Her husband's wife

Her husband's wife

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Charlene Knight was about to lose her husband to his ex wife, Henrietta. She was becoming despondent ever since Henrietta returned and wanted to claim her husband. Richard Sullivan still had a soft spot for Henrietta that had left him with their now twenty-one months old son, Miguel. He couldn't allow his son to be taken away from him and Henrietta wasn't ready to give up on her son either. It became hard for him to resist her whenever she was around, and this perturbed Charlene. She had nothing left to hope for. What she believed was their marriage was arranged and the CEO had no feeling for her. Should she keep fighting or give up? She became dejected and her love life became a twisted fate

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50 chapters
Charlene Knight
“Charlene Knight.”  She increased the volume while reading the magazine as she was completely engrossed. She blinded her face with it. It would be hard for the passengers in the public bus to see her face, since she had covered half of her face with it.    She ribboned her golden hair to one side and parted her plump pink lips. A voice called out from behind but she heard no sound than the song she was listening to. A gentle tap on her shoulder made to remove her gaze on the magazine, she glimpsed behind her seat.     “Charlene Knight. ” He called her full names.  She was in a mellow mood with a solemn countenance. She parted her lips and blinked once. “Javier.” She murmured his name and put the magazine down on her laps.  His eyes beamed. He stood up from his seat and walked to the old woman sitting besi
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Awkward moment
She searched her closet for a party dress, unfortunately she couldn't find the red strapless gown she wore on her prom night. She had searched thoroughly but it seemed like she didn't have the gown anymore. Charlene cursed underneath as she looked at the clock on the wall. It was getting pretty late and someone was downstairs waiting for her to come down. “What am I supposed to do now?” She ran her fingers through her hair, huffed with frustration. Her phone vibrated on the bed, she walked over and looked at the screen.  “Dad? I'm fucking things up as much as I can.” She rasped, took her phone then ran out of her room. The whole mansion was hushed, since Charles was still in the hospital, Flavia was also with her mother.  She looked around determinedly while sneaking into her parent's bedroom. She closed the door behind her slowly, although she was the only one aroun
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Apologize for being clumsy
“Be careful!”  Charlene was lost staring at him intently, when their bodies collided there was a strange feeling Charlene felt and she couldn't decipher it. She widened her eyes anxiously with her lips parted to say 'I'm sorry'  When Richard noticed she was lost in his gray eyes, he sighed loudly. He had gotten used to something like that, he assisted her with her balance then cleared her throat. It jolted her out of her imaginary world. “What were you supposed to say for being clumsy?” He demanded struttingly.  Charlene's spirit left her body at the moment, Richard had just proved her instinct right. She looked down at her feet then murmured. “I'm sorry,” She gnawed her lower lip as she forced the words out of her mouth. Richard hardly heard what she said. He huffed and used a finger to lift her chin, he made her look at his face. “Look at me
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Arranged marriage
  Kathleen walked around leisurely in front of her door, she attempted to open it but refrained herself. “Why are you doing this? Stay back if you're nervous. I don't know why you're stopping me from going inside when you're not ready.” Rowan said rapturously. She had been stopping him from opening the door and she wasn't going to open it.  After Rowan informed her about the plan he had for Charlene, she was super elated after hearing the news. She was sure Charlene would be happy about the whole thing. Rowan hadn't mentioned anything about it to Charlene, she just returned from school so he thought it was the perfect time to discuss it with her. “My Charlene will be excited after hearing about the marriage. I'm not sure I'm ready to face her right now.” Kathleen said enthusiastically. She clasped her hands then took in her lower lip, she parted her long lashes slowly while looking at Ro
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His ex wife's plans
Ultimately, Charlene had given up on convincing her father to give her a few days to contemplate what he told her, nothing seemed to change Rowan's mind. He invited Sullivan's family over for dinner so they could discuss the marriage preparation and also Richard and Charlene would get the chance to talk.  Kathleen informed her that'd arrive by evening. Charlene had been in her room getting ready since it was twilight, at any time Richard and her parents would arrive. As she was about to leave her room Javier called to inform her he was outside waiting for her. Maids were preparing for tonight's event. She bumped into Flavia on her way out.     “Where are you going in such a hurry, Charlene?” She queried, holding a new bedspread Charles demanded for.    “I'm going out. Javier is outside waiting for me.”    “Alright. I'm taking this
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A threat
She had tried out different wedding gowns but none of them satiated Luciana, she always found a flaw in each gown she picked. Charlene had reached the verge of her patience, she wouldn't try another gown because she knew they'd definitely say something awful about it. She retired to a chair in the closet and took out her phone. She didn't bother to talk to her mother, Kathleen wouldn't listen to her, whatever Luciana said it was the final. Knowingly she knew that Richard took after her mother, he was nothing like Bryant. Luciana cleared her throat to attract her attention. Charlene switched her gaze from her phone to Luciana, she lifted a brow at her questioningly. “We'll check out another closet. They don't have what we want here.” She declared unconvincingly.  Charlene was literally bored, they had spent forty minutes in the closet yet she couldn't pick a gown. There was a gown she loved but Luciana fo
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An invitation card
“You should just let it go. You can't fight Sullivan's family all by yourself.” Dolly had been cautioning Henrietta, she knew her mind was made up however she wouldn't give up on her. They had been friends since highschool, if there was anyone that knew Henrietta better than anyone it was her.  “I'm not doing it alone. I'm doing it for our son. Richard can throw away our family like that, I want my family back.” Henrietta seethed threateningly. “You should have given it a second thought when you signed the divorce contract with him. He was ready to give you twice the money the company offered but you chose the contract over your family.” She remembered knowingly. Henrietta glared at her, she winked at her surly and took her hand from the maid that was polishing her nails. “Leave!” She commanded imperatively. After the maid had left the living room, she gazed at her and
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Calling off the wedding
Devyn dropped the magazine on the couch then gazed at Richard at once. He was positively apoplectic with rage after hearing what he intended to do. Richard could see the fury in his eyes however he chose to ignore apathetically. Jeremy didn't bother to utter a word, he knew there was nothing he'd say to change his mind. “What the hell is wrong with you, Richard?” He snapped irksomely.  “Just let it go, Dev. Richard won't change his mind.” Jeremy eventually said, despite the tension in the room he was calm and relaxed. Devyn huffed with annoyance. “You're not stopping the wedding, are you?” Richard scrolled down his contact list, scanning for Charlene's digits. Finally he hesitated before clicking on it. “I have the right to stop the wedding if I want to. It's not like I'm stopping it forever, I have to handle the emergency immediately. I can't avoid losi
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Leaving his woman on their wedding night
Apart from the couple's families, the numbers of the guests that were present were half quarter of the choir. The priest was standing on the altar, he looked at the couple standing before him for a moment before proceeding with the marriage oath, it was the next thing after the exchange of the wedding rings.  “Are you Richard Sullivan ready to take Charlene as your wife, forever during happy and hard times?” The priest gazed at Richard steadily. He expected him to answer him immediately but Richard's mind was far gone. An hour ago, before the bride arrived he made a strict order that whenever Henrietta arrived in the church she should be taken away and locked up in a room. He wouldn't want her to ruin his plan, he couldn't avoid getting his father pissed off again. When the priest noticed he wasn't listening he repeated and that jolted him out of his thoughts. He looked at him and glanced at Charlene, he
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Accidentally dropped her wedding ring
Charlene woke up to the sound of her ringtone, she roamed her hand on the bed searching for her phone, she slowly opened her eyes when she was unable to reach the nightstand. She rolled over in the king size bed and took her phone on the nightstand, before she could pick up the call, it had ended. She put the phone down on the bed, stretched her body and yawned lazily. “Gosh, it's Monday.” She covered her mouth with her hand when she yawned while looking around the room. She climbed down the bed and wore her flip flop slippers. She had spent two nights in the mansion, ever since he left she hadn't heard from him.  Charlene doffed her clothes and went to the bathroom naked, she stepped under the shower and pressed a button on the wall. The cold water fell freely down to her body, she allowed the water to soothe her skin while relaxing to the coldness of it.  In a few minutes she was done with everyth
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