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After reclaiming the throne that is rightfully hers, Morrigan's name went down in the history books of Hymir as the youngest and the queen who spilled blood the day of her coronation. Everyone knows about her ruthless act when she finally reclaimed the throne causing fear all over the kingdom towards her. But the facade of a ruthless and fearsome queen is a defense mechanism she built for no one to use and abuse her again. After all the traumatic experiences she had behind the tall walls of the castle, she will never let people use her again and the only person she trusts in her life is her loyal aide, Colfre.

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An incredible story detailing every feeling of the protagonists, their struggles and love. Their love for each other went beyond death.
2022-10-13 20:56:05
79 Chapters
“Kill them..”Blood spilled on the ground when the newly crowned queen ordered her cavalry to execute the late king’s loyal ministers. Everyone in the kingdom trembled in fear when a festive day turned into a day of terror.The late king died unexpectedly and the young princess who was the only one remaining of the royal family has now crowned the new queen of Hymir.She watches how brutally these ministers died in her cavalry’s hands. Any glint of mercy wasn't found in her eyes. She watches them with pure satisfaction as blood flows on what used to be a festive street.She was the last member of the royal bloodline. The only survivor of the tragedy that befall her family. The day of her coronation was also the beginning of her spreading terror ac
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A shrill scream broke the silence of the night, then came after the sound of shattering glasses. In the corner of a grandiose dark room there curled up a girl, shivering in fear and hugging herself with her hands bleeding because of shattered glasses. She grabbed a handful of her hair and screamed again, she picked up a shard of her broken mirror and threw it away from her, not minding her already bleeding hands. Her mind clouded with voices of ghosts and demons that haunt her very being. The ghosts of her past. No matter how much she covers her ears or tried to drown these voices with her shrill screams it echoes so loud it drives her to the end of her wits. The reflection of Morrigan’s angelic face now distorted with the shattered glasses all over her pristine marble floor. Her white nightgown smeared with her own blood, the gown that used to be the color o
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A calloused hand gently caressed Morrigan’s wounded hands. His warm hands emit warmth to Morrigan’s ice-cold hands that had been soaked to her own blood for the whole night. A young man gazed at Morrigan, trying to find her eyes. “My Queen, what happened?” He inquired. Morrigan’s chestnut-colored eyes bore to the young man with ginger hair kneeling in front of her. Their gaze meeting and the dead expression in Morrigan’s eyes slowly lit up with life.    “Colfre,” she called out in a small voice. Her voice is still hoarse from all the screams she did last night. She’d been in a daze for the whole night, unable to close her eyes and rest her fragile body. “I’m here, my queen.” Colfre’s hands gently squished her hand, gentle enough to not hurt her further from all the cuts she had, and enough to make Morrigan feel the assurance that someone is beside her.   
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“Morrigan!” A familiar voice echoed inside of Morrigan’s head but when she opened her eyes all she could see was darkness. Morrigan could feel a suffocating sensation on her throat and dark clouds shrouding her. It envelops her and she finds it harder to breathe even further, she’s drowning as these clouds continuously envelop her and the familiar voice continues to call her name desperately. Morrigan tries to free herself from the dark cloud strangling her but it keeps on tightening around her as she struggles to get out of it, suppressing even her own ability to seek and call out for help. “Morrigan! Run away from here!” It was the s
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“Leave me alone!” Morrigan threw a porcelain water jar that was used by her servants to scoop water from the pool to help her take a bath. The servants around her were startled as the young queen started to throw a fit. No one knows what to do, what to say, and how to make the young queen calm down. Ever since the day she took over the throne a lot of things have changed in the palace and with these changes comes eccentricities. Morrigan did not only allow servants to touch her and there are more guards outside the palace walls than inside. There are more rules one has to comply with and the young queen employs more guards.     At night, the queen was often heard throwing things around her chambers, breaking expensive vases or unsheathing decorative swords. And by the morning servants and guards will see her in one corner beside her bed, fresh wounds and dried blood on her wrist and
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Morrigan can clearly remember the day Colfre first saved her, the first time they met vividly like it just happened yesterday. The memory of that day where she danced with death underwater with the threat of drowning and a perpetrator assassinating her. She can clearly remember how she sank down the deep part of the pool thinking it will be her eternal abyss, where her life will end in that moment not until a young man clad in black jumped in the water and saved her from her almost demise. A young man with ginger hair and bright hazel eyes brought her back to the surface just in time.  It was the same young man standing near the door of the bathhouse with his back facing her. It was the same bathhouse and the same pool that almost witnessed her demise. The same lavender aroma embracing the place that once was overpowered by the rancid scent of blood. It was all the same things that remin
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The matter in the borders is far more serious than Morrigan could have imagined. The stench of decaying bodies that were not properly buried, ravens flocking on the pile of dead bodies at one side. The land is so dry, once the wind blows it turns into ashes. The carcass and cadavers served as the food of ravens while the people who barely survived the famine were dying in hunger, craving for a single drop of water to quench their thirsts, the children were stricken with malnutrition, their parents barely eating till their bones were sticking on their skins.  Draped in a red cloak, Morrigan watches her people in horror. The reek of decaying dead bodies lurking around the borders. “How bad was it?” She asked Colfre, who is also observing the whole place. She walked further but as she went further the piles of bodies around her scared her of what she might see as she went to the
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The door creaks ominously and a shadow emerges on the marble floor as the dim-lit hallway casts its light on the man who went inside of Morrigan’s room. His heavy footsteps echoing inside the grand room as he approaches the young princess who cried herself to sleep for another night. Morrigan is tucked in bed with her blankets cocooning her, the young princess hugging herself as the warmth of the duvet gives comfort to her aching heart. His hand adorned with golds and diamond rings reached out to the innocent face of the young princess caressing it lightly. The cold jewelry kisses Morrigan’s skin, making her shiver. Morrigan shifted and tucked herself further under her duvet but the man who approached her trapped her. Both his arms on either side of her head, gawking at the young princess' soft and delicate features.  
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“Can you tell me your name?” Morrigan inquired as she stared at the eyes of the child. Those eyes are dark and blank, almost lifeless. A gaze that is all familiar to her. The child didn’t respond to her but instead reached out for a handheld mirror ornate with pearls. “Can you understand me?” She asked. The child looked at her and nodded, after that brief nod the child went back to appreciate the details in the mirror. “Can you talk?” This time even though the child didn’t look at her it timidly nodded its head.  “Can you tell me your name?” She repeated her inquiry earlier, the child’s eyes went to her. The child whispered something under her breath that Morrigan couldn’t decipher. She heaved a sigh and sat beside the child. She watches as the child continues to stare at the mirror. “Do you like it?” The
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“Thank you, Your Majesty…” An elder bowed his head as he received a bag of food and clothes that Morrigan personally handed him. Morrigan’s heart sank as she watches these elders from the borders that braved the unbearable heat just to have food that will fill their stomachs and water that will quench their thirst. They didn't mind how frail their bodies are right now because of the drought that hit them. She couldn't help but bit the insides of her cheeks as she studies the situation at the border. "What we brought is barely enough," she muttered under her breath. Even with the objection of some ministers, Morrigan decided to use the stocked up food from the granary to answer the relief operations to the borders but she didn't expect that despite the fact that they used up some of the goods stocked in the granary it will still be enough on how big the effects of the drought to the borders.  
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