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Have you ever heard of a name that makes people tremble in fear, or have you heard of people falling sick just by hearing a certain name? You haven’t, right?... But there is He is Lucas Monterroso Fearless, ruthless, dangerous and he is a disaster to everyone who crosses his lane. He kills at instance; feasts on the blood of his enemy. Has no mercy, and they believed him to have no heart at all. But what no one knows is the real reason behind his ruthlessness. * She is a fierce, proud, dominant lady who hates being controlled. Bella went to the human world to chase her dream of being the pack psychologist. She had been gone for over 10 years before deciding to return to her pack, only to discover her mate is her worst enemy. Lucas is ruthless and stubborn. Bella is crazy and dangerous. **** --- Excerpt --- "I am not a sl*t you hear me, and I will never be," she screamed, as her hand crash onto his cheek. He had her pin to the wall by her throat, and glared at her “You just crossed the last line, Bella, and I will have you punished accordingly."

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27 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1The sound of glass shattering filled up the entire room, followed by a loud growl.“Lucas,’ a gruff voice called.Another growl fills the room again.“What the f*ck have you all been doing?” Lucas growled. “Answer me, Carlos.”“How is it you are all incapable of catching a rogue that has been disrupting our peace for some months now?’ he snapped again.’We are deeply sorry alpha, we tried all our best, but it is just that she keeps changing scents every time she is almost at our grasp,’ a gruff voice pleaded.“SHE?” he growled. ‘The rogue is a female?’ his voice shook the depth of the office.“Yes alpha,’ Carlos replied.’And you are telling me you have been chasing a female rogue for months now, and you could not catch her?’ he snapped.“Yes alpha,” Carlos tilts his head down.W
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2“Stop!’ a voice yelled.Lucas turned around to see his mother coming toward him, her eyes glinting dangerously.“What the hell do you think you are doing?” she asked when she got close to him.’What I do on the field with my men is none of your business, mother,’ he snapped at her’It becomes my business when you are trying to kill an innocent soul,’ she yelled back. “What has he done to you?”“I think I just told you it is none of your business, so why are you still prying?” he glared at her.‘‘Lucas!!’’ she snapped at him. ‘‘I am your mother and you will learn how to talk to me with respect.’’‘‘Respect?’’ he scoffed. ‘‘You and I both know that is the last thing you can get from me.’’Athena raised her hand and struck him on his cheek.T
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Iris unzips her gown and pull the strap from her shoulder, she let it fall down in a pool at her feet, before stepping out of it.She went down on her knee, in all her naked glory, awaiting Luca’s order again.It took a while before Lucas finally wrap up what he is doing, he straightened to his full height and walked to where she kneeled.He stopped right in front of her, and she wasted no time in pulling off his belt, she pulls down his zipper and took his shaft in her hand.It throbbed and pulsated in her hand, as she ran her hand over the thick vein. She moved her hand softly over his shaft.The more she ran her hand over him, the more he grew, she wasted no time taking it into her mouth, and skilfully worship his cock.Her warm lip encircled the tip of his shaft, as she ran her tongue over it, before racing down his whole length.Pool of wetness collected between her thigh, and she had to shut
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 With tears in her eyes, Iris crawled her way to her clothe, slip it on before limping out of the room.She wiped the tears and tried to act as if nothing happened, but she couldn’t hide her limp.“Did you get a good fuck out of him?” She knew that voice.She turned around to see Athena sneering at her.“What do you want?” She snapped.“I already told you to give up on my son and look for you own mate, the poor soul will be out there thinking he would be blessed with a chaste wolf.“He won’t know you are here, busy throwing yourself at my son, like the whore you are.”Iris tightened her fist, she so desperately want to hit this woman across her cheek, but she know Lucas so well.He won't take it lightly with her."I won't stay here one more time and let you insult or walk over me," she turns around to leave, when Athena next word made her
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Bella prepared an antidote for Mira, she walked into her ward, and with utmost care, she injects it into her system.She watches as the wound begin to heal slowly, until the sound of her phone pulls away her attention.She stared at the screen, to see it was an unknown number. She ignores it at first, but the number called again.She answered it, getting ready to give the caller a piece of her mind, when a gruff voice begins to speak.She listened for a few minutes, her forehead creasing into worry line, her eyes grow wider by each minute, and her lip trembled.She finally pulled the phone away from her ear, her body still shaking. She looked at sleeping Mira once again, before walking out of the ward.She grabbed the first nurse she came across.“Where is Doctor Kevin?” She asked the nurse, who seem a little bit taken back by her behaviour.“He is in the emergency unit ma’
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 “What are you talking about?” Kevin asked, his eyes widened. “I know this is so sudden, but I have prepared you for this kind of situation right from the start,” she stared at him. “You know that isn’t what I am talking about, Bella,” he stared back at her. “What will happen to us?” he asked. “How do you want me to cope?” “Kevin-,” “Don’t tell me you didn’t think about us when you made your decision?” “Kevin,” she whispered. “I’m so sorry.” “You have to understand that I don’t have a say in this matter,” she paused. “My hands are tied here.” “Don’t tell me you don’t have a choice. Everyone does,” Kevin yelled. “Kevin!” she snapped at him. “If I had a choice, I would choose to stay here, because I can’t bear to leave everything I have built for years. “But you have to believe me when I tell you I have no choice but to return home.” “Bella…” “I can only promise you that on
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7_EARLIER_“What news do you have for me?” Lucas asked, his eyes darted over the men in front of him.“Alpha-,” Carlos was saying when he was interrupted.“Don’t tell me you still haven’t caught this female rogue?” he glared at him.“No! I mean yes,” Carlos said.“We tried everything in our power to catch her, but it seems she just disappeared into thin air.”“What do you mean she disappeared?“I mean, we can’t find her anymore; her scent is gone, and her trails are dead. We can’t find anything that would make us know where she is or where to look for her.”“And you didn’t deem it fit to tell me what is going on?”“I am so sorry alpha, we wanted to see if she would show up again, so we didn’t want to give you unconfirmed news.”“When did you notice her trai
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8 The slamming of the door made Lucas know that Iris already left his room, he rubs his hand over his face.His wolf had been acting weird since he woke up, he knew he was grumpy, but he couldn't place his finger on why he is so angry.Everything seems to offend him, he looked down at the speech for the opening of the new hotel and his eyes dimmed."What is wrong with you?" He snapped at his wolf.The stupid mutt snorted and continue with his rampage in his head. He shoves down all the documents on his table and turns away from it.He pulled on a black shirt and walked out of his bedroom, ignoring Cruz who was trying to catch up with him.His hand crossed at his back; he made his way down the spiralling staircase to the fifth floor of the castle.The guards pushed the door open, and he stepped out in a fast stride. The urge to shift surges through him and without waiting to take off his clothes, he starts
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9"What just happened?" Bella asked herself.She had no explanation except for the fact that everything that had been happening around her is crazy."We can't be mate," she blurted out. "This has to be a mistake.""And why is that?" He asked in an impeccable voice"Because..." She trails off.What excuse did she have aside from the fact that he was her sworn enemy, there was absolutely nothing she could use as an excuse."Because we are sworn, enemies?" Lucas inquired, raising his brows at her and she gasp."I know that already," he glared at her."And oh! Not once since you leave did, I forget what you did, nor will I ever forgive you for it.""Alpha?" Someone called behind him.He turns his head to see Ramos standing behind him, he looked conflicted as if he didn't know what to do at the moment."Why are you here?" He snapped at the man."Luna asked me to bring miss Bella to the pack
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10Athena stared into space; she couldn't get Bella's word out of her head. She had thought he hated her because she sent him away from the pack.What she didn't know is that he hated her before then._EARLIER_"You didn't know he hated you back then?" Bella had asked."I had no idea, I thought he hated me for sending him away," she exclaimed."I don't know what happened between the two of you, but I know Lucas hated you since he was a little boy.”"Did he tell you why he hated me?" Athena asked."He told me one night and that was the last time he ever mention it."What did he say?" She asked."He was angry because you did not even try to save him from his father's wrath," Bella began."As a young boy that was suffering so much, he wanted to feel loved, and he craved his mother's warmth. But he didn't get any of this from both his parents."And then you would get him dressed, saying swe
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