Love Never Ends

Love Never Ends

By:  Alina Neel  Ongoing
Language: English
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Shyla is a lovely girl, and she has loved Nolan unconditionally since a young age. She forced Nolan to marry her. However, she didn't make him fall in love with her after the 5-year marriage. when she knew her life only had ten months, she decided to cherish these days. She didn't tell Nolan she was ill. But she agreed to divorce Nolan after ten months, as long as he could treat her better when he was still her husband. However, Nolan's first love came back, who ruined her marriage. She could only witness her husband to sleep with another woman. When she finally give up her marriage in despair, she suddenly found she was pregnant.....

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41 chapters
Chapter 1
On the 5th of September 2020, Shyla Fisher received a piece of alarming news out of the blue..   "Mrs. Bernard, your gastric cancer has reached the final stage. If you don't treat it on time, you may not live for more than ten months. Please be mentally prepared."   Shyla couldn't believe it. A mere medical examination pushed her to death's doorstep.   There were only ten months left in her life.   Calming her breath, Shyla took out her phone from the pocket and pressed the speed dial. "Nolan, where are you? Will you come back for dinner tonight? If so, I'll buy some groceries now and ask the housekeeper for help to cook your favorite dishes."   There was no answer for a long while.   Shyla bit her dry lips and she couldn't hold back her tears as they rolled down onto her palm.   On the other hand, Nolan Bernard replied nonchalantly, "No,
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Chapter 2
When Shyla called out the name, she felt as if her heart was being cut by a knife. This name was a malignant tumor in the heart, but it was the woman of Nolan's heart.   At that time, she forced Nolan to marry her by driving Ekta away at all costs. She even forced Ekta's mother to die. Ekta got disheartened and left Nolan. This gave Shyla the opportunity to use her family wealth to force Nolan into marrying her.   Nolan hated her for many years, and he especially didn't like her mentioning Ekta.   Today, she broke the rule again.   Nolan clenched his fists and turned his head to look coldly at Shyla. "What right do you have to mention her?   To be an obedient Mrs. Bernard, you must first shut your mouth!"   She had never mentioned Ekta in front of Nolan, because she didn't want to destroy their relationship by mentioning her. "Oh, I won't mention it in the fu
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Chapter 3
Ekta was beautiful and tall. Her appearance was well matched by Nolan. On the other hand, after Shyla became a housewife, she only wore a T-shirt and long pants without makeup, just like a plain old housewife. Shyla couldn't be compared with Ekta because, other than giving Nolan the best image of herself, she didn't care for anyone else. "Nolan, this tie is really pretty and it suits you." Ekta held the tie towards Nolan. Nolan wore a doting smile on his face and said, "Whatever you choose is beautiful." Ekta smiled shyly and said, "Put it on quickly." Nolan obediently removed the tie he was wearing and handed it to Ekta. He then put on the new tie around his collar. Ekta pursed her lips. "This tie is too old-fashioned. Throw it away and wear the new one." "Okay." Across from them, Shyla relied only on a few pieces of clothing to hide her
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Chapter 4
Nolan thought that she was pretending and acted deliberately like that in front of Ekta.   He said Twisted Skylars and asset, "What is the meaning of this? Is it so disgusting that you vomit like this?   Shyla shook her head. It's good, but I'm not used to the taste.   Nolan said sarcastically, "Are you jealous? I've been with Ekta for so long, but I've never seen you acting so weird today. Are you unhappy to have the position? As Mrs. Bernard without us in love with each other?"   Shyla and Nolan were childhood sweethearts and they had known each other for more than 20 years. Their parents were best friends and they had been engaged since childhood. Since Shyla was young and understood the love between men and women, she had been in love with Nolan.   This love lasted 13 years. Yet Nolan treated her coolly. He had never noticed that she had loved him for such a long time. Her lo
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Chapter 5
It was Nolan, knowing that he had come back. Shyla's eyes filled with tears.She quickly got up and held Nolan's shoulder. "Nolan, can you stay with me?"Shyla could only beg Nolan to give her some warmth and a hug. Loving Nolan, Shyla was petty as she put down her dignity and ego.She might realize it on the day when she would be heartbroken, but there was not any chance. She had promised to spend the rest of her time with Nolan."Okay".Nolan hadn't had the heart to refuse. He had known Shyla for so long and, even without love, he treated her as his friend and family.No matter how much he hated being bound with Shyla through marriage, he couldn't bear seeing her being frightened and uneasy at home.Nolan carried Shyla into the bedroom to sleep. Then, he went to get some candles to light up every corner of the room.Shyla felt a warmth in her heart. She was very content with him.That night, after making love, Shyla held Nolan's waist while Nolan rubbed
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Chapter 6
Shyla held on tightly to Nolan's arm and said with difficulty.'Yes'Nolan's eyes turned bloodshot and were filled with hatred as he gazed at Shyla. There was disappointment and disgust in his gaze. "If I went there much later, she'd be dead!"What?Shyla was shocked. How was it possible?Shyla didn't quite understand. Ekta had still been alright last night when she had cried for Nolan to accompany her over the phone. She had merely hung up the phone and that had led to a serious matter?"I don't know.""It was you who left her to die. Ekta asked me for help as she was robbed and had almost been raped. At the last moment, she called me but you answered the call. Not only did you not save her, but you also didn't call the police. If it weren't for her desperately resisting, she would have been raped. She is now in the ICU at the hospital and has just been rescued. When did you become so cruel?"Nolan tightly grabbed Shyla's neck as if he wanted
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Chapter 7
While holding Ruhi's hand to walk forward, Shyla suddenly looked up to find Nolan in front of her. She was a little taken aback but soon she hid her surprise and continued walking calmly.   “What are you doing here?" Nolan asked.   Ruhi's face was full of indignation. "Do you know that Shyla……”   Shyla pulled at Ruhi's hand to stop her from continuing her sentence.   "I'm here to see Miss Turner."   Nolan curled his lips and asked sarcastically. "Are you that kind?"   "Yes, let's visit her since she has been staying here for half a month." Shyla's words were full of irony.   As Shyla followed Nolan into the ward, she quickly noticed that Ekta's face was pale and there was a tetanus injection on her forehead. Ekta lost some weight and did a lot of self-infliction. She had made a great effort to stir up the relationship between Shyla and No
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Chapter 8
Shyla sometimes felt that she was a little shameless as she had done useless things for Nolan. She tried her best to keep calm and avoid getting discouraged by Nolan's words. She replied, "There will still be a divorce, and the child is yours nevertheless."   Nolan sneered, thinking that Shyla was joking. She worked so hard to give birth and planned to give the child to him after that. Did she think that he would believe these words? It was complete nonsense.   "Such a great idea. However, you're so calculative, so why should I believe you? You must give up the child!" Nolan said cruelly.   Shyla's face was drained of color. She could not believe what   she heard. Did he just say he wanted to be rid of the child?   Shyla was unwilling to do so. His cruel words broke down her line of defense. "No, I'm going to give birth to the child. It is our child."   "Do y
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Chapter 9
In one of the hospital rooms, sitting across from Nolan was a man in a white gown. He was Ivan Young, Ruhi's husband and also Nolan's best friend. "Yes, Shyla came to the hospital. She's pregnant." Nolan's face was gloomy. It seemed a guy like Nolan was having helpless moments like right now. While he was influential and powerful in the business world, he had some difficulties in his relationships. His heart was blooming with happiness when he thought he was going to be a father, but his mind was in turmoil when he thought his child's mother was Shyla. He doesn't know what he wants, he doesn't know what to feel. Ivan Young neglected his friend's gloomy face, as he continued to speak, "I heard Ruhi commenting that you are a jerk." Nolan didn't care, as he was indeed a jerk when he was involved in Shyla's matters. "However, Shyla loves you. After so many years,
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Chapter 10
Nolan dragged Shyla away from the car. Shyla lost her balance and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Vivaan supported her. Shyla looked back at Nolan, as she didn't understand his action. "Nolan, don't forget that you are getting a divorce today," Vivaan reminded him. Nolan said coldly, "Shyla was still my wife before we got a divorce. I can't tolerate any outsider to meddle in her business!" Shyla was then dragged into Nolan's car. Shyla struggled, but she couldn't free herself from Nolan's grip. She shouted, "What is the meaning of this? Let me go." Nolan sneered and turned to stare at Shyla. "No wonder you wanted to get a divorce. You have already thrown yourself into Vivaan's arms. Do you think that, since no one loves you, you could look for Vivaan? You have a change of heart really fast." Nolan's sarcasm made Shyla's face turn pale. She didn't want
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