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Years ago, the eldest son of an Alpha fell in love with a female werewolf of an enemy pack. They were each other’s mate and fell deeply in love with each other despite flaws and past pack conflicts. However, their packs weren't in support of their relationship as neither of the packs were ready to put their past behind. After many struggles and realization that their love would never be totally accepted, the couple fled their pack to live among humans as normal humans and swore to never return. Few years after fleeing and finally settling in the human world among normal humans, they give birth to a son. However, raising a son in the human world turned out to be harder than they thought as Ryan Kruger, their son had been and had gotten used to living a normal human life with his girlfriend who he had promised forever without knowing he's true roots. When Ryan finally shifts and finds out about his true roots, his life takes a dramatic turn which includes he and Yvonne's relationship suffering a wicked turn as shifting for the first time turns out to be even harder than he had ever imagined. The couple thus splits as Yvonne's family move out of town and Ryan's unexpectedly move back to their pack. However, unknown to both of them, fate had more in store for them than both just being the high school human and werewolf lovers.

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3 Chapters
Chapter One
“I love you.”Alistair Kruger lightly placed a kiss on Sofia Casey’s forehead. He looked at his mate one more time and sighed. “Alistair,” Sofia looked up to him on hearing him sigh. “Are you okay?”“I am,” his grip around her waist tightened. “With you. As long as I’m with you I’ll be okay.”She knew better. “You’re scared, aren’t you?”Alistair looked away knowing his eyes were going to tell the truth if he stared at her any longer. She knew what was going on his mind no matter how hard he tried to hide it.“What did your father say about this? About us?”“He-” Alistair paused for a while contemplating on telling her the truth or not.Alistair was the first son of Alpha Kruger, the leader and head of the Kruger pack. The Kruger pack were not only the strongest but the boldest and toughest. Alongside all the characteristics that made them the top, they were the sworn enemies with the Casey pack. Naturall
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Chapter Two
Years later…“Ryan, you’re going to be late for school!”Ryan Kruger flew the stairs with his backpack on his shoulder to meet his parents around the dining. With his gaze on his mum, he grabbed his scattered books laying on the dining table and put them into his bag.“Good morning mum,” Ryan finally said when his mum met his gaze. “Morning sweetheart,” she replied handing him a brown paper bag. “I saw you already. Why leave your books on the dining table? Anything could have happened to them. They could have gotten wet or had food spill on them.”“I know and I’m sorry mum,” Ryan walked over to his mum to place a kiss on her cheek. “Sorry.”“You,” she playfully pointed an accusing finger at him then spotted her husband. “Alistair, your son is becoming just as cunning as you. Look at him trying to bribe me with a kiss.”“Did it work?” Alistair asked cheerfully as he made his way into the living room.“
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Chapter Three
“Happy Birthday, Ryan.” It was Ryan’s 18th birthday and the whole house was filled with different emotions. Excitement from Ryan, anxiety from Alistair and fear from Sofia. It was a Saturday and as planned Ryan’s girlfriend- Yvonne, was going to be coming over. “Did the cake arrive already?” “It did already, mum,” Ryan answered, taking a seat next to her. “You’ve asked like a dozen times already. Are you that excited about my birthday or is it just the cake?” “You can say I’m excited to have some sugar in my system,” she said then laughed nervously. It wasn’t true. With the table and family set to see Yvonne, she had only gotten more anxious. Talking and asking irrelevant questions were the only ways she could calm her nerves a little bit. “Okay great,” Ryan got up from his seat to go over to meet his dad who was in the kitchen. “Oh! Yvonne just texted me. She’ll be here in about ten minutes.” “Ten m
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