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Being the best Beta may be a simple task for Beta Logan. Everyone had predicted his victory over other Betas of the other Pack. He is stronger, respected, and loved. What will happen when he was knockdown just once, even at the beginning of the combat? What happened to him which make him so weak that combat day? What will he do when his brother was crown the Best Beta and he chooses Logan's Mate as his? When Cynthia was told to choose between her family or her mate. who will she choose? Being denotes from Beta to Omega who serve his brother, Logan sees . But he will never give up. To fight for the truth. For being the stronger to be the weaker. He rises back to being the strongest. But not without a female help. Who will be his mate after he had his revenge on his brother - Cynthia, Celia, or Bella? The story just begins... The road of jealousy is wide... But the way to seeking vengeance will take longer but it will be achievable when two come together to make way... Read on! Comment and rate.

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116 Chapters
The tispy night
The sky was clear tonight. Logan looked out on the soft twilight that casted on his Tyrian purple-colored desk that was sitting just at the edge of his room, which he mostly found himself staring at every night before he fell asleep. But his attention wasn't on the desk tonight. It was nowhere near it.   He couldn't stop his eyes from roaming around on her, wandering each and every curve and line of her body. He was in awe of how her beauty seemed to increase every time they were together. It marveled at him. Tonight, he was doing Cynthia. He would do her all night without enervating a wink.   That was what Cynthia did to him. He took in a greedy breath as she traced his bare chest with her index finger, to just right where he wanted her
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Morning of restlessness
 Logan woke up with sweat beaded to his forehead. He looked around his room in an awfully confused state as he tried to track his bearings, but all he got in response was a striking pain from his almost comatose brain.   His animalistic senses were suddenly aware and on edge as he straightened his back on the bed.   The soft beam of light that escaped through the crevices of his window was now casting directly on his bed, which indicated he was late. He was late.   "Shit!" He muttered under his breath as he got up from his position. He shouldn’t have followed his desires. Read more
The combat
  The Lichen pack was the most powerful and influential out of the several other neighboring packs, and their leading rivaling pack was the Oasis of Pashtun, which was the second in power to the three packs that Logan and Kevin's dad rules, Alpha Morris. Their father was so popular, hence the crowd of people that were here for his pub's combat to be the best Beta of the three kingdoms. Humans, vampires, and even a few covens of powerful and important witches have come from far away to celebrate with them on the occasion.  They knew if Logan was the true pub of Alpha Morris, the rest of the contestants would not stand a chance to win. It has been a family pride for the members of the Lichen pack to rule the three packs, decades ago.  Meanwhile, Log
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Unhexing predicting!
FOUR DAYS BEFORE THE COMBATCYNTHIA VELVELACynthia rushed through the forest, almost tripping over an overexposed root. She blinked out the tears that were about to fall as she stumbled on another tree root, falling face flat. She let out a wail as the tornado moved towards her with incredible speed. "Logan…" she whispered, but Logan wasn't there to save her today. She knew her end was near, and all she could do about it was to give up. She had never seen something like that in her life. She sniffed and sucked in one last breath before she closed her eyes, succumbing to the surge of wind that was blowing against her, sucking her into the tornado-like a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner. Cynthia paused as she heard the f
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 FOUR DAYS BEFORE THE COMBATCynthia felt her guts tighten as she came face to face with the door of her family house. She heaved loudly and steadied her breath. She had run a long distance from the forest to her former home which was on the outskirts of the Pack because everyone was scared of what her family would do if they got unleashed. It was a little riverside home that her father inherited from his mother back when they had to run to safety in hard times when fights were taking place around the Pack.  When her body wasn't palpitating from adrenaline anymore, she placed her hand on the doorknob and opened the house. It was quiet, but they were all present, and alive. She felt her eyes water up as they all looked up at her with hungry and angry eyes. Her once affectionate mother growled angrily at her. Cy
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A disgrace to the Pack
  Celia watched as her master, Logan kept wincing and writhing in pain. He has been like that for the past few days. She had kept him in her house. Due to the amount of wolfbane he had taken in, it made it hard for his outer wounds to heal as fast as a werewolf’s wound normally does.   Her master has now been declared wanted by Alpha Morris, his father. Losing the combat was not something everyone expected. Logan is known for his power to destroy a herd of hefty werewolves, and just like that, he lost the most important combat of his life.    The Lichen pack has turned into a mockery which was a disgrace to Alpha Morris, as a leader and also a father. He was deeply disappointed and angry with him. But when his other son, Kevin stepped into the ring and defeated the rest of the werewolves, Alpha Morris knew that he h
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The maid's dream
“Why are you treating a traitor with sympathy?” The Alpha voice thundered, his voice reverberating through the walls of the house. Logan lifted his eyes to meet that of his angry father. He lost his voice as he watched his father approach them. He had never seen his father that angry before and he doesn’t like the fact that he is the reason for his father’s anger. The Alpha flung him away from the embrace of his mother, making him hit his head in the process. The wound bled with full force, wetting the entire band that held it in place. He writhed in pain. “You see the coward you call a son. Can you see how he winced and writhed in pain like a lady?” His father queried while the Luna sobbed more into her hands.   “If I had known that you were going to tu
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As an Omega
The week lasted him forever.The nightfall weather in the Lichen pack was extremely beautiful in the late hour. The light waves of breeze prickled Logan’s skin as he walked down back to the log cabin.He was used to living in a small house with only Celia as his companion. She would come to him in the morning and help him with his needs. The fire was dying in the fireplace and the glowing embers barely lit up the small room. The wind howled; the snowstorm was raging outside the small building, Logan couldn't help but to admit how much he hated it.The room warmer wasn't even helping him to get warm. "Maybe having a bigger one might help better." He thought, pulling the blanket more.He sipped the cup of coffee he had made, he is getting so cozy in the house and now
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The maid's thought.
“Celia,” Logan said softly from a distance. He found her crouching down on a pent-up pile of dead leaves. The sun shone brightly as it was just a bit past noon, but the forest remained dark. It was always dark. Someone said it was the fact that the witches lived in there and planted some spell that protected them from the harsh weather, and others believed it was their God that protected it. Whoever God is.  “Master.” She exclaimed, getting up from her position. She straightened her posture and put the ax she brought over her shoulder.  “You should go back home, Celia. I’ll be alright, I promise.” He said, but she didn’t budge.  “I told you it was my duty to serve you, Sir. You are the only master I would e
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The further lie
  Cynthia felt a deep empty hole in the pit of her stomach. She felt restless every night and morning when she would wake up without her former mate on the side of the bed, cuddling her and giving her hard deep thrusts until she couldn’t feel her guts anymore. Logan did things to her nobody could ever do, and she missed him. She loved him. He gave her joy.   But seeing her family get better by the passing day, gave her even more joy. When she undid the hex on her father and brothers; as Kevin had promised, she felt the absolute peak of happiness someone could possibly ever reach. She had never felt more content and ecstatic and emotional about anything like this. She hugged them so tight that they had to beg to be peeled away from her.    “Dad, Kendrick, Scott.” She looked at them with uncontrollable tears pouring o
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