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“The racers are now in their cars.Rolly Mendoza,Luke Reyes and Rouge Silvenia!” All the people yelled and each one of them had their own favorites while the four of us just stayed quiet.“The race will start in 5…”The racers started their engine “4..” Their car lights were on. “3..2...1..”and the flag went up and they drove their cars so fast through the finish line. Rouge is currently leading.As soon as he almost reached the finish line,someone bumped into his car that caused his car to roll over.We Silvenia have stood because of shock. I wanted to shout but Rex shook his head.We just sat and watched what would happen next. “We are sorry to say this,but the race for today is over.Rolly Mendoza,you know the punishment.GOODBYE!”I ran to Rouge to see if he's fine but two men blocked me and told me to wait.One of them pulled a gun and aimed at Rolly Mendoza.I wanted to stop him but I was too late,he shot him in his head one time,in left eye one time and two times in
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“The Crystal Lake University,”He answered.My knee almost weakened when I heard that.The Crystal Lake University.Its like he sold my soul to demons.What kind of father he is?! He went inside and left me shocked and going to burst because of anger.I couldn't be able to say no to his decisionsI saw mom inside the house and was just watching us,as for my brothers,they are also there and listening to what me and my dad is talking about.Not even one of us can do anything to prevent dad from doing what he's planning to do.What can I do?Nothing,Because he is the boss in this house and everyone will just follow him.“Rilee,please forgive your dad” my mom hugged me so tight and I did the same.I will miss her.She is my best friend,my everything and I might not be able to be separated from her.“If you have just grown up as a man, this will never happen” I wipe my tears then separate with mom's hug.I just gave her my last sweetest smile then gave her a peck on her cheeks
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Rilee Villanueva
2 days later--- I get out of the house then drive my way to the crystal lake university using gps.After some hours my gps has put me on the middle of a forest where there's no car to be found.I dropped out of my car and looked at the sky that is almost dark then I noticed a high wall that is surrounded by tall trees.The wall is like as high as THe great wall of china.I just thought what's supposed to be inside that wall,I think that's already the crystal lake university,where demons and monsters live. I hopped in my car and drove through that place with a smile on my face.Im excited and nervous.When I arrived in the are where the tall wall is at,I walk around it and looking for a gate or a small door but I can't see anything all I can see is just a plain black wall.I just noticed that the wall is turning around so I get my stuff on my car and went out to follow the wall.I've been following it for minute but I can't even see any door or windows or anything to get thro
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4 kings
"King Ace, go with her to her classroom", she said to Ace, and he also called Ace, king."Follow me", Ace said looking straight into my eyes. I followed him until we reached a place with four statues."That's King Kurt, King of Hearts", Ace pointed out the first man on my left with a heart engraved above his chest and then holding a bow and arrow. He wore a simple crown, his gentle face drawn that he is a loving man."That's King Earl, King of spades," he pointed at the man wearing a spade-shaped crown. He also has a whip in his left hand and holding a gun in his right hand. His posture says that he is a womanizer or woman always chases him."That's King Luke, King of Diamonds", he pointed at a man with a sword and instead of straightening it, it had a diamond-like curve. Its handle was also diamond-shaped. His crown is higher than the first two.I could not figure out what kind of person he was, because what I could see in his eyes was blank."And that's me,
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---Week Later---Each day of last week is the same except for the 1st day as I got trouble with King Luke.Today I am going to the library to find information about TCLU. I have been to the library and I have been looking at many bookshelves. This library is large enough that almost all students can be here but no one is. I only saw the old librarian that sat in front of a stack of books while reading."This is what you are looking for", I was surprised when she spoke and raised a book with the title,UPRISING.I know it’s for me as I am the only one here. I opened the book. First page, table of contents. I just selected to open the middle because I didn't have time.August 2008Seraphim Orphanage is slowly dying.Toddlers might as well. A young guy named Michael, Changes his world, controls the population.July 2015It's not love, it's infatuation.He's at worst and she's the reason.Love can make a broken heart.But love can warm a lonely night
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Black Arrow
“Black Arrow,a rebel group is pestering the Hell Devils”,she said. “Okay,See you soon,Rilee.Take Care”,she said then left.When the shooting stopped,I just decided to go to Rufin, the Journalist and Photographer of the University.Maybe,he can answer my questions.I just walk through his office."What do you need?"Rufin Asked as I entered his office."I have questions", I replied, "And I know you can answer them", I added."Questioning can kill you. The more you find for answers, the closer you are in danger", he said.“I just want to know what’s happening.I almost died”,I said."Many things happen. Many students break the Hell Devil's law. Many fight against them and they are just good to everyone for now. It is a mistake to take Hell Devils’ virtue for granted despite their demonic tendencies”,he said as he removed his camera's memory card and tucked it into the laptop in front of him. “Another reason why the 4 kings are mad is due to this necklace found
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History of the Silvenias
"Rilee, please forgive Luke. He is just afraid to encounter that mysterious girl Silvenia.Someone warned him that this woman is dangerous that in just a snap, she can turn TCLU into dust”, Ace said. “We would present her to many people and kill her in front of Silvenia.When we do this, they will stop pestering us and they will disappear into the world of politics. They will also lose their power. They will lose power and everything”,he added."Let me share a short story. It's been decades and we know that in the old days women always follow men . They worked and women were at home and they even called women 'slaves'. Roman Bonifacio Silvenia, a one hundred and two year-old man has thirty sons coming from different women ”, Kurt started. "One of her women was Spanish and her father wanted Roman Silvenia to marry his daughter. The case is Roman Silvenia did not love the girl. Roman Silvenia wanted to leave their place but if he did, all his sons would be killed”he added.
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The Impossible One
---Month Later---"I'm tired", I said, wiping my tears. “The Crystal Lake University sucks”,I continued.I went out. I was walking in the university. I would go to the place where my feet would carry me. Worried if something wrong happens to me. I just needed to rest. I needed to calm down.I looked at the sky high above then close my eyes then letting the wind dry my tears.“Because you are not enjoying everything inside TCLU”,I noticed the one that spoke,she is a teacher.“As a student of TCLU,you must live your life to the fullest”,she said then walk with me. It’s actually good to have freedom but too bad if it’s too much.“Use drugs,make an argument,go and drink liquors,go to a casino and waste money.Do everything you want”,she said.“I’m sorry but I’m too good”,I said, being shy.“I know.But don't good people are the ones who can leave TCLU?Then why are you still here?”,she asked.She’s right.Those devils who have changed,who became a good person,have
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Red Flag
The three left Section C quietly.They returned to the university because it was too early to roam outside. They still had classes that they needed to attend . Standing in front of the university as they stared in. Hell Devil's face could not be painted. Ace, Luke, Kurt and Earl's fists were about to punch someone. Two broken heads, four hands and four feet and a flag in the center of red and definitely blood was used to paint it ,these things were hanged in the building."It's a red flag. It sounds like they're challenging us for a war," Earl said.It was obvious that his keen gaze on the flag that the demons who wanted to challenge and subdue them annoys him."Hell Devils against everyone," Kurt said. "What are we up against?", He added."If so many demons come together, do you think that one is not going to challenge the other one?", Luke said. "They will kill each other first before even killing me. In the end, it’s demon against a demon," he said then walked away from
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