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After going through a lot of heartbreak, he decided not to love again. He had been hurt so many times that he forgot the definition of love. He was going to spend his time alone on earth before dying. And even though he had made it his passion to mend broken hearts, he had no intention of healing his own heart. But how could everything suddenly change after one night? How flexible could his determination be after meeting a lady he could connect with on the weirdest level ever? Read and find out what happened to this nasty CEO of Anderson consults.

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      Desmond Anderson gently placed his elbows on his desk as he listened to the woman who was pouring out her matters to him, hoping for a perfect solution. He was known to be a famous counselor on relationship issues and as an erotologist. He knew much about the issues that people always bring to him and offer them the best solution he knew. He hates to see people's hearts  getting broken by the ones they love. He hates to see young ladies crying as a result of broken hearts. 
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Faith Smith dressed hurriedly in her room at the command of her best friend who wanted her to follow her to a party that night. Faith had insisted that she would not be able to go as a result of the night. It was too late to go to a party,but her friend had been so persistent. She had convinced her that they were going to have the best fun of their lives so far and with Eunice's angelic tone of conviction, she could not say no. "O
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   "Hey, Miss," a young man said to Faith, admiring her from head to toe and lucked his lower lip.  "Wow! You're gorgeous," he added in appreciation of her beauty. Faith turned away from Mr. Fish to where the voice was coming from behind her.  'Oh! He must be from the family of apes. How can he be so ugly? Ugh!' she pondered as she shook her head and her face expressing discomfort. 
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    Faith Smith turned from side to side as she was sleeping soundly on a Monday morning. She had turned off her alarm when it had gone off since she was so tired from the previous day's night party. She had sneaked in at dawn when her mother was probably still asleep. Her prayer was for her mother not to notice that. 
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    Ava knelt before her parents in their luxurious sitting room, pleading with tears. She had been begging for their approval of her courtship, but her parents, most especially her mother, wouldn't yield to what she was saying. Her mother kept telling her to find another man that was suitable for her. "Mum, I love this guy. He is the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with. No one else," Ava persisted.
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  'Driver?' Faith wondered as she entered into the gate of the big firm called Anderson consults. She found herself looking in amazement at the big firm and had her mouth agape after entering the front gate. "Hey! Where do you think you are going that you just enter like that?" A man in a security uniform said to her, making her turn back and glare at him. 
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     The strict man, also Mr Fish, stared at her rather expressionless. He took his seat once again with a calm gesture to the seat before him, which was separated by a large desk. Faith shut her mouth and went to sit on the offered chair, but not tearing her eyes away from his face.  'Mr strict fish,' she concluded the name in her mind which, to her surprise, made the man look back at her after he had looked a
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Desmond was quite shocked,so he quickly looked away so as not to appear weird. He was quite cynical about who the thought belonged to. Was it his? The grumpy lady before him had not uttered a word to him for a few minutes now. She had not opened those lips that looked cravingly soft. But those thoughts seemed to be hers?  He had heard her thoughts again. It was so confusing. He could not get it off his mind, since it had neve
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Ava sat surprisingly with Gabriel before her parents. She had been really amazed and glad when her mother had called her to tell her to invite Gabriel over to their house. She had told her that she'd approved of her relationship with the man. Ava could not have been more elated. Now, they were just listening to her mother as she repeated what she had told her daughter in the presence of them all which made Ava smile broadly with j
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Desmond smiled as he listened to Ava explain what had happened to him. He had not believed it at first, thinking that the simple method could not have worked that easily. He became convinced as a result of the smile on the lady's face. It was not faked, but a genuine one, meaning that the method had actually worked. All he could see on her face was happiness, pure happiness. And that was what he wanted for all his  'patients' as a 'doctor.'  
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