Slumlove Billionaire

Slumlove Billionaire

By:  Young Edgar  Ongoing
Language: English
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Zoya Bipasha Vijayalakshmi, daughter of a tycoon named Narendra Prasadh. After graduating from college in Boston, her father sent her to Dharavi, the largest slum area in the world for tough life training in expecting that Zoya could become a caring, compassionate, and strong-willed leader. But she is falling in love with a poor who sell food named Praveen in Dharavi. Praveen Jayachandran, a poor young man. From the village he dreamed of becoming a famous Bollywood star, but fate brought him to Dharavi to become a street vendor selling Idli. Will Zoya be able to complete her father's challenge with the harsh life in Dharavi? Or she even get into trouble for falling in love with a man from a lower caste? Can their love survived in the midst of her fake identity?

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    Mumbai, Here I Come
    The tall and slender stewardess dressed in Indian kurti inspected the passenger seatbelts one by one and reminded them to fasten the seatbelt. Within fifteen minutes, the plane of Air India carrying passengers from New York to Mumbai will ground at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. A few minutes ago the captain's voice heard from the speaker announcing that they were above Mumbai.In the economy class row, on seat 17F, next to the window, there was a girl with a smile on her face, looking out the window. She seemed to observe the megapolitan city from her seat. Skyscrapers were scattered below. Mixed with other small buildings, which were so tight and dense. Unlike Boston, the city where she lived for 4 years, the buildings were so classy and covered with glass even though the population was less, but Mumbai, looked more simple and a bit monotonous.But she didn't care, after all Mumbai was her hometown. The city she was born and raised. Mumbai in all its realities was much
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    Praveen, You Must Go Home
    Praveen seemed very nervous when his name was called to enter the audition room. Will I be humiliated again this time like before? He thought to himself. Every time he took audition, he became the jokes of the panelists. He was said not talented, can't acting, and other degrading remarks. And so far he was still strong enough to face panelists whose mouth were sharper than a razor. He believed someday, he definitely be selected to the next stage. That belief never waned in the slightest.He had memorized the dialogues from the script. It's already by heart, and later it's just a matter of executing it in front of the panelists. Hopefully, all goes well.But this time, he was too nervous, disturbing his concentration. He did not expect too much, it was because the message he received since two days ago which made him unable to focus. The Important message telling him to go back to Chandrapur. The message was sent by his mother's sister, Auntie Neha. There was no other explanation why h
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    First Meet
    In the midst of his confusion, Praveen still thought what to do. His hand trembling dialed Aunt Neha's number. There was a dial tone, but it wasn't answered. He tried to call again, still no response. What's wrong? Why wasn't Auntie Neha picking up the phone? Was she angry because he had turned off her cell phone before?He tried to contact her many times, but she wasn't available. Praveen was almost in despair. He needed explanation now. Was the message he received true? Why did his mother die? All he knew she was fine before. Indeed, he rarely phoned her, because she didn't have a cell phone. Every time he contacted her, it would be to Auntie Neha first and then to her mother. Their house in the village is near, only twenty meters away.His mother lived alone in their small house in the village. She selling vegetables in market in Chandrapur on a daily basis. Every morning before sunrise, she goes to the collector and picks up vegetables to resell at the market. The vegetables was
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    The Cranky expression still covered Rajesh's face. After the incident he just kept quiet, not a word came out of his mouth. Zoya was also silent and looking out to the people passing by and the row of shops along the road side.She was sure, the young man was not lying by telling his mother died. Zoya could see the sadness and confusion on his handsome face.Handsome? Suddenly she smiled. During four years in Boston she rarely saw Indian men, only White or Hispanic faces everywhere. Once in a while another east Asian face. That's what she often saw at least around her campus. She wasn't that interested in them. The face of India was more attractive to her because she felt closer culturally. And honestly she admitted that the young man was the most handsome Indian man she had seen since setting foot in Mumbai today. That's why she's not angry.Her heart was wondering, who the hell was he? From his simple appearance, the man was nobody, just ordinary man like people out there. But his
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    Tears In Front Of The Flame
    The train entered Chandrapur District station just before nine in the morning. The small city had started to be busy, but definitely not as busy as Mumbai. The city known as Black Gold City as the coal beneath its land relatively quiet.Praveen had not slept all night in the train. He couldn't even close his eyes. The bread he bought yesterday was not eaten at all. Only a little bottled water left.When the train had stopped, Praveen hurriedly got out of the train. He ran out of the station and called for a tricycle bajaj that was parked on the side of the road waiting for passengers. Everything was fast paced. He didn't even bargain the fare just got on board, sat down and asked the driver to take him to his house in the southern part of Chandrapur.His heart was pounding. His mind wandered. If it was true that his mother died who will take care of the body? His mother was lived alone. It must had been Auntie Neha took care of everything with Sarpanch's help. Maybe she didn't call h
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    The Opportunity Fly Away
    The small house he had left three months ago was deserted. Praveen sat pensively in one of the corner. This the house where he was born and raised. All the joys and sorrows he experienced here. In this place also his father died years ago due to acute tuberculosis. At that time he was only six years old, still too young to know death. He wasn't as sad as he was now, because there was still hismother. He was not very close to his father because the man was taciturn. Rarely did he utter a word. He leaved in the morning for work and came home late at night when Praveen was already sleepy and going to bed. His father worked as a coal miner.It was the mother who later became the breadwinner. She became a vegetable seller and receive sewing order from neighbors. If there were enough sewing orders, she worked late at night even though the wages she received not much, only enough to buy two liters of rice and cooking oil. But she never complained.His mother's face continued to haunt. Like e
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    Meet Ex By Chance
    Two days Zoya was at home without doing anything. On the third day she started to get bored because all she could do was eating, sleeping and talking with her family. She wanted to go out, but was reluctant to go alone because she had no friends. His two younger siblings, Rahul and Danishka, were busy with their school activity.She wanted to talk to his father about the possible job at the Vishaya Group company, but her father had not said anything about it. Narendra Prashadh thought Zoya still needed a break before she actually deployed at the company.Suddenly she remembered to call her old friends. No one knows that she had returned to India, not even had close friend, Ramya. The last time Zoya phoned her six months ago while still in Boston. They talked for a long time on the phone at the time, reminiscing memories from high school.Ramya Shilpa was the daughter of an influential public figure in Mumbai. Her father was a well known politician. Zoya even heard that Ramya's father
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    I Will Survive
    Zoya never thought she would meet Sunil here. But the reality spoke differently, the man who once filled her days appeared suddenly from the middle of nowhere. She had forgotten about him, throwing away all memories of him. And she succeeded. But why was he here?Uh, of course Ramya invited him. They went to the same school including the girl with Sunil, Sharmila Swetha. At least, the girl used to be Zoya's friend.Sharmila, a girl who was not only smart but also beautiful. Her intelligence was from her father, a leading Professor and internist in Mumbai. Supposedly Sharmila also completed her studies in medicine.Sunil affectionately brought Sharmila towards her. They both smiled although in Zoya's eyes looks like artificial smile."Hi Zoya, how are you?" said Sunil. Zoya couldn't help but smile back and replied, "Good. How are you guys?""As you can see." It was Sharmila who answered."Back from Boston?" Sunil asked."Yeah, just a few days ago.""On vacation or what?""I've graduate
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    I Wanna Marry Him
    "Are you crazy?" Choletti Sai Kumari scolded his only daughter. There was no cause suddenly she asked to be married to a man who had been making her heart flutter wildly. That man was none other than Praveen Jayachandran.Since getting to know Praveen, Ranjana had fallen in love with him. Every moment the young man's face haunted her, dancing in her eyes. Make her heart always pounding, and blood flow faster. In her mind, Praveen was so charming.Praveen before leaving for Mumbai, worked at Choletti's pottery factory. For four months he worked there secretly to raise money. He worked so diligently, from morning to evening making various clay tools. Starting from taking clay, processing and shaping it to the burning process, he did it. Although at first he was not very skilled, but he learned quickly so he was able to make pottery in greater numbers than other workers.Choletti, the business owner, liked Praveen. At first he didn't expect the young man to work hard at his place, but se
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    Afraid of Being Crushed To Death
    The memorial service of his mother was only a few days to come. Nearby neighbors had been invited. Of course, no one would refuse because they would be served with many foods and drinks. Some poor people had also been invited. Auntie Neha had been shopping for necessities at the market using the of Praveen's mother savings and also donations from mourners on the day of death. She bought more than enough that she came home with a bajaj almost full of all kinds of groceries. Rice, flour, sugar, chicken meat, eggs, various vegetables, and spices. Enough for a hundred people. They invited only dozens, but just in case there would be more than that. Luckily the money was more than enough and there were a few thousand rupees left. Later it would be the women who cook. Usually in cooking events, they also use it as a gathering for residents. They chatted and joked with each other to increase their intimacy. Praveen had also collected a lot of firewood for cooking. At that time he took a sh
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