GARBA: A Billionaire Romance

GARBA: A Billionaire Romance

By:  F.C Lawrence  Completed
Language: English
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"Zara... There's a lesson I've learnt in my life. When I see something I want, I grab it with both hands, damn the consequences. I saw you Zara, and you captured me. You stole my heart right from my chest. Now I can't stay away from you. And I know that Louis won't be happy about this but I don't give a damn. I want you Zara." --------------------------------------------------- Zara is a learned and beautiful but naive village girl who gets picked from the village by her aunt to the glorious city of Lagos, where the fun never stops. She signed up for the time of her life, which she gets until she gets entangled with the Garba clan, and shit gets real. Meet the Garbas, Aminu and Patrick, same Dad, different mums. Patrick, being the son from the side chick who was supposed to be aborted, has a vendetta against the rest of the dynasty while Aminu the first and legitimate child is doing everything possible to keep Patrick away from the family business and the dynasty. Their attentions are swayed when they see Zara Okafor and all hell breaks loose. ________

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130 Chapters
Author’s Note!!
Hi guys... This is a new book called GARBA.  I was inspired to write this book after watching one of my favorite web series: THE MEN'S CLUB. 
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Chapter 1.
Zara   I got down from the car that brought my aunt and i from the village and my eyes came in contact with a glorious mansion. I had never seen such an edifice in my life. I was almost sure that I was going to get lost in this place.   "Welcome,
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Chapter 2
 Zara. I opened my eyes when the most beautiful aroma hit my nose. And it was too close to be coming all the way from downstairs. I sat up only for me to see a trolley full of food, different things were in there that I had never seen before. And they all looked delicious. I was so distracted by the food i n front of me that I didn't see Louis standing near the food until he cleared his throat. I looked up at him, he was still as handsome as he was the night before, but he was only wearing a singlet and beach shorts. No hat this time. "Breakfast is served." He said dramatically making me laugh.  "Thank you." I said back to him. This was so thoughtful of him. I didn't eat anything last night so my stomach was way too empty and I was so hungry. "Feel free to indulge." He said in a
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Chapter 3
Zara. We drove into the big black gates of the place called 'The L Hotel'. I couldn't believe that Louis had his own hotel. There were several buildings in the compound with series and series of rooms and balconies. It was breathtakingly beautiful. "You own this?" I asked with the shock I was feeling, very evident in my voice. He chuckled lightly "Of course. I didn't really want to be CEO of my dad's company. I wanted to have my own chain of hotels so me and my dad made a deal, I run the company and he lets me use my trust fund to buy my hotel which of course worked in my favor because now, my money is long!" He said obviously very proud of his achievements. "I don't even want to ask how much the hotel is" I said grinning, knowing that a snarky comment is coming. He started laughing "Do you want to die? I saw the way you almost fainted when you heard the pric
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Chapter 4
Lola on the left, Zara on the right. Song: Imagine Dragons - Thunder. Zara. When I got back to the house, I freshened up and wore some casual clothes I saw in the closet and sat on my bed. I heard a loud ding from my new phone and decided to check what it was. I opened it and saw a message. *Aminu: My fair lady.* The text was from Aminu. How though? How did Aminu even get my number in the first place. I decided to reply him. *Me: How did you get my number and how is your number in my phone?* I sent my reply and waiting for his, this was insane although a part of me felt happy that I was talking to him. A reply finally came in *Aminu: Lol, I knew you would ask that. Well you really should monitor what people do on your phone.* I suddenly remembered when he
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Chapter 5
Patrick Garba above...   Song: Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly.   Zara.   Lola was the devil.   I really disliked that girl with a passion. Jealousy will not kill her.   So after my crying session. Louis gave me some more pep talk before I was able to calm down. I was finally confident that I could handle the job, or so I thought.   Louis introduced me to his secretary and personal assistant Chinonso or Nonso for short. He was really sweet and I liked him.    Then he took me to Lola's office to 'shadow' her for the rest of the week. I initially thought she would be showing me the ropes and give me a tour at least but this girl turned me into a freaking messenger.   "Chizaram go and get this."   "Chizaram go and get that"   "This girl,
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Chapter 6
Zara above.. Song: Joeboy - Baby. Zara. On our way to wherever it was that Aminu was taking me, I got a call from Louis. "Zara I've been looking everywhere for you. Where are you?" He said worriedly like he felt I was kidnapped. "Why didn't you ask your crazy fiancee. You handed me over to her right?" I snapped unknowingly and Aminu gave me a look from the driver's seat. He sighed into the phone "What do you mean by that? I did ask and she said she doesn't know" "What?" My eyes were practically bulging out of my head. That little she devil. "She sent me to give Aminu documents and she told you she doesn't know where I am?" I heard Louis' sharp breath from the other side of the line "Wait what? Isn't that a job for-" "An Assistant, yes I know but she sent me anyway." I cut him off. I was tired of p
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Chapter 7
Tayo above.. (Louis' engaged friend) Song: Adekunle Gold - Orente. Zara. The kiss was slow and passionate. It was like Aminu was telling me how he felt through the kiss. It made me feel things i had never felt before. My brain couldn't think about the consequences of this but could only savour the taste of his lips on mine. My phone message tone suddenly filled the car, making us pull away and also making me come back to my senses. Aminu was breathless and so was I. Aminu put his forehead on mine as we paused to catch our breath. Suddenly regret washed over me like an avalanche. I had just met this man yesterday, and now I'm kissing him. I knew my parents trained me better than that. "What did we just do?" I breathed out, my forehead still rested on Aminu's. "I don't know, but I know that I never want to stop." Aminu whispered huskily.
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Chapter 8
Tiara on the left, Anita on the right. Song: Hillsong United - Good Grace. Zara. The next day was much better than the former. Louis showed me my office which was one of the only offices on the 54th floor. It was just my office, Louis' and the conference room. He also gave me most of the existing paper work of the company for me to study so I can pick up from where the former COO stopped. My office was really beautiful and very big. It was as big as Louis' only more beautiful. The office had purple walls and white curtains with lounge chairs and a plasma TV to the side and a glass desk in the middle with a big chair behind it. It also had two small chairs in front for visitors. There were shelves with a lot of books relating to the shipping business and oil. I was in the middle of studying the papers when Lola barged into my office. I loo
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Chapter 9
Zara's look for the party above... Song: Burna Boy - Gbona. Zara.. Today was the day of Tiara and Tayo's engagement party and I was so excited for them. It had been three weeks since I came to Lagos and it was three weeks of bliss. Aminu and I had still been talking but we hadn't really been with each other alone again since Tea Room because we were hiding from Louis because according to Aminu, Louis wouldn't be happy with him getting near me for some reason. I liked him a lot and I didn't mind hiding. Anita, Tiara and I had been hanging out a lot. They were the ones who really showed me around Lagos. They took me to lounges, clubs, restaurants and basically almost all the cool spots. I really enjoyed my time with them. Tiara with her Teletubby personality and Anita with her more mature but still cheery one. I was yet to meet Lakisha though and a girl they called Flakey, Lanre's
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